What is Vampire Salt? (It’s Perfect on Steak and Shrimp)

Why use regular table salt when you could be using Vampire Salt?

Vampire Salt is the new product on our spice racks.

It’s full of flavor. Our whole family loves it!

After we tried smoking salt at home, we have become way more adventurous with our seasonings.

It might just be exactly what your dinner needs. 

Never heard of it? No worries.

This guide will break down what’s so tasty about Vampire Salt and if it’s right for you. 

What exactly is Vampire Salt? 

Vampire Salt is a blend of Aleppo pepper, black Hawaiian salt, and garlic. 

Aleppo pepper is also known as Halaby pepper. It is a spice commonly used in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

It’s made from a burgundy chile, which makes it just that little bit spicy.

Aleppo pepper also gives Vampire Salt its color of blood appearance.  

Black Hawaiian salt is a sea salt that has been blended with charcoal from coconut shells. Hawaiians have used salt for both health and seasoning purposes. 

Why is it called Vampire Salt?

The white and black coloring reminded the creators of vampires.

Also, the garlic helps keep those vampires away. 

Our regular smoked salt and pink Himalayan salt

What Does It Taste Like?

We found that its strongest flavor is salt.

The garlic and pepper give it a savory, spicy kick. 

What Should I Put It On?

Everything and anything! No truly, the options are endless.

Give it a whirl on roasted vegetables, smoked chicken, steak, pork chops, and kebabs. 

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous try it on poached eggs, smoked mac and cheese, popcorn, and grilled shrimp. 

Vampire Salt is also a winner when it comes to flavoring meat.

Try using it as a rub for brisket before smoking or in a marinade. This will help it soften and bring out a garlicky flavor when it’s ready to be barbequed. 

Vampire Salt is also a great finishing salt. The grains of black Hawaiian salt is longer than finer salt. This means you only need a handful of salt. 

Our only word of advice is to be cautious if you’re cooking light-colored food or sauces.

The salt melts black, which could also change the color of your food. If this is an issue for you, don’t go too overboard with your seasoning. 

Are the dry ingredients chemical and artificial additive-free/vegan/gluten-free?

Yes, they are!

Vampire Salt has no chemical or artificial ingredients. It’s an all-natural product and has no added MSG, sugars, flow agents or fillers. It not only tastes good, but it’s good for you as well! 

I Love It, Are There Other Flavors?

I’m glad you asked…

There are three other varieties of Vampire Salt. We also love Black Vampire Salt, Bloody Vampire Salt, and Burnt Vampire Salt!

Next time give the Kosher Salt and regular black pepper a break.

It’s time to try something a bit different. 

Vampire Salt’s a little bit salty, a little bit spicy, and is packed full of flavor. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Go spice up your life with my favorite salt! 

Smoke On!


Author: Charlie Reeves
Hi, I’m Charlie, I am head taste tester at Simply Meat Smoking! I love it grilling, smoking, and getting out in the yard with the kids! The family also love to test all my recipes (especially my EXTRA CRISPY pulled pork, smoky pork loin, and ANY SEAFOOD I grill)

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