How To Get Hair Off Chicken Wings (4 Easy Methods)

Are you looking for ways to remove hair from chicken wings?

There are several ways to get rid of it. But first off, let’s set the records straight.

Chickens do not have hair. The hair-like follicles on their skin, especially around the wings are known as filaments. All breeds of chickens have them.

These hair-like follicles are 100% harmless and safe to consume, but many people cannot stand seeing them on their chicken wings.

Even though these small hair filaments will likely burn off during the cooking process, most people still prefer removing them before they start cooking.

So, here, we will look at some of the easiest ways to remove hair from chicken wings.

However, keep in mind that you might not be able to get rid of the filaments completely.

Removing Chicken Wing Hair with Fire

When I am roasting or smoking some chicken wings I don’t want any hair on them! So this is how I get the hair off with fire.

  • To begin, place the batch of wings on a surface that is fire resistant.
  • Turn on your barbecue lighter or creme brulee torch.
  • Then use the lighter (or blow torch) to singe the areas with hair filaments. Repeat this for each wing until you’re satisfied.

It’s best to have your grilling gloves on to avoid burns.

Also, when using a larger propane torch, avoid holding it over the gloves for too long to prevent your hands from getting burnt.

Removing Chicken Wing Hair By Hand

This is another effective method of removing hair from your chicken wings. It’s a lot quicker than some other methods.

  • To begin the hair removal process, place the wings on a plate or tray.
  • Have a bowl of water nearby.
  • Put on your gloves, then start plucking the hair-like filaments.
  • Dip your gloves into the water bowl from time to time for a better grip on the hairs.

Removing Chicken Wing Hair With Tweezers

Asides from using them to remove your eyebrows and other things, tweezers are very good for removing hair from chicken wings.

To make the process a lot easier, soak the batch of wings in hot water.

The hair removal process is very straightforward when using tweezers.

  • Place the wings on a tray or plate.
  • Use your tweezers to pluck out the hairs.

Compared to other methods explained earlier, using a pair of tweezers to remove hairs off chicken wings is more time-consuming.

Removing Chicken Wing Hair With Oil

This is another method used by many people to remove hair on chicken wings.

All you need to do is coat the hairy areas with cooking oil, canola oil, or olive oil. This will increase their chances of being singed while getting cooked.

Now that you know some of the easiest ways to get rid of hairs on chicken wings, we will look at some of the frequently asked questions related to chicken wings with hair.

Is It Safe To Eat Chicken Wings With Hair?

As previously mentioned in the article, eating wings with little hair filaments is completely safe.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about as regards your health. You will barely notice the small filaments after cooking or grilling the wings.

Is It Normal For Store-Bought Wings To Have Hair On Them?

Many production companies that process chicken pieces for commercial purposes use feather-picking machines to remove the chicken feathers and filaments on the skin.

However, these feather-picking machines cannot remove the filaments completely, especially around the chicken wing sections.

That is why some frozen chicken wings bought from stores usually have hair on them.

So, it’s completely normal for the wings you buy from stores to have tiny filaments of hair on them.

How Do I Clean Piece Of Chicken Wings?

Cleaning your chicken wings is very easy. Follow the steps provided below:

  • Rinse the frozen chicken wings.
  • Check the wings for feathers, filaments, and any other thing that needs to be removed.
  • After plucking the feathers, pull out the piece of chicken wing from the water. Then dry it using a paper towel.

Can I Use Vinegar Or Lemon Juice To Wash Raw Chicken?

Applying an acidic solution like lemon juice and vinegar on the surface of your chicken helps disinfect it and minimize the presence of bacteria.

So, yes! You can use either lemon juice or vinegar to wash your chicken and frozen wings.

How Do I Wash Chicken With Vinegar?

Many people prefer using white distilled vinegar to clean their chicken.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Find a bowl, then fill it halfway with warm water.
  • Mix the water with 2 cups of vinegar.
  • Dip the whole of the chicken in the mixture. Make sure to rub the mixture all over the entire skin. Do this for about 15-30 minutes.
  • Finally, put the chicken in a pan to cook. Then drain the mixture (water and vinegar).

Which Other Parts Of A chicken Have These Hair-Like Follicles?

Aside from the wings, the other parts of a chicken that usually have hairs include chicken drumsticks, chicken legs, and chicken thighs.

Can Air Fryer Help Burn Them Off?

Air fryer wings usually have an amazing taste. However, the hair-like follicles usually survive the cook.

getting wings crispy in airfryer

Unlike a grill, air fryers can not singe off the hair completely from the fresh chicken wings.

How Are Chicken Feathers And Hair Removed In Mass?

Many companies use a pickler machine to remove the chicken hair and feathers during processing.

These machines process hundreds of chickens per minute. The birds are submerged in hot water to make the process easier.

  • 16-26 weeks old turkeys are submerged in hot water for 90 – 120 seconds.
  • Spent layers below 70 weeks usually take 90 – 120 seconds.
  • Broiler chickens within 8 -10 weeks old are submerged in hot water for 60 seconds.
  • Cornish Game Hens of 4 weeks old are submerged in water for 40 seconds.

If the hair-like follicles on fresh chicken wings get you grossed out, using the methods provided in this guide will help you.

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