How To Catch Turkey Drippings On Pit Boss Grill

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Want to know how to catch turkey drippings during the smoking process?

‘Drippings’ are the literal juices that drip off the turkey while cooking. These meat juices contain the concentrated turkey flavor… So you shouldn’t let them go to waste!

Read further to find out the best way to catch delicious turkey drippings on a Pit Boss grill.

How To Catch Turkey Drippings On A Pit Boss

– Make sure your dripping tray is wide enough for the size of your turkey.

– Pre-heat the pit boss to the desired internal temperature.

– Add desired seasonings into the tray like a cup of cold water, wine, and fresh herbs.

Note: Adding a liquid will stop the drippings from burning over a long cooking time.

– Wait until your Pit Boss is at the desired consistent temperature.

– Insert your temperature probes into the leg and breasts to measure the internal temperatures.

– Position the turkey on the upper part of the grill grates to allow space below.

– Place the tray or drip cup under the turkey in your preheated smoker.

– Smoke the turkey with indirect heat for your calculated cook time based on weight and temp.

– Refill the dripping tray with cups of water every hour.

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How to Install A Drip Tray (Or Check You Have One)

There is a variety of different models when it comes to Pit Boss. So you should first check out the manual of your pellet grill!

Then you can be sure if the drip tray/buckets are already installed or if you need to get one!

Note: Don’t get confused between a grease tray and a drip bucket. An external grease bucket tends to be outside and below the cooking chamber. A drip bucket will sit below the grill grates on your Pit Boss.

Don’t Have A Drip Tray? Use An Aluminium Pan Or Baking Dish 

You can use your kitchen equipment for the liquid gold turkey drippings. A deep aluminum tray or baking dish you use in an oven will work.

Place the seasoned turkey on the grill rack and leave enough space below for your tray. This beautiful bird can be big, so as a rule of thumb, check the tray covers the size of a larger turkey.

Is It Harder Catching Turkey Drippings On A Pellet Grill/Smoker?

It doesn’t have to be harder to catch smoked turkey drippings on a pellet grill. It’s very similar to the standard oven roast with a foil baking tray.

There is more freedom and control with the fancy technology and components of a Pit Boss. Don’t forget the basics by smoking the bird over a special aluminum grill drip cup the entire time.

Or even installing a grill rack on the pellet smoker instead of cooking directly on grill grates. These adjustments make it easier to catch drippings for your turkey recipe.

What to Do With Your Turkey Drippings?

To save and use the extra flavor for your recipe of course! As your fresh turkey slowly smokes, the water in the meat proteins and turkey skin will release.

The juices contain flavor compounds that mix and spread through the entire bird. Combined with added seasonings and the natural smoke flavor from wood pellets. This myriad of deliciousness is absorbed back into the proteins.

Transforming a simple recipe into a great one!

But what about the excess moisture dripping from the smoking turkey? Don’t let any flavor go to waste and catch every last drop. Make a delicious gravy or save to make stock for a later date… 

The possibilities are endless!

Smoke On!


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