Brisket Ice Cream (Make Your Own At Home)

Ice cream with brisket?

It may not sound tasty but you’ll love it.

As the name suggests, brisket ice cream is a combination of ice cream and smoked beef brisket drippings.

There are different creative flavors and recipes to try with this meaty dessert.

You can use vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream as the base of your brisket ice cream.

3 Epic Brisket Ice Cream Recipes

Brisket Drippings Ice Cream

To prepare brisket ice cream

Mix the fat drippings from the smoked brisket with cream, sugar, milk, and eggs, churn and freeze it.

Top the brisket fat ice cream with strips of brisket.

The result is brisket-flavored ice cream. It’s a delicious salty appetizer served with a sprinkle of sea salt, olive oil, and pepper.

Brisket Pastrami Ice Cream

To prepare:

Layer the pastrami with triple vanilla bean soft serve, hot brown sugar fudge, and honey pecans. Scoop the ice cream and top it with strips of pastrami.

Brisket Sundae


2 cups of smoked brisket, diced

1/4 cup maple syrup

4 bacon strips

Half and half cream- 1  cup

1 cup of sugar

2 tsp of vanilla extract

½ cup BBQ sauce

To prepare:

1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees

2. Add your brisket and maple syrup to a frying pan over low heat until the maple syrup thickens. Set it aside to cool down.

3. Cook the bacon for 15 minutes and crumble it in a paper towel. Keep the fat aside.

4. Add your half and half, sugar, heavy cream, and vanilla extract in an ice cream machine. After 10 minutes, add the bacon, bacon crumble, and some brisket. Drizzle the homemade ice cream with BBQ sauce at a lower speed. Store the ice cream in a freezer.   

5. Scoop to customers or friends and top it with some strips of brisket and a drizzle of BBQ sauce. Enjoy your barbecue ice cream.

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Would you try brisket ice cream?

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