Want to Know The Average Price of Pork Butt?

We all know that pork butt is bloody delicious when done in the grill or smoker.

As a bonus, it can be quite cost-effective too, and last quite a few meals.

So if you wondering what the average cost for pork butt is, you are in the right place.

What is the Average Price Range for Pork Butt?

The average price for pork butts is around the $1.79 – $2.29 average price per pound range.

However, if you can find it while meat prices are low, from time to time prices can drop as low as $0.99 per pound. 

Pork butt is usually sold by weight and is one of the most economical and versatile cuts of meat on the market.

 Stocking up at these prices is always a great idea!

Buying in bulk at supermarkets like Costco and Sam’s Club is also a good idea to get the best prices, as buying large volumes often brings down the per-pound rate. The bone-in cuts also tend to be cheaper.

The price depends on several factors. The area you live in, supply and demand of the current market, animal numbers, and seasonality influences all play a role in affecting the final consumer prices.

The shoulder is quite a large cut so there is an abundance of meat available per animal. The extended cook time also makes it less popular for restaurants and quick family meals.

What is Pork Butt?

Despite its name, Pork Butt is the upper portion of the shoulders of the animal. Boston butt is also another term for pork butt.

It is different from the traditional pork shoulder cut though, which is taken further down the foreleg.

Pork Butts are available in boneless or bone-in cuts, and range from 6-10 pounds for a bone-in pork butts and slightly smaller for a boneless pork roast.

Pork butts are very rich in flavored compared to other cuts of pork, due to the higher fat content and level of marbling and connective tissue throughout.

This means a deeper, juicier flavor when cooked correctly. Longer slower cooks are recommended to allow the fat to melt and break down completely before eating. 

Different Between The Cuts

A cut that is labeled whole pork shoulder usually encompasses the two cuts of Boston butt and shoulder. It’s has a very high percentage of connective tissue and fats, making it perfect for low, slow cooking.

If it is cooked slow enough, the fat will render off leaving a piece of juicy meat that will become so tender it falls apart to the touch. It’s perfect for tacos, shredded pork and ideal for pulled pork sandwiches.

What Can Pork Butt Be Used For?

The secret to pulled pork is low and slow! Smoking or stewing is perfect for this cut. As the extended cook times allow the fats, gelatin, and connective tissue to break down and become juicy.

Cooking can be done on the barbeque grill, in crock pots, in smokers, and in the conventional oven. you can need to monitor the internal temperature of the pulled pork. You want it to reach 204°F.

Using spices or marinades is a great way of adding flavor to the cooking process.

Once cooked, it can be used in a huge range of dishes such as smoked pork butt barbeque pulled pork, slow cooker stews, pulled pork grilled cheese, pulled pork carnitas, pulled pork tacos, pork spring rolls….the options are endless!

Pork shoulder can produce a great deal of meat, but a surplus of leftover pulled pork is never a problem.

The meat can be stored once cooked – either refrigerated or frozen and used at a later time and is very versatile.  

So next time you’re in the meat section, keep an eye out for pork butts on sale and load up the freezer!

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