What Does Gamey Taste Like (You Might Be Suprised!)

Wondering what gamey meat tastes like?

Some people love gamey meat while others hate it.

Why do people have such strong and opposing opinions?

If you would like to learn more about gamey meat, this article will tell you everything you need to know!

The grilled kangaroo I cooked. This is considered a game meat.

What Is Gamey?

“Gamey” describes a type of flavor found in some meats. Typically, wild animals have a more gamey flavor than domesticated animals.

Wild game often eats natural foods, which results in earthy flavors and leads to a gamey meat taste. However, meat from any game animal is considered gamey. This means that gamey is more than a simple flavor.

What are Types of Gamey Meat?

Some gamey meats are elk, kangaroo, moose and boar

Does Gamey Mean Spoiled Meat?

Game meat refers to meat that was caught in the wild, or game.

Before modern science and technology, the wild game would rot quickly.

Historically, gamey meat was probably often spoiled.

This was because hunter-gatherers did not know how to properly preserve their kills.

In modern times, gamey meat may still rot sooner than domesticated meat.

Fortunately, most game hunters preserve their meat and delay the meat from spoiling.

However, the slight decomposition that happens immediately may alter the flavor a bit.

Does Gamey Taste Good?

Many people don’t love the way gamey meat tastes.

Often they merely find it different from the farm-raised animals they prefer.

Other people prefer the gamey flavor that comes from wild meats. 

What Does Gamey Taste Like?

Describing taste proves to be difficult.

Since “gamey” can refer to any game meat, the different types of meat may have very different flavors.

Most people say that the meat often has a stronger smell or taste and a tangy flavor. 

Since wild animals are more active than domestic animals, they tend to have a lower fat content. This results in leaner meat and less of a sweet taste. 

Reasons Behind the Gamey Taste

Since gamey meat generally comes from wild animals, you can taste where they came from. 

Most grain-fed pigs will taste the same since they have the same diet. However, wild boars eat what they can find.

Their diverse diets lead to different tastes in their final meat products.

If you don’t like your first taste of venison, you might enjoy the taste of the deer from a different region.

In addition to their level of activity and diet, an animal’s age or maturity also plays a role in their gamey flavor.

Gamey Meat Recipes

Below are some of my favorite game recipes

Smoked Kangaroo

Smoked Elk

Smoked Venison

Smoked Moose Heart

Why Gamey Meat Can Taste Bad

The biggest reason why game meat might not taste good is that it wasn’t put on the ice soon enough.

If a hunter kills an animal on a hot day, the bacteria will start to grow quickly.

Knowing how to take care of meat when hunting is a crucial skill.

Other reasons for an unpleasant gamey meat taste may be hormones and stress.

If an animal has strong hormones when the hunter guts it, that odor may taint the rest of the meat.

If an animal is stressed when it dies, it may have more hormones than if it were relaxed.

Can You Decrease the Gamey Meat Taste?

Maybe you want to like gamey meat but can’t get over the taste.

Since gamey meat is fresher and killed ethically, we should talk about ways to make it more palatable.

Gamey meat is an acquired taste, but we can make it more appealing.

Soaking it overnight in salt water, milk, or red wine may diminish the pungency of the meat.

The flavor will remain, but it will be less offensive.

While it may be easier to pick up meat at the grocery store, it might be worth it to eat fresher meats.

If you don’t have the privilege of hunting your food, find a local butcher or farm in your area.

They will have more gamey options to choose from!

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