How To Use A Smoke Tube In A Pellet Grill (3 Simple Steps)

Wondering how to use a smoke tube?

We all know you can’t add wood chips to a pellet grills auger!

It will jam it up!

So if you want that EXTRA smoky flavor you need to use a smoke tube!

Plus they are handy if you only have a gas grill and are carving that smokey goodness!

They can be tricky to use the first time, so make sure you follow my steps below!

What Is A Smoke Tube?

A pellet tube smoker essentially looks like a metal tube that has a whole bunch of holes along the side. 

They usually come in two different sizes — a 6-inch tube or a 12-inch one.

The longer they are in size, the longer they last.

So, if you’re going for a longer cooking session, you’ll want to fill and light up a larger-sized tube.

However, if you’re cooking with something like a small charcoal grill or gas grill, then you might have to opt for a smaller smoker tube.

So it all depends on the type of grill you’ve got. 

How Does a Pellet Tube Work?

Pellet smoker tubes work by burning the wood pellets you’ve placed inside them and distributing a concentrated amount of smoke.

When placed in an enclosed space with whatever food you wish to smoke, it will add a great smoky flavor to the food. 

You don’t even need to limit yourself to filling the tube with pellets. It works with wood chips too!

How Long Does a Pellet Tube Last?

it should last for a two to three-hour period, If you’ve filled your tube with smoking pellets and you’ve gone for the six-inch size.

And a twelve-inch perforated metal tube could continue burning for a solid six hours. 

It all depends on the size of your pellet smoking tube.

As well as, if you even decided to stuff your tube with wood pellets or wood chips. 

And the amount of time will also be different if you decided to soak the wood chips. 

If you’ve decided to use wood chips instead, then you’ll be looking at a much faster burn time.

Plus the smoke will be thicker and more intense because wood chips are a lot less processed. 

How Do You Use a Pellet Tube In A Pellet Grill

First, you’ll want to make sure that the tube is clean.

If you’ve just washed it and it’s wet, then be sure to dry it off properly. 

Next, fill your pellet smoking tube with the wood pellets of your choice.

And then light one end of the tube with a gas burner or gas butane cooking lighter. 

Once that’s done, you’re going to want to put the burning tube into your gas grill or pellet grill.

If possible, make sure that it’s in one of the corners. 

Set a timer for ten minutes and just let the smoking tube burn away in the empty cooking chamber.

After about ten minutes, you’re going to want to check on it. 

If you do have to handle it or pick it up, then please use a pair of metal thongs to do so.

Once it looks like it’s still burning well and sufficient smoke is being produced then you’re good to go.

Just place your food into the cooking chamber and shut the lid of the pellet grill.

Want to Know How to Use a Smoke Tube on a Traeger?

Using a smoke tube on a Traeger can be tricky at first.

So I’m putting together a comprehensive resource so you can master it like a pit boss!

Does the Shape of the Tube Matter?

Once you begin shopping around for these tubular tools, you’ll notice that they come in a variety of different shapes. 

There are hexagonal smoker tubes, square tubes, and circular ones too.

The most popular ones are square ones as well as hexagonal ones because of their straight edges. 

Some barbecue enthusiasts are a little afraid of their hot smoking tubes just rolling off the grill grates.

So the tube with straight edges just helps to prevent that from ever happening.

Can You Use Wood Chips In A Smoker Tube

However, you will notice that the circular ones allow for a more even burn.

Plus it also distributes all that smoke better too!

So, don’t just immediately write off the cylindrical tube before you’ve given it a go!

If you can’t make up your mind on a shape, then we would just recommend opting for the hexagonal one.

This one offers the best of both worlds because it’s similar enough to the cylindrical one.

And it won’t just roll off your cooking grate while you’re cooking.

Maintenance — Guide to Cleaning the Smoke Tube

You can easily purchase a cleaning brush for your smoker tube.

These just look like a bottle cleaner or a large pipe cleaner. 

While some cooks like to use oven cleaner, we would recommend just creating a simple solution of dishwashing soap and some vinegar.

And if you’re struggling to clean a spot, then you can also use some bicarbonate soda powder.

We have noticed that the twelve-inch tubes are a lot trickier to clean, just because they are longer. 

So, if you’re looking for an easier clean then go for the short six-inch smoker tube. 

And that’s all you need to know about pellet smoker tubes.

They work with both wood pellets and chips and they come in a whole range of different sizes and shapes.

They are incredibly affordable, so if you’re curious about them then we suggest you just purchase them.

Try them out for yourselves and you might find that it improves your BBQ game!

Smoke On!


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