Can You Use Wood Chips in a Smoker Tube?

Want a deeper, smokier flavor in your meat?

A smoke tube or pellet smoking tube helps you create more smoke in your grill

It is a perforated stainless steel cylinder used to hold smoking chips or pellets.

Do you own a pellet tube smoker and want to know if you can use flavored wood chips for a better smokey flavor? This post is for you.

Can You Use Wood Chips in a PelletTube?

Yes, you can use wood chips in a pellet tube.

These tubes are handy if you have a pellet smoker. As you can’t put wood chips directly into the hopper.

Why Use a Smoker Tube?

If you have a pellet smoker or gas grill smoker tubes can come in handy!

Pellet smokers are not designed to be used with wood chips.

The wood chips can block the auger. So you can use the smoker tube in the main part of the grill to create some delcious smoke.

If you’re using a gas grill and want to create smokey flavors, a smoker tube is perfect.

How to Use a Smoke Tube

A smoke tube might seem simple.

However, you need to know exactly how to use it.

You don’t want to ruin your $100 piece of brisket, do you!

See the steps for using a smoke tube like a grill master.

Wood Pellets vs. Wood Chips in Smoke Tube

If your looking for a longer burn then wood pellets are better in a smoker tube.

Wood pellets are commonly made from compacted sawdust from milling.

They burn more slowly, more efficiently, and produce less ash buildup than wood chips.

Wood chips on the other hand are chipped, shredded, chipped, or ground-up pieces of hardwood.

They produce hot smoke and burn much faster.

One of the benefits of wood pellets is that they last much longer. However, people argue that wood chips are more natural.

To Soak or Not Soak?

That is the most argued topic! The truth is, soaking wood chips before smoking is not necessary

First of all, depending on the type of wood chips you have, It takes about 24 hours of soak time to make any difference in the burn rate. You may not have the luxury of time for that.

Also, should you decide to soak, you must allow some time to eliminate the moisture, or else the soaked chip will not produce any smoke.

And lastly, the resulting steam from soaking your chips will lower the internal temperature of your smoker.

You may not want that to happen, especially if your meal needs hot smoking. 

How to Know You Need a Smoke Tube

You may want to ask- why do I need a smoke tube when I already have an actual grill?

There is no denying that pellet grills are unbeatable when it comes to making slow and low BBQs.

However, when you are cooking tough meat like brisket and pork butt, you will find that the smoky flavor is not deep enough compared to what you get from burning charcoal or a piece of wood.

That is when you may want to consider throwing in a smoker tube.

A pellet smoker tube is an essential accessory for your pellet grill.

Can I Use Wood Chips on a Pit Boss Pellet Smoker?

Its not recomended to put wood chips in your pellet smoker.

However you can use a smoking tube to get that extra smoky flavor! 

Do you use a smoking tube?

Smoke On!


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