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6 Creative & Inexpensive DIY Smoker Ideas ( I Need Help Picking One)

My wife always says 'go and make yourself useful, there is a big list on the refrigerator with jobs you can be doing around the house'. One weekend on the list was clean up the backyard.

I was not very enthused about this until one afternoon I saw a blog post titled  'How to Build A Grilling Island'. This blog got me thinking, I could clean up the backyard to make space for a new project. A DIY smoker! Genius! 

Since then I have (to my wife's satisfaction) cleaned up the backyard. However, now I am stuck. I have found all these fantastic ideas for a DIY smoker, but can't decide what to build. There are several really cool styles that I am drawn to, however, each has its own up and down side. 

The Best DIY Smoker Ideas 

I have narrowed my list down to 6 of my favourite DIY smoker options.

Ideally I would I would ideally like to narrow this list down to 1, and eventually build it ​by the end of summer!

1: The Cinder Block Smoker

I am unsure if I have the room to make a cinder block smoker this size, however, I can get my hands on some cinder blocks from a friend of mine who conveniently works in construction.

Its not the best looking set up out of the bunch but is fairly easy to make and by all accounts works really, really well. 

The building method can be found over on Caught Smoking BBQ.

2: The Used Refrigerator Smoker

The used refrigerator smoker is a cool looker (depending on what refrigerator you can get your hands on) and it also looks fairly simple to make. 

The instructions to make this smoker can be found over at Grit.

Image from Grit

3: The Filing Cabinet Smoker

My wife works in an office and im sure she can get her hands on an old filing cabinet. I do like the look and functionality of the filing cabinet smoker, however, this does require a fair bit of grinding and metal work. 

The method for this filing cabinet smoker can be found at The Recykler.

Image from The Recykler

4: The Old Pellet Smoker

In general I love pellet furniture and the almost endless uses for second hand pellets. Pellets have became quite trendy and you tend to see them at lots of cafes, bars and backyards world wide. 

This is quite a big project with lots of custom work, however the result looks fantastic.

You can find the instructions and a very comprehensive guide on making this pellet smoker over on DIY Projects blog.

Image from DIY Projects

5: Whiskey Barrel Smoker

For me the whiskey barrel smoker is something that I want. I love the look of the old whiskey barrel and think that the flavour of the whiskey would be a great addition to any smoked meat.

However, Im not to sure where I could come across a second hand whiskey barrel at a reasonable price?

A comprehensive step by step guide constructing this masterpiece can be found on The Smoke Rings blog. 

Image from The Smoke Ring

6: Clay Pot Smoker

The clay pot smoker is an old favourite of mine which I have used in the past. I don't intend to build this one again, however, I thought it would be a great one for someone who doesn't have to much building experience, or doesn't have much room at home for a bigger build. 

A step by step guide can be found on Mother Earth News.

Final Thoughts

Each of these DIY smokers look awesome to me.

I love the idea of reusing and repurposing materials so I love the idea of using an old refrigerator or old pellets. However, how cool does that old whiskey barrel smoker look?

Have you ever made your own DIY smoker, bbq or even pizza oven?

I am very open to ideas and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below about your own builds or any ideas you may have for a custom build.

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