Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric BBQ Smoker Review

Looking for the an electric smoker? The Smokette Elite Electric BBQ Smoker might just be your best option.

I have seen Cookshack making some of the best BBQs year after year! I also think it’s really impressive that they have been around for more than 40 years!!

They make commercial smokers as well as ones for your home. We have found that it allowed us to recreate restaurant quality meals at home. The best part this smoker give you great, authentic barbecue without a lot of work.

The electronic control and meat probe means you can put your meat of choice in the unit, insert the probe, set the controls and walk away. The timing control system will get your barbecue to your target temperature and then hold it until you are ready to eat.

This will help you decide if this bad girl is the one for you!

The Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric Smoker Review

Cookshack Elite Smokette Electric Smoker Review

Key Features

  • Easy Temperature Control with a Digital Control Panel: Once you have inserted your meat probe and set your cook, the Cookshack smoker is the ultimate set and forget smoker. All we had to do was insert the meat probe, set the digital control and head off to play with the kids. The timing control system ensured the smoker got to the target temperature and was consistency held it until the meat was cooked. This meant we didn’t have any second guessing about whether it was ready or have to watch over it for hours on end.

  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Cooking Grids: We found that two cooking grids inside the smoker was adjustable. Not only that we were able to remove them when we needed extra space for our big turkey.

  • 750-Watt Electric Heating Element: Another positive feature of this smart smoker is its powerful heating element. It has enough power to generate up to 300 degrees. You can smoke all kinds of meat using this much heat. It is of premium build, so no worries about its longevity. There is a heat sensor attached to it, so you will get consistent heat throughout the cooking time.

  • Quality Construction: In the past, we have found that Cookshack smokers had quality construction and this one was no different. This model’s exterior and interior parts are made of double walled stainless steel. It also has 850-degree Fiber-Glass Insulation to protect the outer walls from getting heated.

  • Large Capacity and Cooking Area: We loved the large capacity of the Cookshack. This smoker offers a cooking capacity in the 20-to 25-pound range. It out does most of the top electric smokers of in this category. It also has a total cooking area of 504 square inches equally divided between 2 nickel-plated grills. The perfect size for my electric smoker turkey recipe.

  • Easy Access Smoker Box: We found that it was simple to add chips or wood chunks to the Cookshack. It had a convenient box located and on the outside of the unit, this means we didn’t lose any precious heat or smoke when we topped it up.

  • Durable Lockable Wheels: Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric smoker has top notch wheels. A smoker with cheap wheels can be as useless as no wheels. This one is different. It super strong wheels meant we were able to move it around the backyard not only on concrete but also on grass.

Ease of Use

Most electric smokers are easy to use and the Cookshack Smokette Elite is no exception. An electric smoker allows you to have freedom while cooking, free from the hassles of fuel and tending to the fire all day.

We found the assembly straightforward, all we needed to do was read some of the basic instructions and it was ready to go in about 30 minutes. The instructions are easy to follow, even for those who do not have any experience with smokers.

Cleaning and Maintaining

We also found that the removable racks and high-quality steel build made the maintenance and cleaning of Cookshack super easy. We think is one of the most user-friendly smokers we have cooked with.

In order to clean the Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric BBQ Smoker, find some of our tips below.

  1. Always disconnect the smoker and let it completely cool.

  2. Remove its all the racks and grills, then scrub and wash using water and mild soap. We found you can put the racks and grills in the dishwasher, but any caustic cleaners should not be avoided.

  3. Sweep out the ash and wood leftovers.

  4. Remove the grease inside with cloths or paper towels. Then empty the drippings and replace the drip pan.

  5. Scrape out any and lose grease from the walls using a scraper with flat edges.

  6. We also recommend every 5 or 6 months, pour two drops of oil on the hinge pins to avoid any sticking.

  7. Regularly check the wire and the electrical plug of it for any damage or wear on it.

  8. Keep a check on it the wheels, to ensure the screws have not loosened.

Cookshack Warranty Details

The Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric BBQ Smoker is covered by warranty for 2 years.

For the first 90 days the smoker is covered for parts and labor. For the remainder of the 2 year warranty period on the parts are covered.

For more details on the warranty check out the Cookshack warranty page.

Value For Money

With top quality constructions and a range of feature, the Cookshack manages to deliver money for value with this smoker.

It has many features that other smokers in this price range don’t have. Not only that you are practically getting a commercial quality product at a domestic price.

Pros and Cons

Smokette Pros

  1. Electronic control, allow for set and forget cooking.
  2. Really easy to clean.
  3. Solid construction with 304 stainless.
  4. Efficient grease management system.
  5. Comes with hickory smoking wood to get you started.

Smokette Cons

  1. We did notice a small discrepancy in temperature of about +- 5 degrees.
  2. Extra Costs, some accessories like the rib racks need to be purchased separately.

Wrapping it Up

If your looking for a high-quality electric smoker, that allows for a lot of automation then the Cook Shack Smokette SM009-2 would be my pick. It is in the higher price range but you are getting commercial quality.

Not only that it is one of the easiest smokers to clean and maintain we have ever come across, and lets be real none of us really like cleaning our electric smokes that much do we?

So if you are a first time smoker looking to dip into meat smoking or you are a well seasoned vet looking for an electric smoker for convenience the Cookshack Smokette is the perfect choice.

Get ready to make restaurant or even your favorite smoke shack quality BBQ flavors with your new Cook Shack Smokette.

Cookshack Smokette Electric Smoker

Overall Rating: 4.6 / 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this model come with a cover?
A: No, the cover is sold separate.

Q: Is there an instruction manual included?
A: Yes, there is a detailed instruction manual included.

Q: What is a similar sized unit?
A: We have found that the Charbroil Big Easy is a similar size.

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