Can You Substitute Brisket for Chuck Roast (+ 5 More Substitutes)

Wondering if you can substitute brisket for chuck roast? Brisket and chuck roast have a lot of similarities. But can you use these kinds of meat interchangeably?

So if you have had enough of paying for expensive brisket, read on to see if you can use chuck roast instead!

Can You Substitute Brisket for Chuck Roast?

Brisket is a good substitute for chuck roast. It may not have the same melt-in-your-mouth texture, but it will become fall-apart tender. It is important to slow cook until you reach the proper internal temperature. Then you will have an intense flavor for your recipe.

A brisket roast isn’t quite as popular as other types of roast. However, it can still be a delicious option!

Other Popular Brisket and Chuck Roast Substitutes

Below are 5 substitutes for brisket and chuck roast

Short Ribs

Short ribs are often fatty and make a great substitute for brisket.

However, you will have to account for the bones.

Smoked Short Ribs Recipe

Beef Shanks

Beef clods and beef shanks are very similar to each other.

Both of them are more affordable substitutes for brisket.

Sous Vide Beef Shanks

Lamb Roast and Pork Roast

Lamb roast and pork roast are good options if you want to avoid beef.

They are tender when slow-cooked.

Tri Tip

A tri-tip roast is a great substitute for brisket, as well.

The selling point for tri-tip is that it cooks a bit faster than a lot of the other options.

Smoked Tri Tip Roast Recipe


Seitan is a great vegetarian alternative to brisket.

Jackfruit is another plant-based alternative.

They are very different from brisket, though. This means that the cooking process will be quite different.

What Is Beef Brisket?

Beef brisket comes from the chest of a cow. It is a popular piece of meat. A lot of people like to barbecue it because of all the muscle and fat content. These factor into the delicious flavor of good barbecue.

Some of my favorite recipes for this are brisket on Pit Boss and Traeger Brisket, I have cooked both many times and they both come out super juicy and tender.

What Is Chuck Roast?

The chuck roast comes from the shoulder area and contains the first rib, it is sometimes even called a shoulder steak.

This can be a very tough cut of beef, its toughness makes it great for slow cooking, smoking or even braising.

What’s the Difference Between Brisket and Chuck Roast?

Beef chuck roast contains less exterior fat than brisket. This means it also has more interior fat.

Since the fat and muscle are interspersed, there is more connective tissue. The connective tissues make it tougher to chew than brisket.

If you get a trimmed brisket flat, there will be even less fat content. It will still have a delicious beefy flavor, but consider that while shopping.

What Are Similarities Between Brisket and Chuck Roast?

The two cuts of meat often have a similar cooking time.

They also cost about the same per pound.

Both types of meat are rich in collagen and gelatin.

These nutrients are found in the connective tissue.

They can both be beneficial to human health.

How to Use Brisket?

Brisket is most commonly used for beef barbecue.

It is a great option for slow cooking until you have tender meat.

Some people will use it to make corned beef or even a pot roast. You can even use a slow cooker if you don’t want to use an outdoor grill.

How to Use Chuck Roast?

Braising is one of the best methods for cooking this piece of meat.

The connective tissue melts as it cooks and will baste the rest of the meat.

This makes chuck a good option for a pot roast or stew. Use this cut for any melt-in-your-mouth meat dishes you like!

Use a slow cooker if you want to stay indoors.

This is a great option for a warm winter meal.

Can You Substitute Chuck Roast for Brisket?

Chuck roast is a great substitute for brisket since they have many similarities.

It is easy to substitute chuck in the typical brisket recipe.

A lot of people even call smoked chuck roast “poor man’s brisket.” It is often more affordable as it comes in smaller quantities.

You may need to add some extra liquid to ensure that it gets a strong flavor like brisket.

This will also result in more tender meat.

It is also beneficial to season it for a while before cooking. You can use your favorite meat rub, but we recommend kosher salt and pepper.

By seasoning the meat generously, you will get a delicious crusty bark on the meat. 

Best Wood for Smoking Brisket or Chuck Roast

Always use hardwood for smoking.

This will result in a clean smoke for delicious meat.

Oak is a popular choice for Texas barbecue. Pecan and hickory are also popular options.

What to Serve With Brisket and Chuck Roast

While meat and potatoes are a perfect combination, there are many potential sides.

Anything starchy would complement the meat.

Think macaroni and cheese or pasta salad.

If you choose to make a warm pot roast in the winter, consider serving it with steamed vegetables. Green beans and carrots are two popular ideas.

For a beef stew, the best side might be a warm bun or fresh bread.

How to Keep Brisket and Chuck Roast

Do not let any leftovers sit at room temperature for long.

Refrigerate them in an airtight container for up to 5 days.

Now you know everything about choosing between chuck roast and brisket.

Whatever recipe you choose to follow, the dinner table will be full of savory cooked meat!

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