What To Do With Smoked Oysters in A Can

So, you’ve got some canned smoked oysters. 

But what can you actually do with them?

Glad you asked!

Canned smoked oysters can be a quick snack or a yummy addition to a dish. 

So sit back, relax and open your can of smoked oysters. 

This guide is going to break down what you can do with them. 

What Are Canned Smoked Oysters?

Canned smoked oysters perfect little morsel. They are smokey, salty, and have a nice little bit to them 

They’re not slimy or briny but (as the name would suggest) smokier. 

Where Can I Buy Canned Smoked Oysters?

Most supermarkets should supply canned smoked oysters. 

The tins come in a variety of flavors and different-sized oysters. 

One of the great things about canned seafood is that stored they should last up to a year. 

What Do With Canned Smoked Oysters (6 Delcious Ideas)

Below are 6 yummy ways to use your smoked oysters. Note you can also use freshly smoked oysters, the recipes will work just as well.

Smoked Oyster Spread

This spread is a really basic oyster recipe. 

It only has four ingredients; oysters, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and cream cheese.

Feel free to experiment with the seasoning, and adjust for personal preference. 

Lemon Pasta With Smoked Oysters

Looking for something more substantial than a snack?

This pasta may be exactly what you need. 

It doesn’t have many ingredients, can be thrown together quickly, and is great for a midday week meal. 

Smoked Oyster Pâté 

Feeling a bit fancy?

This pâté is an amazing appetizer and is very easy to make. 

You can even make it the night before and keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to eat the tastiest oysters ever. 

Clam Chowder With Smoked Oysters

This soup is made with potatoes and canned clams and oysters. 

It’s perfect for colder weather and if you’re looking for a hearty meal. 

We recommend trying this recipe for the perfect clam chowder with smoked oysters. 

Smoked Oyster Rockefeller Dip

 Are you looking for a crowd pleasing dish for your next party? 

This Smoked Oyster Rockefeller Dip is highly addictive. 

It is best served with crackers or pretzels.

Topped With Hot Sauce

Like your food on the spicier side? 

A dash of hot sauce is popular with plain canned smoked oysters.

You can also get smoked oysters that have chili flavor added already. 

On Their Own

Have no other cupboard food?

Sometimes simple is the best way to go without additional sauces.

Add a squeeze of lemon juice and eat them straight out of the can. 

None of My Ideas Taking Your Fancy? 

No problem. 

Here are some other options to inspire your next smoked oyster adventure. 

Canned smoked oysters are incredibly versatile and are great as an appetizer or apart of a main meal.

The Oceans Superfood

 Not only do they taste good, they’re also good for you!

 Canned smoked oysters are rich in protein and full of additional health benefits. 

They are full of omega-3, iron and boost your immune system. 

Cheap as Chips (But Full of Flavor)

One of the highlights of canned smoked oysters is that they’re pretty cheap. 

For a small can they cost about $2-3. 

These small tins will contain about 20-30 small oysters. 

How To Store Leftover Oysters

 If you didn’t end up eating all your oysters, place them in an airtight container. 

Store them in the fridge and eat within 2 days. 

 Always check your smoked oysters before eating them in case they’ve gone off! 

Canned Smoked Oysters aren’t just dull canned food. 

They’re healthy, a tasty treat and cheap. 

We think that they’re a great addition to any meal and highly underrated! 

Who needs fresh oysters when you can have smoked ones? 

Are you a fan of canned smoked oysters? 

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