Turkey Sausage vs Pork Sausage (Is One Better Than The Other?)

There is nothing like a pork sausage throw on the grill!

A piece of white bread, some grilled onion and tomato sauce and you have a delcious meal!

But what if your triyng to eat a bit healither?

You might have heard that turkey sausage are leaner.

But are they as tasty?

Lets check out the different between pork and turkey sausages.


Turkey vs Pork Sausages

We all know there is a wide range of sausages available.

The common variation of meat used in a sausage consists of pork.

But Turkey has recently been stealing the show. Turkey sausages are lower in fat.

However, this might mean they are a little bit drier.

Ill show you all the differences between these two types of sausages and help you pick the right one for you!

Turkey Sausages

As the name suggest turkey sausages come from ground turkey.

This is a great low-fat alternative to pork sausages.

By comparison, turkey sausage is similar to chicken sausage.

The meat has a lean and mild taste.

The texture is less grainy with little to no connective tissue.

The mild taste of turkey is perfect for jazzing up with your favorite spices or herbs.

Turkey meat tends to come with fewer additives.

As poultry doesn’t cure well due to the bacteria growing at a faster rate.

So make sure you gobble up those fresh turkey sauces quickly!

Read on to find out more about turkey sausages.

And the common types of differences compared with a traditional sausage made of pork.

Pork Sausages

The most common meat ingredient for sausages is pork!

And it’s not hard to understand why.

From British sausages made from blood to thicker German sausages.

I think it’s mostly to do with the fat content.

An average pork sausage has 20 percent fat.

The fat will enhance the flavor and texture.

But they are nowhere near as healthy as turkey.

It is also common for sausages made of pork to be cured.

Curing has been used for preserving meat for hundreds of years.

It is a way of preserving by adding salt or inhibiting safe bacteria growth.

Giving the pork sausages a higher shelf life!

There isn’t a limit to what seasonings or flavors to add.

The pork meat and fat are perfect for taking on delicious herbs and spices.

Read on to see what comparisons we’ve made between these beautiful products.

Turkey Sausages & Pork Sausages – A Breakdown

Nothing is better than sizzling sausages on a grill.

Or a big dish of sausages coming out of the oven.

The difference between pork sausage and turkey is vast.

So why don’t we go a bit deeper into the casing?


Added Flavorings & Aromatics

I could write an entire article on flavored sausage.

So I’ll try and keep this short…

The possibilities are endless.

Turkey sausages have a milder flavor so they tend to be flavored that way too.

Pork on the other hand tends to have stronger additives and aromatics.

The salt content from the cheapest supermarket pork sausage is higher than in a turkey one.

Note: Sausages are also served with variants of sauces.

Like a strong mustard sauce or a barbecue variety.

The Texture of the Meat

Fresh sausage compared to fermented will differ no matter the meat.

Fresh is softer and fermented harder.

Pork sausages may be more grainy.

You can sometimes see the individual fat against the ground meat.

Turkey sausages tend to be smoother and grainy.

Without texture variation.

Fat Content

Are you watching your blood pressure?

A pork sausage can contain up to 18 grams of fat per 100g.

A turkey sausage contains an average of just 9 grams of fat per 100g.

Fat = flavor so do bear that in mind but turkey has a lower fat content.

Tip: Always look at the ingredients before buying if you watch your weight.

Cheaper sausages will contain more fat as it is cheaper than meat!

When Do I Eat Them?

I’m not one to put restrictions on when to eat food.

Both turkey and pork can be served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In various recipes.

A turkey breakfast sausage or a spicy sausage made of pork for dinner.

You decide.

Affordability & Availability

Pork sausages are more common and widely available.

So more competition and availability mean they are cheaper.

Turkey sausages tend to have higher meat content as well.

So they will be more expensive.

How Long Should I Cook the Sausages?

The average time to cook both turkey sausages and pork will be the same.

Pork and poultry both can contain nasty bacteria that will make you sick.

The average time to fry is around 15 minutes on low heat.

The time to smoke or grill on indirect heat will be around 30 minutes.

What Is the Best Cooking Process?

I recommend frying your pork sausages.

The high heat will render down the fat.

I reccomend smoking your turkey sausages.

The smoke will help add flavor to the mild meat.

What About the Internal Temperature?

The internal temp for pork and turkey before consumption should be 165°F.

Turkey Sausages & Pork Sausages – The Summary

– Pork sausages have more fat compared to turkey.

– Pork sausages are widely cured compared to turkey.

– Pork sausages have a stronger flavor compared to turkey.

– Turkey sausages are healthier than pork.

– Both types of meat should reach an internal temp of 165°F.

– Turkey sausages are more expensive compared to pork.

– Pork sausages are more available compared to turkey.

The Other Types of Sausages to Try

– English-style sausages flavored with sage and thyme.

– Italian sausages filled with cayenne pepper and paprika

– Vegan sausages or vegetarian sausages (don’t knock until you’ve tried!)

– Fermented dry sausages that are ready to eat!

– Battered sausage served with hot chips and tomato dipping sauce.

– Blood black sausage with hearty oats.

– Sweet sausages with bits of fruit.

– Argentine sausage filled with beef and black pepper.

– Filipino sausage to satisfy space.

– French sausage with parsley and game meats

– Chorizo De Cebu for your gumbo.

And many… many more!

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