Pellet Smokers

Best Pellet Smokers Reviews 2017

Using the pellet grill can ensure you have complete control over the cooking temperature and you can sustain the quality of smoking required for creating delicious dishes. Using a pellet smokers  you get the authentic flavour and aroma of smoked cooking with all your favourite smoked dishes – vegetarian or meat

A pellet smoker is equipped with a range of amazing cooking features that ensure that you don’t need to tend to the smoker continuously, but can simply leave it to do its job without needing your constant monitoring and supervision.

The quality of pellet smoker varies with the brand and product you go for, which in turn would depend on several other factors, not the least being your budget. The best pellet smoker on the market might not fit in with your needs, space and lifestyle. See the factors below to help consider the best pellet smoker for you.


How a Pellet Smoker Works?

Pellet smokers have different types of controls, those controls decide when to feed pellets into a burn pot. An igniter rod sits in the bottom of the pot which heats like a stove element. As the pellets light, a fan blows and feed them oxygen which starts the smoke production.

Since the entire process is automatic, you’re not required to mess around with things like wood and charcoal, nor do you need to play around with temperature settings. This means you’re free to do a whole lot of other chores without having to constantly worry about what’s happening to your food. And what’s more, this kind of smoker doesn’t require much of maintenance, unlike the conventional charcoal or wood smokers. The pellet smoker is also excellent from an environmental point of view since the pellets used are all made of natural material


What Are The Pellets?

Wood pellets are produced by compressing sawdust. They are a natural product first designed in 1982 by Tregar Heating. They were originally just a byproduct of timber yards, due to this, the pellets contain no chemicals or fillers. They also produce very little ash which then doesn't end up in food like charcoal.


Best Pellet Grills for 2017

Green Mountain Smoker Daniel Boone

Camp Chef Smoke Pro SE

Yoder Smoker YS640

Traeger Pro Series 22


Best Pellet Grills Comparsion



Pellet Grills



Camp Chef Smoke Pro SE


40.5 x 25 22 inches

106 lbs

Yoder Smoker YS640


155 x 92 x 137 inches

335 lbs

Traeger Pro Series 22


49 x 40 x 27 inches

105 lbs

Green Mountain Smoker Daniel Boone

42 x 31 x 22 inches

158 lbs



Best Pellet Smokers for 2017



Green Mountain Smoker Daniel Boone

The Green Mountain Daniel Boone is a wood pellet grill with a huge cooking space of 432 sq. inches and temperature range of a 150°F to 500°F that can be adjusted at 5-degree intervals.  The Green Mountain Smokers looks and feels very durable with powder coated finish. It has a very high peaked lid, making it easy when cooking a whole turkey or chicken.

The Daniel Boone comes with a meat probe that can relay information about the internal temperature of the meat to the digital display. You can also purchase a remote for the Green Mountain pellet smoker which allows you to check and adjust the settings from over 100 feet away including when you can’t see it or sitting on the couch inside.

You will notice this cooker is quite heavy at 158 lbs however its comes on sturdy hard rubber tires and with locking brakes, making it very easy to move from the shed outside or vice versa.

Green Mountain Daniel Boone Pros

  • Fantastic temperature control with the digital remote
  • A turbo heat up system, which can get to high temperatures in very cold climates
  • Large cooking space
  • Helpful customer service


Camp Chef Smoke Pro SE

The  Camp Chef SmokePro SE Pellet Grill is a is a high-quality pellet grill. It has a large cooking space of 560 inches with an amazing temperature range from 60 degrees Fahrenheit up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Its ability to maintain a consistent temperature is second to none which help understand why is the smoker is in such high demand. It also has a dedicated area so you are able to grill your meat/ vegetables as well.

You will find that the Camp Chef also has a meat probe. While a temperature display only gives an idea of the inside temperature, This allows the controller to measures the grill’s temperature then adjusts its cycle, adding pellets when necessary to hold the correct cooking temperature throughout the cook.

The clean up is one of the easiest we have come across, instead of dismantling and cleaning your grill after every use, you can pull a lever and empty the ash out of the fire pot

The Camp Chef Smoke Pro SE  is so well reasonably priced with some amazing features we think it makes an amazing long-term investment.

The Camp Chef Smoke Pro SE Pros

    • Electronic auto-ignition
    • Built-in temperature gauge controls internal cooking temperature
    • Great mobility with strong sturdy wheels
    • Made of quality materials


Yoder Smoker YS640

The Yoder YS640 has a cooking space of 640 inches, which would fit around 20 steaks with a cooking range of 150 to 600°F. This a seriously sturdy grill for backyard cooks who taking it to the next level. Made of such a high-quality parts of the Yoder Smoker have lifetime guarantees

The Yoder Smoker comes with a  sophisticated proprietary digital controller, which means it analyses the temperature inside the meat and the smoker to maintain the desired temperature within a few degrees by controlling the pellet distribution, as well as lowering the temperature as your meat nears its completion. This means the Yoder leaves no room for errors, producing the highest quality meals each time.

When it comes to the quality of the smoked and grilled foods that come off the Yoder YS640, this is
where it shines most of all. The Yoder YS640 is the best-built wood fired pellet smokers we have come across. It worth every penny if you're
after a high-quality smoker.

Yoder Smoker YS640 Pros

    • Precision temperature controller
    • High-temperature direct grilling capability
    • High-quality build
    • Lots of cooking space


Traeger Pro Series 22

The Traeger Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill has a temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees and expansive cooking space of 646 sq inches. Traeger is the inventor of the pellet grill. We found it be a moderately sturdy build, weighing in at 103 lbs. It also has some strong wheels to ensure its makes it ways out of your garage often!

It also offers an accurate digital controller to keep cooking temperatures within +/-15 degrees f. This ensure you're getting precision smoking and grilling for all your meats and vegetables each time.

We did notice it only uses it uses 300 watts for the first four minutes and only 50 watts for the rest of the
cook. Pellet smoking is already one of the most environmentally friendly ways of cooking, however, the Traeger Pro Series absolutely takes this
too another level.

Traeger Pro Series 22 Pros

  • Dual probes came in handy for monitoring the meats
  • Easy cleanup
  • Hopper cleanout for changing pellets


Factors to Consider


Quality Construction

Some of the important things to think when looking at the constructions of the smoker are

Check the weight of the lid, you want it to feel heavy, not flimsy. You don’t want to have any gaps so it should sit flush ensuring a good seal. Ensuring its snug, means you're not losing any heat or smoke.  Also, check out the joins such as the welding.  

Also, find out what material the smoker is made from. Most pellets grills are made of painted steel, however, you will want to find that quality of the steel and paint as it can vary. A good thing to look for is a powder coat that withstands high temperatures.


Temperature Range

You want to make sure you the smoker has no trouble hitting temperatures from 180F to 425F, this is important as its the adequate level for smoking, roasting, baking and grilling. If you want to be searing meats you want a smoker that can reach temperatures of 500-550F. You might see some high-end pellet grills which can reach 500F - 700F which is hot enough to sear and fire roasted pizza. 


Type of Pellet Controller

You will see that pellet smokers have one of the four following controllers. They are set out from basic to the most sophisticated. As you look at more high-quality smokers, which type of controller will be a huge factor influencing the price and the eventual outcome of your cooking.

3-Position Controller - 3 position controllers, also called LMH, these only have 3 temp settings—low, medium, and high—roughly 225°F, 325°F, and 425°F. Pellets released in fixed cycles that are determined by which setting you choose. You have little control over the cooking temperature and smoke, this is usually found on smoker on the lower end of the scale.

Multi-position Controller - Multi-position controllers feature a knob with temperature settings that go from 180°F to 420°F it could have an LCD display. However, they also run on fixed cycles and can only maintain a range of about +/-20°F depending on condition e.g wind.

One-Touch Non-PID Controller - You will see screen display and one-touch buttons for setting the cooking temperature in 5° or 10° increments, these controllers allow you to more accurately set your desired cooking temps. You will most likely find these types of controllers have an input for meat probe, so you will be able to monitor the internal temps.

PID Controllers - This is the most sophisticated type of pellet grill controller on the market at the moment, PID controllers are coded to be able to get to and stay at your set temp within only a few degrees, All will feature an LCD screen with the ability to set the temp in 5F increments. Unlike the previous controllers that have a fixed cycle, a PID


Size and Cooking Area

The best pellet grill for you might be one that allows you to cook for a crowd of family and friends or it could be just you and a few family members. You need to assess your own needs, space and lifestyle when deciding what size you require. Bigger is always better when looking for the best pellet smoker, you may be paying for space you don’t need.



Before deciding on a pellet smoker, make sure you're aware that they need access to electricity. This connection allows the pellet smoker to run the digital controls for the auger to transport the pellets to the firebox as well as the fan that will circulate the smoke inside of the unit.


Direct Grilling Option

You might prefer to purchase a smoker know you will be able to also grill on it. Some pellet smokers have this feature so keep an eye out.


WiFi Enabled

Some recently developed technology means that some pellet smokers are WiFi enabled. You are able to monitor grill temperature, monitor meat probe temperature, set a timer/stopwatch