How Do You Use the Smoke Setting on Pit Boss (Simple Instructions)

Have you recently purchased a Pit Boss grill and wondering how to use the smoke setting?

This guide will show you exactly how to use the smoke setting on Pit Boss.

Whether you are smoking a rack of pork ribs, chicken breasts, or some hamburgers..

The smoke setting on Pit Boss brings that special smokey flavor that everyone loves into your food.

However, using the smoke setting may seem confusing initially.

So follow the instructions below and you’ll master your Pit Boss in no time!

What Exactly Does the Smoke Setting on a Pit Boss  Pellet Grill Do?

The smoke setting is specifically designed to infuse that irresistible smoke flavor into your food.

It works best for slow cooking, especially when you’re using the right flavored pallets.

The Pit Boss grill has multiple flavored hardwood pellets, making it the ideal option for smoking different types of foods.

See the guide to using a Pit Boss smoker here.

What Is the Smoke Setting on Pit Boss?

Finding the smoke setting on your Pit Boss pellet smoker is easy. It is usually labeled “smoke” or “s” on the control board.

The smoke setting of the grill usually fluctuates between 180° – 225°F (65° – 107°C).

Ensure you keep the temperature within the above-mentioned temperature ranges while using the grill.

If it burns too low, the food can easily get spoilt due to bacteria.

Also, if it burns too high and exceeds 225°F, you’ll get a black smoke rather than white smoke.

Using the Smoke Setting on the Pit Boss Grill

The Pit Boss pellet grill smoker is very user-friendly and allows you to comfortably smoke foods from the comfort of your backyard.

To begin, set the grill to the smoke setting.

Once you do that, pellets will be dispensed into the firepot to produce smoke (the temperature won’t exceed 225°F).

How Do I Control the Temperature?

The Pit Boss has a P-settingsmoke temp option that allows you to easily adjust the amount of smoke and internal temperature produced by the grill.

The P setting is responsible for the number of pellets fed into the auger.

Simply put, it gives you more control while using the smoking function.

The “P-setting” smoke temp option has a different temperature range from P0 to P7.

A lower P setting, such as P1 or P2 will produce a higher temperature and less smoke.

On the other hand, a higher P setting (P6 or P7) will produce more smoke.

Difference Between Smoke on Smoke Setting

Initially, when you start the Pit Boss, the smoke output will be thick and white.

During the first 5 minutes of startup, the pellets will be fed into the firepot. The pellets get smoldered during this process until they catch fire.

After the grill is preheated, a slightly invisible thin blue smoke will be produced.

This is what gives your food that amazing smokey flavor that you love so much.

if your Pit Boss is producing too much smoke, see this guide to help fix it.

Is It Possible to Cook Using the Smoke Setting?

As long as the internal temperature of the grill stays between 200°F and 225°F, you should be able to cook using the smoke function.

But as you’d expect, it will take a longer time for your food to get cooked properly.

Just make sure the grill stays above 180°F to prevent the food from getting spoilt by bacteria.

Asides from that, if the grill stays at 180°F or below, the internal parts of the food may not reach the doneness stage.

For example, when cooking turkey, rack of ribs, or brisket, the grill needs to be at 180°F or higher.

Other Than the Smoke Setting, Can I Smoke on Other Settings on Pit Boss?

Many people assume that the only way to get the smoke flavor on foods is by using the smoke setting on Pit Boss.

However, that is not entirely true.

The truth is, even if you are not using the “smoke” setting on the Pit Boss pellet smoker, any food cooked on it will always have that hint of smokey flavor.

The only difference is, you will have more smokey flavor using the smoke setting on the grill.

Steps for Smoking on a Pit Boss Grill

The smoke setting on the Pit Boss pellet grill is very straightforward and easy to use.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps below;

  • First things first, check the pellets in the hopper (you can change them if you want)
  • Find an electrical outlet, then plug the grill into it
  • Open the lid and switch it on
  • Once the grill starts to roar, close the lid
  • On the control board screen, turn the grill to “S” or “Smoke” setting option
  • Finally, allow it to reach the desired temperature (should take about 5 minutes), then put the food on the grates

That’s all! By following the steps mentioned above, you can smoke any food of your choice without any difficulty.

If you haven’t used the smoke setting on your Pit Boss smoker, it’s time to give it a try.

It makes it easier for almost anyone to comfortably cook smoke-flavored foods in their backyard.

However, you don’t necessarily have to use the smoke setting all the time.

Hopefully, this guide will help you make the most of your Pit Boss pellet grill smoke setting.

Don’t wait any further! Give it a shot.

Smoke On!


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