The Best Places to Order Seafood Online in 2020

I mean sure brisket is delicious, but have you ever had scallops, grilled shrimp or grilled butter lobster tail?

It’s not just the delicious taste…. seafood offers lots of nutritional value to the body

Foods like salmon, crab, oysters, shrimp tuna, and mackerel blow the likes of chicken and pork out of the water. Literally!

Traditionally seafood was only available to those who were close to the ocean or could afford it from the local fish market.

Now we are spoilt, the rise in popularity of these foods has created a new business, and this business is booming! Online seafood delivery has taken the world by storm and its much better than you may think. 

Even if we are thousands of miles form the ocean we can have a range of fresh seafood options delivered right to our door steps. It takes the hassle out of finding a decent fishmonger! And now I order it from the comfort of my couch!

I have taken care to pick places that have freshness guarantees, so you can be confident when your order seafood online – enjoy!

The Best Places to Buy Seafood Online

The 10 Best Places to Order Seafood Online in 2020 – Comparison Table​

CompanyMust TrySite Link
Wild Alaskan CompanyWild Combo BoxVisit Wild Alaskan Company
Cape Porpoise Lobster CoFresh Cooked Maine LobsterVisit Cape Porpoise Lobster Co
SeabearSmoked Wild SalmonVisit Seabear
River Cottage SeafoodsSmoked Sockeye SalmonVisit River Cottage Seafoods
Get Maine LobsterLive LobsterVisit Get Maine Lobster
Giovanni’s Fish MarketCalifornia Red AbaloneVisit Giovanni’s Fish Market
Robert Wholey & CoWhole FishVisit Robert Wholey & Co
Vital ChoiceVital Box deliveriesVisit Vital Choice
The Crab PlaceMaryland Soft Shell CrabsVisit The Crab Place
Honolulu FishHawaiian Ahi Ultra FilletVisit Honolulu Fish

The 10 Best Places to Order Seafood Online in 2020

Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company Home Page

The Wild Alaskan Company has not been around for too long. They have been delivering seafood for a couple of years now, however, don’t let that scare you. Wild Alaskan Company are one of the best subscription style seafood delivery companies out there.

They specialise in delivering sustainable seafood from wild fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

They have 3 basic packages that you can have delivered monthly or two monthly. You can choose 12 or 24 pieces per delivery and can choose form the ‘Wild Salmon Box‘ (a full delivery of 6oz salmon fillets), ‘Wild Combo Box‘ (a mix of 6oz salmon fillets and white fish pieces) or a ‘White Fish Box‘ (white fish pieces only).

They have put a lot of effort into ensuring your delivery arrives in perfect condition. Even though your delivery is shipped form a fairly remote part of the USA you will always receive deliciously fresh seafood. I say fresh, however, your delivery will come frozen – read more about why frozen seafood is often better than ‘fresh’ on the Wild Alaska Company blog.

This subscription service is perfect for those who love cooking fish on the regular and want to have a trustworthy, reliable service from a company who has a focus on being sustainable and supporting wild fishing in Alaska.

Must Try: The Wild Combo Box. Its perfect for those who love not only salmon!

Cape Porpoise Lobster Co.

Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. Homepage

Lobsters are a work of art that Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. seem to have mastered. They boast of specialized, focused delivery of lobsters, fresh, and alive. They are unarguably one of the best in the business.

‘Fresh and Live’ is their mantra, and over their many years of existence, they have lived up to their name. A full five-star rating on most online markets prove this claim. Customers are able to select from a variety, since their lobsters come in different sizes.

There is a range of available prices – really cheap, to wildly expensive. You are allowed to cut your coat according to your size. Realize, however, that these fees usually include overnight shipping charges. The heavier your order, the heavier the shipping fees.

It is not enough that you order fresh and live lobsters. Each cold box of live lobsters have cooking procedures attached. They show you how to enjoy, in the most ecstatic ways, the value for your money!

Must Try: The fresh cooked Main lobster is incredible. And with free overnight delivery you couldn’t ask for anything else!


Seabear Homepage

These ones have an oath! Yes, like the Hippocratic oath the medical doctors take upon induction. They call it the Fisherman’s Oath. They are as serious as serious gets.

With a promise to “replace your order, refund your money, or do whatever it takes to make it right”, the SeaBear company boasts of pristine authenticity. Since their inception in 1957, they have religiously upheld this promise.

They appear to focus majorly on salmon production and delivery. They however, also include some other varieties. These include crabs and shellfish, smoked trout, chowders, and seafood cakes, to name a few.

Cooking is an adventure to some. To others, it is just unbearable hassle. Whichever category you may fall in, these foods come already cooked and flash-frozen. All you need to do is warm on light heat. Their salmons are the driest, with the least amount of natural oil.

Nonetheless, they remain moist and finger lickin’ delicious!

Must Try: Smoked wild salmonBrowse Seabear

The Best Place To Buy Salmon Online

Salmon! Pinkish-orange appetizing goodness. Salmon possesses an innate ability to alter your mood positively.

Like all products with such widely acclaimed acceptance, finding originals are like finding gold. We provide you with a list of reputable online stores that have been able to painstakingly retain salmon production in its freshness.

With variety stores like Giovanni’s Fish Market, and Robert Wholey and Co, salmon remains ever fresh and tasty.

Copper River Seafood

Copper River Seafoods Homepage

Ready to serve!

The Copper River Seafood company specialize in the production of ready-to-eat salmon.

They achieve the immediate consumption of their foods by packaging them in tins. While they offer delivery straight from the fishermen to your door, their ready-to-eat feature seems to put them on the map.

Their salmons have a flaky, tender flesh, with amazing flavors. Their fish have the best cuts, that will make your mouth water. It is not enough that they prepare good salmon.

They share their inspiring recipes and cooking methods too. They also have favorable prices. Hence, they offer fantastic quality for the lowest prices on the market.

The Copper River Seafood company are undoubtedly genius. 

Must Try: Their smoked Sockeye salmon is a winner!

The Best Place To Buy Lobster Online

Lobster is a delicacy for royalty. Of all the ingenious ways to prepare lobsters, one fact is typical: it should be enjoyed in a steaming state of freshness. We provide you with a list of certified online lobster stores.

They have over several years proved themselves, and have excellent customer reviews. Know for sure that while there may be no one perfect place, there surely are terrible places.

With online stores like Cape Porpoise Lobster Co, and Get Maine Lobster, you cannot go wrong!

Get Maine Lobster

Get Maine Lobster Homepage

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Maine has Lobsters!

Get Maine Lobster takes you on a trip to Maine, and back, right in the comfort of your homes. You can enjoy what people travel miles for, with a single order!

They specialize in lobsters, and their flavors and freshness are indeed second to none.

There are original recipes and cooking procedures attached to your order. They are dutiful enough to ensure you experience the lobster taste in its radiance.

The Deep Atlantic Waters of Maine have been said to be home to the tastiest lobsters in the whole world. Lobsters from Maine, are unarguably the best, so you can expect a slightly higher price for value.

You can order either live or frozen lobsters, and have them delivered to you in 24 hours.

Must Try: You can’t go past the live lobster order. If you are not anywhere by the coast, this is your best bet for freshness!

The Best Place To Buy Fresh Fish Online

The online market is the largest in the world. The market is so large, making a good decision to buy anything at all is a daunting task. Concerning issues like seafood, the decision becomes even more difficult.

You owe it to the fish in the ocean that you consume them fresh, and in the healthiest states! We have gone through the tedious selection process, and give you the best online stores for fish!

Giovanni’s Fish Market

Giovannis Fish Market Homepage

With a name like “fish market,” you can be sure that these guys sell any and every seafood there is. On their website is a search bar that says, “search your favorite seafood!” How better could this get?

Giovanni’s Fish Market undoubtedly has a wide variety of seafood. From crabs to salmon, to shrimps, to sushi, to whatever. There are over a hundred seafood to choose from.

A family-owned business for three decades, they premiered the business in California. They claim to be the most trusted name in the industry. We cannot put up so much of an argument about that!

Do you want to prepare your seafood yourself? You can have them delivered to your door, natural and fresh, within 24 hours! You are not so big on meal preparations? Order glamorous ready-to-eat meals of ecstatic seafood, all from Giovanni’s Fish Market.

On all orders greater than $300, you get free shipping when you order directly from them. Simply enter the coupon SHIP4FREE at checkout.

Must Try: California Red Abalone

Robert Wholey & Co

Robert Wholey & Co Homepage

Wholey foods sell whole foods!

Established since 1912, Robert Wholey & Co. have consistently stayed on top of their game. They remain a significant force to be reckoned with in the seafood industry.

A general market, they boast of a variety of seafood, with reasonable prices. They specialize only in production and shipping of frozen/canned seafood and meats.

In essence, they do not do live foods. It takes a whole lot of hard work to do both seafood and meat equally efficiently. They put this same efficiency to work in customer satisfaction and services.

On orders that exceed $200, shipping is free to select states, when requests are made directly from the store. With over a hundred years of existence, they have indeed come a long way.

They have learned the art of the business. They have gained mastery of customer satisfaction. Their fantastic reviews on most online stores leave a trail of their reputation. This speaks for them.

Must Try: If you are looking for whole fish delivered to your door look no further.

Vital Choice

Vital Choice Homepage

If anything initially strikes you about the Vital Choice company, it is the fiery passion they have for their customers. It is enviable!

With numerous incentives and offers, they go out of their way to ensure that customers get the most value for their money.

First class ingenuity! They have taken seafood production and packaging to a whole new level. With packages like the GrillBox, there are all-in-one collections of customer favorites, at subsidized prizes.

Coupons and percentages off are the order of the day! They are sincerely just crazy about customers. They know how good their seafood is, and they want their customers to enjoy them to the fullest.

There is a Vital Choice Guarantee. It states that they will make total refunds when customers are not satisfied with products.

This is show off! Vital choice products are enriched with omega-3 supplements. They are thus of immense benefit to your body system. They are endorsed by leading health experts.

All foods are pure and safe. They are non-hazardous and contain the lowest mercury levels.

Must Try: Any of the Vital Box deliveries!

The Crab Place

The Crab Place Homepage

Crabs; some more crabs; and even more crabs!

There has never been so much crab goodness in one place. The Crab Place is a Maryland Seafood Company that prides herself as the Crab Capital of the World.

Your feasts are not complete without the crabs from Crab Place!

Do not be scared of monotony of any sort. With solely crabs in view, they have found ingenious ways to excite your taste buds every time.

With delicacies like soft crabs, hard crabs, and even crab cakes and meat, to name a few, there is no getting enough!

Just say when. You determine when you want your package to be delivered to you. How amazing is that? They use the services of the excellent FedEx.

You can be sure that shipping and delivery are in capable hands. You are also able to track your order at every stage of the journey.

They have been doing what they do best since 1997. They have improved on their services over the years. Do you desire freshly frozen crabs? Or do you want them cooked, and ready for consumption? Crab Place is the place!

Must Try: Maryland soft shell crab.

Honolulu Fish

Honolulu Fish Hompage

Honestly, no one likes shipping fees. Those extra dollars could be inconveniencing.

Have you been living in a fantasy land where heavenly meals like seafood are shipped for free? Well, wake up into a reality of your fantasy, with Honolulu fish! These guys allow a generous free 2-day shipping on all orders!

Honolulu fish are Hawaii-based. They specialize in the high-grade sashimi fish and salmon, amongst others. They believe that seafood should be sustainably caught.

A core value is minimal processing to preserve natural flavors. We couldn’t agree more! They are peculiar for integrating environmentally conscious practices in their business. This warms our hearts.

With naturally occurring omega three content, Honolulu Fish products are incredibly healthy. They have operated for years, delivering only to restaurants.

Having only recently begun door to door delivery, they have unparalleled customer service. Their fish comes in the signature, and natural cuts, to name a few.

Cheap orders for amazing goodness, with zero shipping charges. It could not get any better!

Must Try: Hawaiian Ahi Ultra Fillet

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