6 Options for Low Sodium Ham

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Do you enjoy ham but want to reduce your salt intake?

Don’t worry you can still enjoy ham without substituting flavor!

Please read further for my 6 reduced sodium options for ham.

You’ll be surprised!

6 Type of Low Sodium Ham

100% Organic Deli Ham

It’s no secret that their is quality products and low-quality products.

This especially applies to ham due to the curing and processing the product goes through.

Choosing a deluxe ham with a higher meat content means there are fewer artificial flavors or additives.

Guess what?

Lots of these additives like sodium nitrite or monosodium glutamate are salt!

Organic deli hams have fewer artificial preservatives and are generally lower in sodium.

Be sure to check the ingredients or nutrition labels carefully!

Some organic brands may still contain higher amounts of salt than desired.

But generally organic and higher meat percentage food items will contain less salt.


Turkey Ham 

Turkey ham is a great option if you’re looking for an alternative meat to ham.

It has a similar texture and flavor but with less processing and sodium varieties.

Another bonus is that it contains less fat compared to ham deli meats.

So you can save those calories for something else!

Lean meat is the reason why you don’t need excess salt in commercial food processing.

The lower fat content reduces the amount of moisture that would need to be preserved by adding salt.

By reducing the amount of salt, lean meats like turkey ham can remain fresh for a longer period of time.

While it can’t replicate traditional smokehouse flavors, turkey ham is still delicious!

Making it a great substitute for sandwiches or salads.

Low Sodium Canadian Bacon as an Option for Ham

Canadian bacon delivers a robustly smoky flavor.

Oh, and with much less salt than regular bacon…

This is great news if you’re watching your sodium intake!

This product is manufactured with the goal of reducing sodium phosphates.

These phosphates are common in traditionally cured bacon.

Try slicing it into thin strips and adding it to your favorite breakfast dish.

Or use it as a topping on pizza for an added touch of savoriness without the extra salt.


Seitan Plant-Based ‘Meat’ as an Option Instead for Ham

Technology moves forward at a fast rate!

This means so is the amount of better and tastier plant-based alternatives to meat.

Don’t believe the horror stories you’ve heard and consider helping the environment.

Seitan’s range of plant-based deli meats is the perfect substitute for ham.

Not only for vegitarians…

But also for reducing the daily sodium for health-conscious people!

Seitan have a range of common deli meats to choose from, including ham and turkey.

Boasting to contain up to 50% fewer milligrams sodium than ham.

You are one step further away from blood pressure issues.

Like always, you should check the food label if you have allergies to soy or gluten.

Smoked Tuna Steaks as an Option Instead of Ham

Now I know what you’re thinking… How can tuna be a substitute for ham?

Close your eyes and imagine the thick and light pink tuna flakes.

The firm texture and umami flavors of home smoked tuna really do mimic deli meat and can be a great alternative.

Smoking fresh tuna steaks means you control the salt content.

Don’t cure this delicious fish in salt before smoking.

Let the natural flavors of the smoke cook and cure the tuna.

Fresh tuna’s mild flavor and firm texture really will mimic ham!

Rehydrated Shiitake Mushroom as an Option Instead of Ham

Shiitake mushrooms are a meaty and dense popular in asian cusine.

You can easily pick up some dehydrated shittakes in your local store.

Widley available and with a similar texture and taste!

These delicious myselium are a good substitute.

No added sodium combined with a natural umami flavor, you can forget the salt and keep the

Rehydrate them in hot water for 20 minutes and thinly slice to the thickness of ham.

Use in sandwiches or as a garnish for a delicious snack.

What Is the Average Sodium Content of Ham?

The average sodium content of ham is around 1,400-1,700 mg per 3 ounces.

However, the exact amount varies depending on the type of ham and how it was processed.

For example, smoked hams tend to have higher sodium content than fresh or cured hams.

Which brings us to the next topic…


Why Is Ham So Salty?

Ham is typically high in sodium because it’s a cured meat.

This means meaning it has been preserved by adding salt to reduce spoilage and extend shelf life. 

Why Should You Reduce Salt Intake?

Eating too much sodium can increase your risk of developing fatal disease.

These include high blood pressure, heart disease, stoke and kidney stones.

You can see why it’s important to pay attention to the amount of sodium in your diet.

Try to limit it as much as possible when and substitue your ham with the above reccomendations.

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