Our Favorite Wood for Smoked Chicken Wings (9 Delcious Options)

 Who doesn’t want crispy smoked chicken wings? We certainly do. 

But, as with all meat, it can be difficult to know what type of wood to use. We’ve found the perfect wood for you to get delicious chicken wings. 

So, fire up the pellet smoker, grab a chicken wing rub and get ready with your favorite barbecue sauce. 

It’s time to cook some amazing wings. 

Have a read of the guide below to discover the best wood for smoked chicken wings. 

Apple Wood

Apple wood is the most popular type of wood for smoking chicken. 

It has a hint of sweetness and is fruity and mild. 

This wood is perfect if you’re a beginner Pitmaster or new to smoking chicken.

You can also get applewood pellets if you’re using a pellet smoker.

This is the perfect pellet to use if you smoking your wings on one!

Maple Wood

Maple wood chips are generally used with pork but they are also perfect for chicken. 

Maple is a fruit wood that’s a bit stronger and sweeter than apple wood. 

It will result in a natural taste, juicy meat and a mild flavor. 

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood will give your smoked chicken a sweet taste and a wonderful red color. 

It also goes well when mixed with other heavier hardwood. 

Try combining it with hickory for a sweet smoke flavor and crispy skin. 

Pecan Wood

Pecan is one of the stronger woods and comes with a signature taste. 

It is also a favorite wood to use for smoking turkey.

Avoid mixing pecan with other woods as it will significantly alter the flavor.


Hickory has an earthy, nutty flavor that goes with nearly every type of meat. 

It works well with chicken, but be cautious if you haven’t smoked with it before. 

Too much hickory will result in a bitter taste to your chicken. 

Pimento Wood

Pimento wood is a game changer when it comes to smoked chicken wings. 

It may be more difficult to find, but it also results in authentic smoked jerk chicken. 

Pimento wood will give your meat a savoury flavor and a unique aroma. 

Mesquite Wood

Mesquite has a very strong, smoky flavor. 

If you do choose to go with this wood be very cautious. 

Additional wood chips can easily overwhelm the meat and you’ll lose the chicken taste. 


Oak is perfect for smoking beef but what about poultry?

If you want a bold, intense smoke flavor then oak is the way to go. 

Similarly to mesquite, be careful with how many wood chunks you use.


Peach is great if you’re after a mild wood with a southern barbecue flavor. 

This wood will result in a chicken that has a fruity flavor and subtle sweetness.

It will also give your meat a nice pale golden color. 


We recommend avoiding cedar for smoking chicken. 

While the wood has adequate flavor, it simply doesn’t go well with traditional chicken wings. 

If you do have cedar on hand, save it for fatty fish like salmon. 

Our Favorite Chicken Wing Recipes

Chicken wings are one of our favorite cuts of meat to smoke. 

Traeger Chicken Wings

Crispy Smoked Chicken Wings on a Pit Boss

0-400 Chicken Wings

Ultimately, it will depend upon flavor preference, what’s available and your smoking process. 

These woods will give your meat incredible flavor and make the skin nice and crispy. 

What flavored wood do you use for smoking chicken wings?

Smoke On!


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