How Long Is Turkey Bacon Good in the Fridge

Wondering how long you can leave your turkey bacon in the fridge?

Turkey meat bacon is an excellent alternative to traditional bacon.

The tasty turkey variety is delicious and healthier.

But first, let’s understand the correct storage time for this type of bacon.

Refrigerating Turkey Bacon – The Timings

The time frame when storing meat will differ depending on the animal.

Is it fresh or are you are storing cooked bacon?

What were the manufacturing stages?

Such as a curing process or artificially added ingredients.

Turkey bacon is classed as processed meat.

But more of that later!

Below are the average times you should this product.

Based on some typical circumstances.

Packaged Raw Turkey Bacon

Packaged fresh bacon made from turkey meat will keep refrigerated for 14 days. (2 weeks)

Unpackaged Raw Turkey Bacon

Opened and uncooked turkey bacon should be refrigerated.

Keep in an airtight container for 7-14 days.

Depending on the sell-by-date from when you first brought and opened the packaging.

Turkey bacon that is not refrigerated airtight will keep for 5 days.

Cooked Turkey Bacon

Cooked leftover turkey bacon should be stored airtight and refrigerated for up to 3 days.

Defrosted Turkey Bacon

An unopened package of frozen turkey bacon should be defrosted in the refrigerator.

Keep refrigerated for not more than 7 days after defrosting.

Read further to understand the freezing conditions and timings for turkey bacon.

Is My Turkey Bacon Inedible? – How to Tell

Below are the common and simple ways to check for bad bacon!

The bacteria growth in poultry can be deadly.

Do not take any risks with storing or cooking this product.

Check the Shelf Life of Your Turkey Bacon

The first thing is to check the use-by date on your package of bacon.

The manufacturer has a legal requirement to monitor and set a date when processing.

Most types of bacon will have a longer use-by-date than other fresh meat.

As it is processed and cured with additives.

Like sodium nitrite or sodium erythorbate.

The average use-by-date for turkey bacon is 2 weeks compared to 5 days for fresh meat.

Have you left fresh bacon in your fridge past the date?

Throw it out according to the above timings if over.

Air Exposure

Did you remove the turkey from the original package?

Or have noticed a breach in the seal?

Exposure to air accelerates the growth of bacteria.

And will reduce the preservative additives from… well, preserving!

Check the packaging for any defects before refrigerating.

Always store in airtight conditions.

Texture of the Turkey Bacon

If you are still not sure then check for a slimy texture.

The bacon should be a bit moist.

But as an overly sticky texture?

This is an obvious sign of rotten meat!

Air exposure can also cause moisture loss.

This can be indicated by a dry and hard texture in the exposed bacon.

The Color of Bad Bacon

Fresh and safe-to-eat turkey bacon is light pink with lines of white fat.

A darker or brownish color is not what you want to see.

Bad meat will also tend to go a gray color from oxidization from the nitrates.

Inspect for signs of discoloration in raw poultry carefully.

Smelly Signs of Spoilage

Probably the most effective way to know if any meat products are bad.

Good turkey bacon will have a sweet and artificial smoke smell.

Any other foul odor or sour smell is hard to miss.

Raw bacon that is off has a definitive smell that stinks of rotten eggs.

A characteristic sulfur-like smell.

Turkey Bacon vs Regular Bacon – The Differences & Similarities

A quick rundown of the differences and similarities between turkey and pork bacon.

Remember that bacon is a vastly manufactured and popular product.

So there are lots of varieties to taste and test!


The big ingredient difference is (obviously) the meat!

Turkey has less fat whereas regular pork bacon could have twice the amount.

Pork bacon is typically made from the belly.

Turkey bacon will contain both white and darker meat from the bird.

Expiry Date & Storage

We have covered the storage.

Both are very similar due to the preserving process.

The expiry date may be a little different.

There are more types of gourmet pork bacon that can have a shorter lifespan.

Due to fewer preservatives.

Turkey bacon is generally made from different types of meat in the turkey.

It also has to be preserved more rigorously because it is poultry.

Cooking Methods

The cooking process for both products can be whatever you want it!

Common methods for cooking pork and turkey bacon are very similar.

A smoky pizza topping or in a pea soup.

Or on a big plate next to some baked beans for an English breakfast!


Turkey bacon nearly always has artificial smoke added.

– There is more variety of unsmoked pork bacon.

– Turkey bacon has less salt.

Pork bacon has more salt.

– Pork bacon has more fat and umami flavor.

– Turkey bacon has less fat and might contain additional spices.

Is It a Good Idea to Freeze Turkey Bacon?


You can freeze turkey bacon to keep it fresh for when you need it.

Keep it packaged or remove it to a heavy-duty freezer bag.

Store below zero.

How Long Can I Freeze Fresh Turkey Bacon?

You can keep turkey bacon in your freezer for up to 6 months.

After this time you risk freezer burn.

Defrosting Methods for Turkey Bacon

Transfer the turkey bacon from the freezer into the fridge on a plate.

Let it naturally defrost for up to 24 hours.

Use within the directed timeframe.

The Best Way To Store Turkey Bacon – Summary

– Do not leave unrefrigerated for more than 30 minutes.

– Do not store exposed to air.

– Freeze if you plan to use it after the use-by-date.

– Store cooked leftovers no more than 5 days.

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