Can You Smoke a Turkey the Day Before (Bonus Tips For A Juicy Turkey

Wondering if you can smoke a turkey the day before you plan to eat it?

Smoking an entire turkey takes planning and time.

Did you know a larger bird can weigh up to 30 pounds?

The smoking times can easily go past the 8-9 hour mark.

This means the initial cooking process has to start early morning.

So it’s easy to see why you might want to get it done the day before.

Smoking Turkey the Day Before You Plan On Serving

You can smoke a turkey the day before you plan on eating.

However, you do need to be organized.


The Pros to Smoking a Turkey A Day Ahead

Wondering why you should smoke a turkey ahead of time? Find out below.

Not Enough Time

You need plenty of time to smoke a turkey.

When considering the brine time and the length of the cooking process.

Not to mention resting and preparing other dishes.

Worried you don’t have enough time on the day?

Smoke it the day before and get prepared!

How Are You Serving Turkey?

Leftover turkey meat is delicious in sandwiches or even thrown into a curry.

Want your holiday meal to be casual and not a traditional smoked roasted turkey?

Do it the day before.

What Are You Using for Your Smoking Process?

There are all different types of smokers with unique functions.

Do you have a traditional charcoal grill?

Or a fancy electric smoker?

These types may have varied internal temperatures and cooking times.

Are you able to just fill a hopper with wooden chips and leave it?

Or will you constantly have to be igniting and rotating coals?

Read further to explore the best type of smoker for a turkey in advance.


The Pros of Smoking a Day Before

The main advantage of smoking the day before is the extra time it gives you.

Can you put a price on the time spent with loved ones you only see on Thanksgiving?

Or a lower stress level of having 1 less thing to focus on?

The Cons of Smoking a Day Before

Traditional presentation cannot always be achieved when reheating.

This is because you might have to break down the turkey.

Or the crisp skin can be lost while in the fridge.

You also risk dry meat from loss and preservation of moisture.


Smoking Turkey the Day Before – The Ultimate Process Guide

Below is my comprehensive guide for smoking a turkey a day ahead.

I have added food safety notes on the reheating process at the end.

Remember to defrost a frozen turkey before smoking it


Estimate the Cook Time

The cooking time for a smoked turkey is based on weight and cooking temperature.

Which you still need to do, even the day before when you have plenty of time!

Below are the average times per temperature.

At 225°F a turkey will cook at 40 – 45 minutes per pound.

At 275°F a turkey will cook at 30 – 35 minutes per pound.

At 325°F a turkey will cook at 20-25 minutes per pound.


Monitoring the Cooking & Internal Temperatures

You need to monitor the temperature of the cooking unit and the internal meat temps.

A pellet grill will likely be installed with temperature probes.

But a charcoal smoker or gas grill may not.

Having calibrated digital meat thermometers will help you measure these.

How Different Cuts Of Turkey Cook

There are 2 types of meat in a turkey.

Dark meat in the thigh and white in the breast meat.

The darker meat is located nearer the bones.

It has a gamey taste and more fat.

White meat is lighter-tasting, dense, and tender.

But can be prone to going dry.

The probe thermometer in the dark thigh meat should read 180°F.

The probe thermometer in the white breast meat should read 160°F.


Tips & Tricks When Smoking an Entire Turkey

– Buy an organic fresh turkey from a local butcher if you can, as they taste better!

– Know the weight and work out timings before cooking.

– Consider a dry brine to help achieve tender meat and a more flavorful bird.

– Don’t be afraid of strong seasonings or spices for additional flavor.

– Cook with indirect heat.

– The ideal temperature to smoke a turkey is 275°F.

– A wood pellet grill will give you more control over the smoking process.

– The type of wood in a pellet smoker will give extra flavor.

– Accurately monitor the internal temperatures for both types of meat.

– Wrap the delicate breasts in aluminum foil while you wait for the dark meat.

Resting & Cooling Turkey for Next Day Reheating

The true and best method for resting and cooling a turkey is as followed;

– Check the correct internal temperatures have been met.

– Remove the turkey from your smoker or oven space.

– Place on a wire rack in an oven tray.

– Keep the probes inserted.

– Double wrap with foil.


Breaking Down Turkey for Next Day Reheating

– Rest the turkey as per the above.

– Monitor the internal temperature until it reaches 150°F.

– Carve down into individual parts.

– Remove the crispy skin.

– Shred and separate the white meat and dark meat.

– Chop up the skin and add the dark meat.

– Store refrigerated in an airtight container.

Keeping the Turkey Whole for Next Day Reheating

– Rest the turkey as per the above.

– Monitor the internal temperature until it reaches 150°F.

– Remove the layer of aluminum foil and cover it with plastic wrap.

– Refrigerate until the next day.


The Process of Reheating Turkey on the Day of Serving

So it’s Thanksgiving and you are ready to start the heating process again.

How Long Does It Take?

A whole turkey will take around 3 hours to reheat back on the smoker

The individual meat will take 20-30 minutes in a microwave or oven.

Note: The actual time depends on the pounds of turkey meat you have.

Reheating a Whole Turkey

– Remove the plastic wrap.

– Cover the skin with cooking spray or olive oil.

– Wrap in foil.

– Insert cleaned temperature probes.

– Put back on the smoker or in an oven at a temp of 225°F.

– Monitor until an internal temp of 140°F.


Reheating Turkey Meat in a Microwave

– Add a small amount of cold water or chicken broth to the turkey meat.

– Reheat in batches in a microwave until steaming.

Our Favorite Dedicated Smoker for a Long Cook

The type of grill best for a longer smoking time is a pellet grill.

These are computers that revolutionized smoking meat.

Ensure you have enough pellets in the hopper and let time do the rest!


Food Safety Advice for Reheating Turkey

– Do not let raw turkey meat stay out of the fridge for more than 30-45 minutes.

– Accurately monitor the internal temperatures while cooking and reheating.

– Be careful of cross-contamination on utensils between raw and cooked meat.

– Do not keep cooked turkey meat in the fridge for longer than 2 days.

– Store airtight.

Smoke On!


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