Cooking Two Hams at the Same Time: Can It Be Done?

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Planning on cooking for a crowd? 

You might be wondering if you can cook to hams at the same! 

Cooking two hams doesn’t have to be a complex task.

However you do need to be organised! So below I have outlined exactly have you go about doing this. 

Here is how you cook two hams at the same time.

What Is the Best Way to Cook Two Hams at the Same Time?

You can easily cook two hams at the same time.

A simple tip is to treat each ham as if you were cooking them separately.

If you are consistent in each of my cooking directions you can’t fail!

The first is how are you going to cook them?

We recommend smoking with a pellet grill or cooking in a large oven.


Roasting Two Hams at the Same Time in a Oven

Roasting types of meat is an effective way to produce delicious results!

An oven temperature’s direct heat is a popular and easy method to utilize.

Most households will have a conventional oven and know its cook cycle.

The downside is that a regular oven may be too small to fit two hams.

Cooking Two Hams at the Same Time With a Smoking Process

It is common for your holiday ham to already have gone through a cure solution.

It may also have been hot-smoked and pre-cooked, so read further for more information!

Indirect heat from hot smoking is effective for two hams if you have some extra time.

The types of cookers used for smoking are large enough for multiple cuts of meat.

Is Your Ham Already Cured & Cooked?

A curing solution of salt and brown sugar is applied to traditional country hams.

The manufacturers then finish with hot smoking to infuse that delicious smoky flavor!

Cooking ham can be misleading as there is a fair chance it’s already cooked!

Reheating two hams is much easier than cooking products from scratch.

Check if you have cooked meat products or raw ham meat.

Cooking two pre-cooked ham only needs warming to the right internal temperature.

Cooking two raw hams will need more attention for even cooking.

This is why I always recommend cooking two pre-cured and cooked hams.


Pros & Cons of Cooking Two Hams at the Same Time

Let’s look at why you might want to cook two hams together and then the disadvantages.

This will help you get a better idea if you are equipped to do it!

The Pros

Saves you time, energy, and effort.

– Two hams can insulate each other and lower the chance of dry meat.

More delicious food portions for a large family meal.

– Most hams are pre-cooked and reheating is simple.

The Cons

– Can cause uneven cooking.

– Your traditional fan oven or smoker cooking chamber isn’t large enough.

Higher risk of foodborne illness from more handling.

What You Need to Know Before Cooking Two Hams Together

Below are the facts and cooking instructions you need when cooking two hams.

Organize Yourself & Get the Equipment Ready

The trick to any large recipe is organization!

Prepare your cooking device and any fuel it might need.

– Make sure you have two meat thermometers for checking the internal temperatures.

– Enough heavy-duty aluminum foil for two hams.

– Work out and plan around the estimated cooking time.

– How will you be serving the hams? Do you have a calving knife?


What Are the Cooking Temperatures for Two Hams?

Cook the hams at 325°F when shallow roasting in a traditional oven.

Smoke the hams at 225°F in a pellet or traditional charcoal smoker.

Do I Wrap the Hams in Foil Before Cooking?

You should wrap the hams for the entire cook time before adding a glaze at the end.

The foil will protect the ham from drying out by reflecting moisture into the meat.

When roasting, the air temperature can dry out the meat quickly so you may want to double wrap.

Smoking is a slow method and needs wrapping as well.

This reduces the chance of moisture evaporation at this time.

The moisture evaporation will also make it less likely for a stall to occur.

How to Position Two Hams in Your Cooking Device

Enough space is very important when cooking two hams at the same time.

This ensures enough heat energy is transferred for even and consistent cooking.

Place the wrapped hams on the same level in your smoker or oven.

Make sure they have at least 5 inches apart.

The space and placement of the two hams lower the chance of contamination.

It will also ensure that even cooking occurs throughout the whole process.


What Is the Cooking Time for Two Hams?

It will take 170 minutes to oven-roast two whole hams weighing 10 pounds at 325°F.

It will take 250 minutes to smoke two whole hams weighing 10 pounds at 225°F.

How to Estimate the Minutes of Cooking by Weight

Roasting two hams at 325°F will cook at around 18-20 minutes per pound.

Smoking two hams at 225°F will cook at around 35 minutes per pound.

What Internal Temperature Does the Meat Need to Be?

The safe-to-consume internal temperature for ham is 140°F.

Both hams should have reached this before removal and resting.

How to Accurately Monitor the Internal Temperature of the Hams

Use a calibrated conventional meat thermometer to monitor temperatures.

As well as the smoking temperature (if your smoker doesn’t include a temperature gauge).

Digital meat thermometers are a staple when smoking any meat, but especially 2!

That way you can also see if 1 is cooking slower or quicker than the other.

Insert a probe in each ham, into the thickest part and avoid any bone.

How to Smoke to Hams at the Same Time

Prepare the Hams

Check if the hams have been cured and smoked. (We reccomend this when cooking 2 hams)

Remove the hams from the original packaging.

Season with brown sugar and your choice of spices.

Wrap completely in tin foil.


Pick the Cooking Method

Choose the cooking method for your hams.

Note: See above for directions for either smoking or roasting.

Cooking the Hams

Set your smoker or oven to the temperatures mentioned above.

Place the wrapped hams on the ham level with adequate spacing.

Insert meat probes in each of the hams.

– Cook until an internal temperature of 140°F.

Tip: Concentrate on each probe reading.

If there is a difference of 50°F you will need to adjust the positioning or raise the cooking temp.

Finishing the Hams

Remove the foil and baste with your glaze.

– Cover again and rest the hams for 15 minutes.

Smoke On!


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