Can You Freeze a Prime Rib? You Can, But You Need To Do This!

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We know freezing is a great way to preserve and store types of meat for later occasions.

However, there is some debate about whether cuts of meat freeze better than other others.

Did you find a prime rib roast on sale to cook another time?

Or maybe you have some tasty prime rib leftovers from a special occasion?

Let’s look at whether it is a good idea to freeze a prime rib.


Can You Freeze a Prime Rib?

Yes, you can freeze prime rib with the right method. If I see prime rib on special Ill buy it and freeze it. it perfect for when I want to smoke a prime prime rib or grill one.

Below Ill listed my steps to freezing prime rib like a true pitmaster


Should You Freeze a Prime Rib?

Freezing can impact the texture and taste of the meat.

With a prime rib in question, I like to suggest only freezing if you have to.

Later we will cover some benefits of freezing and how to do it properly.

Ask yourself these questions and don’t freeze if you don’t have to!

– Can you purchase the prime rib a couple of days before you cook?

– Do you have the proper storage in your freezer for the size of the meat?

– Are you planning on searing the outside for a crust on the prime rib?

– Do you know the correct and safe thawing process for a prime rib?

Note: A prime-grade beef rib is an expensive cut for good reason.

It contains a delicious beefy flavor and tender meat from the abundant marbling of fat.

As a rule of thumb, I don’t freeze quality meat if I don’t have to.

Why risk the possibility of dry muscle fibers from freezer burn?

Let’s move on so we can cover all this and more!


Step-By-Step Guide for Freezing a Prime Rib

Note: This is for raw meat and not if you have already gone through the cooking process!

We will cover freezing cooked meat after as there is a slight difference.


Step 1 – Cut the Prime Rib Into Individual Portions or Keep Whole

A prime rib can weigh up to 16 pounds!

Most domestic freezers will not be able to fit an entire hunk of meat this size.

Cutting the rib into portions will also make it easier, like when defrosting and planning your meals.

Tip: Keep whole and in the packaging if you have enough room.


Step 2 – Add a Layer of Protection to Avoid Freezer Burn

You want to protect the meat proteins from air exposure while frozen.

Freezer burn is when the moisture in the muscle cell structure of the meat expands.

Resulting in a mushy dry texture when cooking.

A lot of the flavor compounds are spread in the protein and fats’ natural moisture.

It won’t matter your cooking technique if that moisture crystallizes.

You will end up with bad beef and upset dinner guests.

– Keep the prime rib in the original packaging if you have room and planning on cooking it whole.

– Wrap the portions in two-three layers of wrap.

Note: You are also practicing food safety against contamination.

Don’t just let that delicious meat be exposed to other frozen food or the surface of a dirty freezer draw!


Step 3 – Make a Note of the Date & Freeze the Prime Rib

We reccomend freezing meat for no longer than 3 months.

Past this timeframe makes it more likely for meat deterioration to occur.

– Place the wrapped prime rib in the freezer away from any contamination risks.

– Write the date in a permanent marker on the wrap or packaging.

– Freeze for 3 months.

Safety Notes When Freezing a Prime Rib

– Do not leave the meat at room temperature for longer than 60 minutes before freezing.

– Do not freeze a prime rib that has in your refrigerator for longer than 3 days.

– Check that the portions are properly sealed and away from cooked food in your freezer.


Are You Freezing Cooked Meat?

We are primarily focusing on freezing uncooked meat prime rib.

But let’s quickly touch on if you can freeze a cooked piece of prime-graded beef.

You can freeze a cooked piece of beef by following the below;

Rest the prime rib by wrapping it in aluminum foil at room temperature.

– Monitor the internal temperature until it lowers to 140°F.

– Place in an airtight container or in a couple of layers of plastic wrap.

– Freeze straight away for up to 3 months.

The Best Way to Thaw a Prime Rib

The best way to thaw a prime rib is in the fridge.

The individual portions will take a day whereas a whole prime rib may take 2-3. Remember to calculate how much prime rib you need for each person before you start thawing.

Don’t use hot water or leave frozen meat at room temperature to thaw.

The temperature change will cause harmful bacteria to grow.

A frozen prime rib in the fridge will thaw at around 5 hours per pound.

Can You Freeze a Prime Rib? – The Summary

– Freeze a prime rib only if you have to.

– Make sure you have the right equipment and are prepared.

– Protect your prime rib from the air when frozen.

– Do not freeze for over 3 months.

– Follow basic food safety steps.

– Thaw refrigerated.

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