Pit Boss WiFi Upgrade (3 Easy Steps)

Want to know how to upgrade to Wifi on your Pit Boss?

Maybe you have an older model and want more functionality.

At an affordable price.

Or perhaps you have a faulty Bluetooth controller and want to see how Pit Boss grills with WiFi work?

Installing a new control panel with compatible models might seem daunting.

I aim to help with this upgrade.

What Is the WiFi Function on a Pit Boss? 

With the WiFi function you can do the following; 

– Turn your Pit Boss Off. (Not on)

– Increase or decrease the temperature to help with temperature fluctuations

– Digitally monitor the temperature via meat probes. 

– A pellet alarm to let you know when they are running low.

All from the comfort of your living room!


Is the Bluetooth Function & WiFi the Same? 


Bluetooth is old technology and is likely to go wrong. 

This might be due to other signals or devices interfering with the connection.

The signal is not as strong as WiFi.

No one can intercept the singal without a code, much like an internet router. 

How Does the WiFi Work on a Pit Boss? 

The WiFi function in a Pit Boss digital controller is much like a car stereo. 

You can install a new one, connect your music, and away you go.

The only difference is that instead of Bluetooth, a WiFi signal is emitted. 

If you can connect to the internet at home then you can easily connect to WiFi on your Pit Boss. 

Does Every Pit Boss Range Have WiFi Functionality? 

Some older Pit Boss models do not come with this technology. 

I recommend reading your models instruction manual to check this if you are not sure.

I have also listed below the complete list of capabilities.

The reason for this guide is to show you how easy it is to replace an original controller.

Why Should I Upgrade the WiFi Controller on My Pit Boss? 

Are you still asking yourself why you need a WiFi-enabled controller?

– It is a cheap upgrade to improve your experience without buying a whole new Pit Boss.

– Gives you more control and time.

– Will help you further understand how your device works mechanically.

– Tastier food.


What WiFi Controller Should I Upgrade With? 

The WiFi controller I am recommending today is the Pit Boss Legacy.

I recommend this due to the following; 

It is manufactured by Pit Boss so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. 

– In-depth process guides are widely available.

– Warranty guarantee.

– Positive user reviews.

– User-friendly technology.

– 2 meat probe ports.

List of Compatible Pit Boss Ranges 

  • Navigator Series-(PB850G / PB1150G )
  • Sportsman Series-(PB0820SP/ PB1000SP / PB1100SP)
  • PRO SERIES-(PB820PS1 / PB1100PS1)
  • NASCAR® SERIES-(PB700NC1 / PB1000NC1)
  • PB440D2
  • PB440D3/PB456D
  • PB440TGN1
  • PB820D2
  • PB820D3
  • PB820XL/PB820ME
  • PB1000XL/PB1000SC3
  • PB1000SC2
  • PB1000T3
  • PB1000T4
  • PB1000D3

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade the Pit Boss WIFI? 

The price of a Pit Boss Legacy WiFi control board is $149.99. 

It can be found in this link;

The Key Saftey Precautions Before Installation 

Before you install the Legacy Grills Controller, bear in mind the following. 

– Check your Pit Boss range is compatible.

– Read and watch the official guide before installation to familiarise yourself.

– Make sure your Pit Boss power cable is completely removed from the power outlet or socket.

– Do not attempt the instillation in wet conditions.

– Give yourself appropriate space.

– Make sure you have the appropriate tools.

– Always refer to your instruction manual for your Pit Boss and Legacy Wifi controller.

– Have a clean and safe designated area for removed parts.

The Step by Step Guide on the Controller Installation 

Follow the below instructions to install your new WiFi Controller. 

List of Equipment Before Starting 

Before starting, make sure you have read the official guide and user manuals. 

Have the below equipment ready

– Legacy WiFi Controller

– Phillips screwdriver

– Flathead screwdriver

– Small wire cutters or clippers

– Clean cloth for any dust removal 

– Electrical gloves

– Knee pads

– Plastic container 

– 2 plastic wire zip ties


1. Preparation 

– Make sure there is no power to the device.

Clean your hopper from any unused pellets and ash. 

– Put on the gloves and knee pads.

Safely move your Pit Boss to a spacious location to work in.

– Gather the rest of the equipment close to you and the Pit Boss.

2. Removing Bottom Grate From the Hopper 

– Take your Phillips screwdriver and start removing the screws underneath the hopper.

– Gently ease the grate from the hopper once all screws are removed.

– Put the screws into the plastic container so they don’t get lost.

Tip: Take a picture of the inside so you can refer back to it.

3. Cutting the Plastic Zip Ties to Free the Wiring 

– Take your clippers and carefully cut the 2 plastic zip ties that are holding the wires.

– Be sure not to cut any of the wires.

Wire Notes  

There are 4 wires connected via plastic wire connections. 

You can de-attach using gentle force by grabbing each side of the plastic. The plastic wire connection housing will be colored. 

– 1 black with a black wire.

– 3 clear with yellow and green wires.

4. Detaching the Plastic Wire Connections 

– Gently tug on each side of the wire connections to pull them apart. 

– Release the side still attached to The Pit Boss.

– Let the wires and the plastic connections hang down and exposed. 

5. Disconnecting & Removing the Old Controller 

– Place your hand up and inside the bottom of the auger with the wires. 

– Using your fingers, release the 6 clips (3 on the bottom & top) that hold the old controller in place.

– Drop the clips in the plastic container.

– Still keep your hand on the inside and hold the back of the old controller.

– Get your flathead screwdriver and gently jimmy the front of the controller so it becomes loose.

– Remove the old controller from the front.

– The old controller should have half of the 4 wires and the connection housing attached.

6. Installing the New Controller 

– Pull the wiring through the controller slot.

– Take your new controller and then reattach the wires with the same color wires on your new controller. 

– Check if any of your connected wires are stuck or in a pinch point.

Slot the controller into the slot and attached using the clips.

You should hear it snap into place.

7. Zip Tie the Wires Back Into Place 

– Take your zip ties and tie the wires neatly as they were before. 

– Cut the excess from the zip tie with the clippers.

8. Reattach the Bottom Hopper Grate 

– Get your Phillips screwdriver and screws ready. 

– Line up the bottom plate with the holes.

– Reattach the screws until firm and secure.

9. Finishing Up 

– You have now installed the new WiFi controller.

– Move your Pit Boss back to your desired cooking space.

– Power on and connect to the WiFi. (The name and password will be on the packaging)

– Download the App.

What App Do I Need for Legacy WiFi Controller? 

The Pit Boss App is called SmokeiT which can be found on the Android and Apple store.

Pit Boss Nation Contact 

The Pit Boss website is where you can find official information, guides, and products. 

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