Can You Put A Rotisserie On Pit Boss Pellet Grill (6 Simple Steps)

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We all know how delicious a rotisserie chicken is.

So if you have an outdoor grill, you may want to try putting a rotisserie on it. But can you do that?

Yes, you can!

We have put together in this post everything you need to know about using a rotisserie on the Pit Boss grill.

What Is A Rotisserie?

In simple words, rotisseries are an attachment that has a spin rod and an electronic motor that powers them.

The rod works as a rotating shaft and helps spin your food as you grill.

Also, using this device is the best to cook via indirect heat. It helps protect your food from the impact of hot temperatures.

Most people love using the spin for its consistent heat to achieve succulent meat.

Why Use A Rotisserie On My Pellet Grill?

The rotation of the spin rod as you smoke means the smoke and heat are getting evenly distributed around the whole surface of the food.

It also means that the internal and external parts of the tender meat are getting basted throughout the cook.

Hence, using a rotisserie is the best to have your succulent meat moist on the inside and beautiful outside.

Is A Rotisserie Readily Installed On The Pit Boss Cooker?

At the time of writing this article, Pit Boss does not have a rotisserie, and neither do they include it as an accessory.

So you will have to get one yourself a universal kit.

Just remember to buy from a reputable brand to get quality stainless steel and better motor speed.

Can I Use My Pit Boss Without A Rotisserie?

Of course, you can smoke, grill, and barbecue on your Pit Boss pellet grill without putting a rotisserie. The only thing you will be missing out on is the spin.

Rotisseries are mainly for use with traditional charcoal grills and gas grills.

Can I Put A Rotisserie On Pit Boss? 

Although Pit Boss grills do not come with a rotisserie installed, there are ways to go about it if you intend to use one on your grill.

It is a simple hack, and you can do it using your DIY skills.

There used to be only one method to make a rotisserie effective on a pellet grill. The technique requires modifications that involve drilling and installation.

Fortunately, there are now recent versions of rotisseries from different brands. You can get one as part of your grill accessories.

Before discussing the two ways to put a spit on the pellet grill, let’s first look at how to get the smoker ready for the job.

How To Set Up Your Pit Boss Pellet Grill As Rotisserie

Pit Boss is an adjustable grill, and you can create room inside to accommodate the spit.

Start by unplugging the grill from electricity and moving it away from the wall so you can have enough working space.

Take out all the removable parts inside the grill; the adjustable cooking racks, top grates, bottom grates, and broiler plates.

After removing the broiler plates, place the bottom rack back inside the grill to sit directly above the fire burn pot. You will not be needing the upper racks.

Now use a measuring tape to take the dimensions of the cooking space (in square inches) inside the grill. That will give you an idea of where to mount or place the spit.

Using The Universal Rotisserie Kit On A Pit Boss Grill

You can install a universal rotisserie kit on your grill. These rotisseries are one size fits all and are usually compatible with most pellet grills of about 44 inches. 

But you will have to modify your grill by drilling either its left or right outer side. It is on this part you will install the motor bracket.

Some people that used this kit complained about not being able to cover the grill after the installation. You do not want that to happen.

Firstly, your food will not get much distinct smoke flavor when you do not cover the grill.

Secondly, it will take a longer time to cook your food, and as a result, will lead to more pellets consumption.

So you have to get your measurements right to avoid the negativity that comes with this method.

Follow the steps below to install the universal kit on your wood pellet grills.

Unbox The Kit

You want to check the rotisserie kit box to ensure it has all the items you need. You will find things like the spin rod, brackets, screws, bolts, stoppers, clips, and an electric motor.

Drill The Hole For Mounting

You will have to mount the motor that powers the spit on the outer side of your grill. 

Mark where you will be making the hole, making sure the spit will sit well without rubbing the inside of the grill.

Remember that the pellet hopper is usually on one of the sides. So, the best place to drill is through the smokestack. 

You can as well make it directly opposite the hopper if your grill does not have the smokestack. After drilling, insert the spit rod through the hole to see that it is wide enough.

You will need a 6″ by 6″ bracket to firmly attach the motor to the edge of the smokestack.

Fit In The Clips

The clips serve as stands to help hold the spit inside the grill.

You can use the rotisserie with a basket when roasting. Make sure there is enough clearance for that.

When you do that properly, the basket will not hit the top of your grill, and you won’t have trouble closing the lid.

Attach The Bracket

Using a bracket with long legs will enable you to mount it outside. You can choose to screw the legs into your grill’s shelf, and you may leave it unscrewed.

Leave it unbolted so that it is easy to dismantle when done using the rotisserie.

Give The Kit A Test Run 

Once you have installed the spit and the motor on your grill, press the motor’s power button to see if the rotisserie spins.

If the installation is correctly done, the rotisserie should work without rubbing any part of the grill as it spins.

Create A Stopper 

The last part of the task is creating a stopper. Do that using a short rod frame that can fit into the drilled hole.

The stopper helps block the hole when you are not putting the rotisserie on your grill. That will prevent the loss of heat and smoke through the hole.

Now let’s talk about putting a standalone rotisserie inside a pellet cooker.

Using A Free-standing Rotisserie On A Pit Boss Grill

Another way to use your grill as rotisserie is by placing a standalone rotisserie on the flat rack.

These free-standing rotisseries come with their stand where you will install every other part.

Like the universal size, this version also comes in a kit that includes everything you need for the installation.

Recent models are available in different sizes. But you have to consider the size of your grill (how many inches wide and how many inches tall) before buying one.

The rule of thumb is to get a small size that can sit comfortably inside your grill on the smoking rack.

The good thing about this method is that there won’t be a need to modify your Pit Boss grill.

All you have to do is attach the motor, spit rod, and forks to the stand. Then place it on your smoking surface.

By doing that, you won’t have any difficulty using your grill’s cover. But you may not be able to smoke large chunks of meat, at the same time, due to the small size of the spin rod. 

Yet, this technique is the best to enjoy an all-in-one grill.

What’s your favorite thing to cook on a rotisserie?

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