How to Cure a Ham With Morton Tender Quick

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The curing process is very rewarding but can take a long time.

It is easy to see why you might not have time for your cuts of meat to be ready!

Don’t miss out by using Morton Tender quick to cure your ham.

Curing a ham at home is now easier and quicker than ever.

Here’s what you need to know about curing ham with Morton Tender Quick.


What Is Morton Tender Quick?

Morton Tender Quick Salt Cure is a combination curing mix.

This fast-cure mix has the following ingredients.

– Morton Kosher Salt (curing & tenderizing)

– Cane sugar (flavor & curing)

– Sodium nitrite (color)

– Preservatives like propylene glycol & vegetable oil (shelf-life)

– Additives like dry mustard (flavor)

This combination creates an ideal curing mixture designed specifically for meat preservation.

How to Use Morton Tender Quick

Below is a quick and affordable way to make “country-side” style hams at home for Easter, Christmas or any occasion!

Sugar-cured ham using sodium nitrate is the perfect meat tenderizer.

Follow my instructions exactly and your guests won’t know you’ve cheated!


Step 1 – Buy Everything to Cure the Ham

Before getting started, make sure you have all the necessary supplies.

These included;

– Morton Tender Quick Salt Cure Mix

– Non-iodized sea salt

– Brown sugar

– Your choice of spices and flavoring

– A container that is big enough for your ham

– Refrigerator or temperature storage of 40 degrees Fahrenheit

– Gloves

– Calibrated temperature probe

– Sharp knife

– Cheesecloth or plastic wrap

Step 2 – Prepare the Ham & Soak for 8 Hours in Cold Water

Once you have all your supplies ready, it’s time to prepare your ham!

 – Remove any skin from the ham and cut off any excess fat. (Or ask  your butcher)

– Rub the mixture evenly over your ham.

– Wrap it up in cheesecloth or plastic wrap so it stays covered while curing.

– Fill your container with cold water to roughly halfway.

– Put the calibrated temperature probe in the water and monitor.

– Do not let the water go above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Soak the wrapped ham in the tap water for roughly eight hours.

Note: When checking the temperature, make sure to spin the ham.

This ensures each side is completely submerged.

It might seem counterproductive, but soaking helps draw out moisture from the ham.

So that it will hold onto more of its natural juices during cooking


Step 3 – Cure the Ham in the Refrigerator for 5 Days

Once finished soaking you will need to finish curing at refrigeration temperatures.

– Place the soaked ham in a shallow pan or oven tray (do not remove wrapping)

–  Flip the ham every day to ensure even distribution of the curing liquids.

Step 4 – Cure the Ham in the Refrigerator for 5 Days Then Smoke

The final step when curing with Morton Tender Quick!

– Remove from the refrigerator and take off the wrap.

– Rinse off any remaining cure mixture with tap water.

– Set your smoker to a temperature of 225°F.

– Insert a clean temperature probe into the middle of the cured ham.

– Smoke the ham until it reaches an internal temperature of 160°F.

– Finish with a glaze and enjoy your delicious ham cured with Morton Tender Quick!

Note: Want some cure action on other types of meat?


There is a variety of Morton Tender flavored seasoning packets.

Find one that suits the key ingredient in your favorite food recipes!

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