Ground Turkey Internal Temp? (What Is The Required Temperature)

Wondering what temperature you need to cook ground turkey too?

Below you’ll see exactly what the temperatures need to be as well as easy ways to monitor and check the internal temperature. 

What Internal Temperature For Ground Turkey?

The safe temperature for ground turkey is 165ºF. This is also the safe internal temperature for whole turkeys and other poultry.

It is important to fully cook raw meat so that we can prevent food poisoning.

How Do You Measure The Internal Temperature Of Ground Turkey?

Place an accurate food thermometer in the thickest part of the meat. If the food thermometer reaches the minimum temperature of 165ºF, it is ready to eat.

How Can You Tell If Turkey Is Fully Cooked?

There are a few ways to check the doneness of turkey.

Check The Internal Tempt

Using a food thermometer, make sure the internal temp is 165ºF.

There are many good meat thermometers to choose from. You may want to use an instant-read thermometer for quick results.

Check The Juices

If the turkey has pink or red juices, it is not ready yet. The juices will run clear once the meat is fully cooked.

Check With Your Thumb

If the patty is hot to the touch and feels firm, it is probably ready. If it is merely warm, you may still want to cook it longer.

How Long To Cook Turkey Burgers?

Cook turkey burgers for about 5 minutes per side over medium heat. The cooler the heat source, the longer the cooking time.

Be careful not to cook the burgers for too long. This will result in a dry burger.


Should You Let Ground Turkey Burgers Rest?

You should rest turkey burgers to maximize juiciness. 

Resting meat allows it to cook a bit more and reabsorb moisture. This is a crucial step in cooking turkey.

Some people recommend removing the turkey burgers from the heat source when they reach 160ºF. Cover them with foil so they can finish cooking. 

While this method may work, it might be more efficient to fully cook them on the grill.


Is Ground Turkey A Good Replacement For Ground Beef?

Ground turkey is a healthier alternative to ground beef. The lower fat content is better for your heart health.

Ground chicken is also lean ground meat that may be good for burgers.

Poultry needs to reach a higher temperature than beef so it can have a longer cooking time. It is also a bit drier because of its low-fat content.

However, there are ways to add flavor to ground turkey burgers. Use the following tips for patties that taste like an old-fashioned cheeseburger!

Tips For Cooking Ground Turkey

Dark meat is often juicier. This makes it better for burgers or meatballs.

Season the meat generously. Lean meat often has a bland taste due to its low-fat content.

Salt and black pepper are very popular spices for burgers. Tomato sauce and maple syrup will add more juice and extra flavor.

Handle the meat sparingly. This will prevent the meat from becoming tough.

Properly cook it. If you don’t reach the required temperature of 165ºF, you may experience food poisoning.

If you cook it much higher than the required temperature, it will become dry and tough.

Now you have all the information you need to properly cook the ground turkey. Serve delicious turkey burgers at your next cookout and impress your guests!

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