Can You Pressure Wash a Gas Grill (4 Simple and Safe Steps)

Nothing beats a shiny clean grill when you want to barbecue on a summer afternoon.

But you’ll have to sacrifice your time and efforts to achieve that.

Doing so is hard, especially if there’s another easier way!

Like pressure washing.

So, can you pressure wash a gas grill? Yes, you can pressure wash your grill.

However, they are some things you have to do!


Can You Pressure Wash a Gas Grill

Yes, you can pressure wash a gas grill. Yet, some people are against this idea.

Arguments against pressure washing are that it can destroy your burner gas grill.

And mess your yard with grime, which is possible.

But there are ways of ensuring the worst doesn’t happen when pressure washing your gas grill.

Besides, pressure washing a gas grill has a couple of advantages over hand washing.

One, it’s easier – you don’t have to struggle or use lots of energy to get the job done.

It also takes less duration than hand washing.

Most people say pressure washing takes about 10-15 minutes. While hand washing can take up to one hour.

What’s more, pressure washing is more effective and cleans even the hardest areas to clean.

So, if you’ve been considering pressure washing your gas grill, go ahead.

Remember to take safety precautions before cleaning.

How to Pressure Wash a Gas Grill

Pressure washing a gas grill is pretty simple.

Here’s how to go about the whole cleaning procedure.


Safety Precautions

Safety first – start by disconnecting the grill from the natural gas supply.

If you’re using a propane grill, disconnect it from the propane tank.

Move all lines, propane tanks, and gas connection hose away from the cleaning area.

This ensures they’re safe and not at risk of water damage.

Tape the gas regulator connection with aluminum foil to prevent water entry.

Transfer the Grill to a Different Working Area

When pressure washing, gunk flies everywhere and may land on your car or plants, messing them.

To avoid this, transfer your gas grill to another area away from the house, cars, and plants.

If moving the grill seems challenging, cover the areas likely to get damaged by the flying gunk.

Cover the railing around the gas grill and the deck floor using a sheet, tarp, paint drop cloth, or a tablecloth.

If there are plants and furniture nearby, cover them too.


Apply Soapy Water

Read the instruction manual on the pressure washer and the detergent bottle before applying the degreaser.

Doing so will let you know how to fill the degreaser in the washer detergent component.

And the best pressure washer safe degreaser.

You can also use regular dish soap as long as it’s compatible with your pressure washer.

Once everything’s clear, attach the soap nozzle. Spray the degreaser on the entire grill, starting from bottom to top.

Avoid applying the degreaser to the gas burner.

Let Soak

Allow the degreaser to sit and soak the built-up grease for 5-10 minutes.

Doing so enables the detergent to work on grease buildup and grime, softening them.

Rinse The Grill

Once soaked, attach a broad nozzle and rinse off the detergent. Start from the top, working towards the bottom.

In case of additional grease and caked-on grease, use a turbo nozzle.

Repeat If Necessary

Repeat the process if the gas grill doesn’t come out as clean as you’d like.

Degrease and rinse as often as possible until you are happy with the outcome.

Let Dry

Once your BBQ grill is nice and dry, wipe it with a clean cloth or towels.

You can also leave it under the sun for an entire day to dry.

Season The Grill

When completely dry, season your gas grill with your preferred cooking oil. E.g., olive or canola oil.

Use a rag or paper towels to apply the oil to the cooking grates or grid.

Seasoning your gas grill with oil provides a non-stick surface. This ensures your food doesn’t stick when cooking.

It also helps prevent your grill from developing rust.


Reconnect The Gas

After all is done, reconnect the natural gas line, and voila! Your gas grill is ready for the next barbecue.

If you have a pressure washer, save yourself from the hassle of hand cleaning your gas grill.

Read the instructions manual, and you’ll be good to go. Remember to follow all safety measures to avoid damage.

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