Best Way to Reheat Boneless Wings (For Juicy, Tender Wings EVERYTIME)

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Have you cooked a batch of boneless wings?

Maybe you have some leftover wings you want to reheat?

It can be tricky to reheat wings so they are as tasty as they were straight off the grill!

But don’t worry!

Below are seven easy methods for reheating boneless wings!

So you can enjoy juicy, succulent leftover wings whenever you want!


So What Actually Are Boneless Wings?

You’ll find it funny to know that boneless wings don’t actually come from the wing!

Wings marketed as boneless actually are cut from the breast, made to look like a wing by trimming it down.

It’s interesting to think that when you next bite into your favorite snack…

It might not actually be a wing!

The Difference Between Bone-in Wings

Wings marketed as boneless actually are cut from the breast, made to look like a wing by trimming it down.

There is no bone in the trimmed breast meat of a boneless wing.

But there is a bone in a real wing.

Unfortunately, a bone-in wing has less meat.

However, the darker meat around a bone will have an intense flavor.

Plus the bone helps retain the heat within the proteins.

And allows them to stay hotter for longer due to the bone retaining the temperature.

The meat in the wing also has higher collagen and fat content.

As always though, experience and make that decision for yourself!


Reheating Boneless Wings – The Ideal Methods

Below are my methods to ensure your reheated wings are delicious.

Note: The safe internal temperature for boneless wings is 165°F.

Use a meat thermometer again when reheating.

Reheating in the Microwave

The microwave method is quick and easy.

For this effective method you will need;

– Microwave oven.
– A microwave-safe dish or microwave-safe container.
– Absorbent paper towels.
– Plastic wrap or a microwave-safe plate.
– A bit of water.
– Probe thermometer.

Place the wings in your container lined with a damp paper towel.

Cover with plastic wrap or the plate.

Microwave on medium-high heat for 1 or 2 minutes.

Check the internal temp for 165°F.

We want to trap moisture inside while microwaving.

To lock in the moisture of your leftover refrigerated wings.

This avoids soggy meat and adds additional moisture.

Keep an eye out though!

As you don’t want to be left with soggy skin.

On a Pellet Smoker

Cooking with medium-low heat on a pellet smoker is my favorite method for boneless wings.

In the hours of cooking your wings will remain tender.

And absorb the delicious smoke flavor.

Plus ensure you end up with crispier wings.

But can you reheat this way?


For this method you will need;

– Pellet smoker
– Wood pellets
– Heatproof tongs
– Probe thermometer.
– Non-stick spray.

Fire up your pellet smoker to a high 300°F.

Spray the grill grates with non-stick spray.

Add your wings directly to the grates.

Close the lid and monitor the probe(s).

After 4 minutes, flip the boneless wings.

Cook for a further 4 minutes or until an internal temp of 165°F.

It should take 8-10 minutes for your wings to come to the desired temperature.

This is my perfect method for reheating.

The Oven Method

Another efficient method!

All in a conventional oven.

Just warm it up and you’re away!

For the wings in oven method, you will need;

– An oven or toaster oven.
– Oven-proof dish or baking sheet.
– Aluminum foil.
– Heatproof tongs.
– Probe thermometer.

Set the oven temperature to a high 350°F.

Place a single layer of foil on your tray.

Wait for your oven to come to temp.

Spread the wings evenly on the foil.

Place on the preheated oven rack for 7-10 minutes.

Turn the boneless wings halfway through.

Monitor until an internal temp of 165°F.

Apply additional minutes if you have to.


On a Broiler

Heating leftovers with medium heat on a broiler is another convenient method.

It doesn’t take long for cold wings to steal the show once again.

For my broiler method, you will need;

– Broiler or oven grill
– Oven-proof dish or baking sheet.
– Baking paper or aluminum foil.
– Probe thermometer.
– Heatproof tongs.
– A bit of vegetable oil.

Heat your broiler to medium (250°F) which should take 2-3 minutes.

Line the dish with a sheet of foil or baking paper.

Cover with a thin layer of oil.

Apply the leftover boneless wings evenly on top of the foil.

Place in your broiler.

Wait 5-10 minutes.

Turn halfway.

Monitor until an internal temp of 165°F.

Some broilers go way hotter than others.

So take these cooking times with a pinch of salt.

The Charcoal Grill Method

Cooking with charcoal is a great way to reheat and add flavor to your wings.

Especially if you want to get some char marks.

This one does take a little longer for the charcoal to burn into embers!

But I guarantee the best-tasting wings!

What you will need;

– Charcoal grill or you can use a gas grill.
– Charcoal.
– Non-stick cooking spray.
– Heatproof tongs.
– Probe thermometer.

Spread the charcoal out evenly in your grill’s fire pot.

Light and wait until the flames have died down.

Apply the spray to the cooking grate.

Add the boneless wings.

Cook for 10-20 minutes.

Flip wings halfway.

Remove when at 165°F internal temp.

For extra crispy skin, look for a golden brown color and char marks.

Apply some extra minutes if you have to!

Tip: Use a spray bottle with cold water to gently douse while they reheat.

This stops them from drying out.

Deep Frying

Deep frying can be a bit tricky.

I advise only reheating the boneless wings if they are battered or crumbed.

And if they were cooked previously by deep frying.

What you will need;

– Deep fryer.
– Neutral cooking oil
– Heatproof tongs or a fryer basket.
– Probe thermometer.
– Paper towels.

Heat the oil to 300°F.

Fry the wings in small batches.

Remove excess oil with paper towels.

Enjoy at 165°F internal temp.

Note: You can also fry using a cast-iron pan on a stovetop.

In an Air Fryer

Last but not least is reheating in an air fryer!

This is one of the quicker methods for heating leftover food.

Initially cooking wings in an air fryer is the fastest method.

What you will need;

– A large air fryer.
– Pair of tongs.
– Probe thermometer.

Heat the air fryer on the meat or chicken setting. (400°F)

Place your wings in the preheated air fryer basket.

Cook for 12-15 minutes.

Check the internal temp of 165°F

Remove with tongs.

What Is the Best Meat for Boneless Wings?

The best animals for boneless wings are of course poultry.

I find that boneless chicken wings are widely available.

But you could also go for turkey.

Can I Eat the Cooked Boneless Wings Cold?

Yes, you can choose to eat the wings cold.

But I don’t reccomend it.

Day-old wings still taste better when hot.

Plan on doing this?

Read on for some food safety tips and proper storage.

How Should I Store the Wings Before Heating?

Proper food storage of cooked meat is imperative.

Let your cooked wings cool to room temperature.

They should be out no longer than 2 hours.

Store them in an airtight container and refrigerate them.

How Long Can They Stay Refrigerated?

Boneless leftover chicken wings or turkey can be stored for up to 3 days.

Any longer and you risk food poisoning.

Plus they dry out very quickly.

Reheating More Than Once

Don’t reheat your leftover wings more than once.

Technically you can do it.

But repeating the cooking and cooling process will drastically affect the meat.

Not to mention a higher risk of getting ill.

Sauce or No Sauce?

Great wing recipes require a sauce.

An example might be smothering your batch of chicken wings in a marinara sauce.

And topping those saucy wings with cheddar cheese.

The creativity and flavors are endless.

If you want to reheat the wings with sauce then go for it.

I would recommend heating the wings for half the recommended time before adding a sauce.

A liquid is faster to heat than a solid protein.

So you don’t burn it.



Tasty Tricks & Tips for Reheating Wings

Reheating on a pellet or charcoal grill is the better method.

– Use leftover meat for other dishes like tacos or a hot sandwich with turkey.

– Use a spray bottle with water to help rehydrate dry meat.

– Base with extra sauce as another way of rehydration.

Microwave or air frying are the quickest methods of reheating.

– Melt blue cheese on top of your wings in the broiler.

Safety Advice for Reheating Meat

– Don’t reheat meat more than once.

– Keep refrigerated for up to 3 days.

– Be careful of cross-contamination with raw meat.

– Always use a probe to check the internal temperature.

– Careful of water content if you plan on deep frying.

– Have the correct storage containers.

– Use an oven mitt to avoid burning.

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