Minimum Internal Temp For Brisket (Tender and Juicy Brisket)

Nothing beats a well-smoked, tender, and juicy brisket. 

But one wrong move and you risk ruining your brisket.

Knowing the brisket’s minimum internal temp is crucial to turning out a pit master-worthy brisket!

But don’t stress! 

You’ll see exactly what brisket’s recommended minimum internal temp needs to be!

Minimum Internal Temp For Smoked Brisket

The minimum internal temperature for smoked brisket is 195°F

So, once the internal temperature is 195 degrees, you can pull your meat from the smoker and wrap the brisket. 

The temperature will continue to rise to 205°F. A process called carryover cooking.

Don’t wait longer than 195°F.  Otherwise, your entire brisket will overcook, leading to dry and tough meat.

When its internal temp is below 195°F.  Doing so can result in the meat being tough!

Always Monitor The Temperature With a Probe

Monitoring brisket cooking temperature ensures the meat comes out tender and flavorful. 

This is best done with a meat thermometer. 

Make sure you always probe the thickest part of the meat.

When Does The Collagen in Brisket Breakdown?

The collagen in the meat starts breaking down at 185°F. 

You’d want to take it a little further to 195°F.

This ensures all the collagen in the meat converts to gelatin. And the result is a probe tender and delicious brisket.

Minimum Internal Temp For Slicing Brisket 

The sweet spot for slicing cooked brisket is 150°F.

Slicing brisket is an art and a crucial aspect of the whole smoking process. 

When appropriately done, it results in tender and juicy brisket slices. 

So, after wrapping the brisket in aluminum foil put it in a cooler.

Then remove and from the cooler and 150°F and slice Slicing at temperatures below 150 degrees is not recommended. 

Meat enters the danger zone when it stays at temp 40-140 degrees longer than two hours. The danger zone facilitates the rapid growth of bacteria. 

Minimum Internal Temp For Serving Brisket

The minimum internal temp for serving brisket is 140 degrees. 

Once served, enjoy your delicious brisket. But remember to refrigerate it as soon as possible!

Minimum Internal Temp For Reheating Brisket

Brisket is a large cut of beef, and sometimes remaining with leftovers is inevitable.

When serving your brisket only slice what you think your guests will eat.

It’s easier to reheat bigger pieces of brisket.

Plus the meat stays juicier. 

Reheat your leftover brisket using a crockpot in a slow cooker, in the oven, or using the sous vide method.

The minimum internal temp for reheating brisket is 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This is as per the USDA guidelines. 

So, ensure your meat’s internal temp is at least 165 degrees before eating it.

This is regardless of your reheating method. 

Smoking, slicing, serving, and reheating all have different recommended minimum internal temperatures.

So make sure you know the correct one for your situation!

What do you like to serve with smoked brisket?

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