What Can I Substitute For Corned Beef (7 Easy Alternatives)

There are many options when it comes to substitutes for corned beef. It isn’t hard to find alternatives that have the same flavor profile as corn beef. You want something that is cured or has a high salt content to mimic the flavor.

Have a read of the guide below to find some perfect corned beef alternatives.

A Big Plateful of Smoked Corned Beef


Pastrami is salty, rich, and tasty, and it’s a great alternative to corned beef. It works in sandwiches or wraps with sauce or chutney to amp up the flavor.

Turkey Corned Beef

Turkey corned beef has a lower fat content than traditional corned beef. This makes it a healthy alternative that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. Turkey corned beef uses similar spices to corned beef, so you get that familiar flavor.

Roast Beef

For a more beefy flavor, try roast beef. It will take longer to roast (than other meat), but if it’s beef you’re after, then it will be worth it. Perfect reheated or eaten cold, this classic meat is a great option. 

If you want to smoke your beef, see my smoked chuck roast recipe here.


Ham is another type of deli meat that can work well, although it isn’t as rich in flavor and texture. It is still a delicious option for a sandwich or salad.

Want to smoke your ham? Try my smoked ham recipe here, or try my smoked Christmas ham recipe.


If you’re looking for a salty flavor similar to corned beef, fish is an option. Certain varieties have a similar texture to corned beef such as salmon and tuna. Fish is perfect for replacing corned beef in soup and stew recipes. 

Beef Brisket

Beef brisket is another fantastic option with the same rich beef flavor. Like corned beef, brisket has an incredibly rich flavor, but you won’t get that salty hit.

Is it worth noting that, brisket is more expensive than corned beef.

Smoked Salmon

For another alternative to beef, try smoked salmon. Avoid using it in stews, as it can become dry and flavorless. We recommend using it on cold meat spreads, sandwiches, or salads for the best results!

Pork Shoulder

Leftover sandwiches, curries, tacos, and anything else you want to make. Pork shoulder is incredibly versatile and an excellent alternative to classic corned beef. Try smoking the pork shoulder for extra flavor

Vegetarian Options

For a meatless version, try a vegetarian substitute instead of corned beef. There is a wide range of plant-based alternatives to meat, such as soya chucks, impossible meat, or nut roasts. It might be worth trying a few to see what you find is a good alternative.

Ultimately it will depend on what you are cooking and what corned beef substitute works best. 

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