Can Brisket Stall at 190? (Learn Why and How to Fix It)

Are you hoping to smoke a juicy, tender brisket? You have meat prepped, smoker temperature set, and thermometer probe ready, but are you wondering if brisket stalls at an internal temperature of 190°F?

No matter how prepared, even the legends of Texas barbecue still end up with the dreaded stall. I want to help you avoid a tough brisket and tell you what to do if you get a stall.


Can a Brisket Stall Around the 190°F Internal Temp Range?

Yes, a brisket can stall at around 190°F. I wouldn’t be concerned if your brisket stalls at this temperature because it is very close to the ideal temperature for pulling. I suggest leaving it to continue cooking and pulling it at around 200°F-204°F.


What Is a Brisket Stall & Why Does It Happen?

A stall is when the brisket’s internal temperature remains the same for a long period. The stall usually occurs between 150°F 170°F. As the meat cooks and muscles contract, moisture is pushed to the surface of the meat.

The moisture evaporates and cools the meat’s surface temperature and the smoker’s temperature. This is known as evaporative cooling. It will stall if your smoker isn’t emitting enough heat to counteract this.

If it stalls at that temperature, I always recommend wrapping it in butcher’s paper and continuing to cook until it reaches 200°F. Then, pull it and place it in a cooler.

Why You Need to Cook Low and Slow.

A brisket is a larger cut of meat, usually from the chest of a cow. It requires low and slow cooking due to the higher level of connective tissue and intramuscular fat that needs to be broken down. Remember—”fat equals flavor” and “good things come to those who wait.”


What Internal Temp Should the Brisket Be Before It Is Ready to Eat?

The internal temperature for brisket before eating is 195° —205°F, which is only 5°F-15°F more than 190°F. We don’t want undercooked brisket, so we always use a meat thermometer to measure throughout the whole cooking process!


What Is the Best Cooking Temperature for a Brisket?

I smoked a beef brisket just the other day at 250°F. This is the best temperature to avoid chewy meat and keep the meat moist.


How Long Does It Take to Cook a Brisket?

The slower the period, the better. I recommend smoking for a timeframe of at least 7 hours.


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