How To Remove Pellets From Traeger Auger (In 5 Simple Steps)

Want to know how to remove the pellet from your Traeger?

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The pellet supply that fuels your Traeger Grill is fed through an auger. This auger is but one of many internal components that work harmoniously together.

So you can enjoy easy grilling for the years to come!

From time to time these grill components can malfunction.

A common issue is an auger on pellet grills blocked up from poor quality pellets.

This could be from wet pellets due to improper storage and excess moisture. Or a non-existent deep cleaning schedule.

What Is The Function On An Auger On A Traeger Pellet Grill?

Before we start removing pellets, what is an auger?

A piece of metal is fixed in an auger tube and is rotated via the auger motor. It is situated under the pellet hopper.

The rotation feeds your wood pellets below and through the auger shaft into the fire pot to be ignited.

The rotation speed of the auger will depend on the set cook temperature. This is done via the temperature dial on the control panel.

Why Do We Need To Remove Pellets From The Auger?

We need to remove pellets from a Traeger Grills Auger if there is a heating issue.

This only needs to be done if your heat baffle is failing to ignite pellets.

Or if your Traeger pellet smoker is losing or not maintaining a constant temp. This indicates an auger component failure due to a pellet jam.

As the auger is responsible for moving your good-quality dry pellets to be ignited.

For a sizzling grill grate ready for action!

Look For A Error Code

A temp error code can indicate a blocked auger.

This is will happen when the ambient temperature falls below 125°F.

A Ler code (Low Error Temp) will appear on the LCD screen on the control panel.

How To Access & Remove Pellets From The Auger In A Traeger Grill

What Do I Need?

Before clearing or fixing you will need the following:

  • Enough space to work in.
  • A safe and clean area to put the removed parts.
  • A soft brush.
  • Phillips & flathead screwdriver.
  • 7/64 Allen key
  • Pipe wrench.
  • Pliers.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Wet-dry vacuum (shop vac works well)

Step 1 – Remove The Control Panel & Hopper

  • Remove all power to your grill and wait until it cools.
  • Remove the hopper lid and then empty the hopper.
  • Vacuum any dust or hard-to-reach wood pellets at the bottom.
  • Move your Traeger grill to the designated workspace.
  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the 4 screws holding the control panel.
  • After the panel is released, turn it vertically to fit back into its housing space.
  • Remove the 2 screws on the back and front of your hopper and completely remove them.

Note: When removing the hopper’s grill exterior, be sure to grip the bottom. This will stop it from slipping or falling.

  • The auger is now exposed.

Step 2 – Remove The Auger Shaft From The Auger Motor

  • Take your Allen key and pliers.
  • Insert the Allen key into the shear pin nut holding the motor and shaft together.
  • Grip the opposite end with the pliers.
  • Screw the pin out.
  • Remove the motor from the shaft being careful of the connecting orange wires.

Step 3 – Removing The Auger

  • Remove the bushing screw on the circular auger hatch.
  • This is located near where you removed the sheer auger pin.
  • Try to gently pull off the bushing face.

Note: If unable to pull off then use your pipe wrench.

  • Completely remove the auger from the auger tunnel.

Step 4 – Cleaning The Auger Shaft

  • Put your safety glasses on and gently blow into the tunnel.
  • Vacuum excess dust and unburned pellets from the shaft.
  • Use your brush to remove any dust on the top of the auger and fire pot.
  • Inspect for any dirt or grease build-up.
  • Clean accordingly.

Step 5 – Put Your Traeger Back Together

  • Check you have all the components.
  • Install each part back exactly how you found it.
  • Fill your hopper.
  • Initiate start-up procedure.
  • Troubleshoot for any remaining issues.

Safety Notes Before Clearing The Auger

Notes of safety before attempting to troubleshoot and fix the auger cycle blockage.

  • Ensure the power cord is completely removed from the power source outlet.
  • Wait until it has cooled completed before attempting to fix it.
  • Give yourself appropriate space.
  • Make sure you have the above tools ready.
  • Always refer to your instruction manual and manufacturer instructions.
  • Have a clean and safe designated area for removed parts.
  • Be aware of any pinch points and the motor’s orange wires that can be damaged.
  • A clicking sound can indicate a faulty auger motor or induction fan.
  • If you are unsure then contact the Traeger customer service team via

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