You know how it goes, you smell a BBQ cooking away and your grumbling stomach lets you know it's time it gets yours fired up again! The last time I used my charcoal smoker, the phone rang. I spoke to my family for 15 minutes and came back out to a smoldering slab of blackened meat. Safe to say dinner was ruined.

After that incident and also now having the kids around, we decided to get a smoker that we could simply just 'set and forget'. We love sitting around watching our meat cooking, but in today's day and age, it's just not possible all of the time. It was also very important to us that we got a smoker that still provided the smoky meat our family loves so much.

It took a while, but I was hell-bent on getting the right smoker and in the end, I did just that. So, how did I to find the best of the best electric smoker?

I asked everyone what they used and why. Including neighbors, friends, and family, and even did a lot of research online myself.

In this best electric smoker guide, you will find everything I wish I knew before buying my electric smoker. I have painstakingly narrowed the vast range of smokers down to just a handful that I feel you are going to not just love, but need in your life. I hope that you find these reviews helpful and help your process of buying an electric smoker stress-free.

Quick Overview of My Top Rated Electric Smokers

Don't have enough time to fully read through my thorough reviews of these 10 electric smokers? Here is just the essential information you need to know about each smoker and why it is in my top picks. 

The Masterbuilt 20070910

Not only is the Masterbuilt 20070910 cheap it is my favorite electric smoker of all time. You will effortlessly produce quality food with all the features that you need. Nothing more, nothing less. You also get the added peace of mind that you have Masterbuilts quality construction behind you.

Although the Masterbuilt 20070910 is one of the cheapest electric smokers on my list that is not why it is my number one pick. It is packed with great features and the unbeatable build quality that Masterbuilt has become famous for. In true 'set & forget' fashion you can rely on the 20070910 to keep a constant temperature and cooking environment for consistent results.

Aside from the low price tag, the 20070910 is a true 'set and forget' smoker that holds a near perfect constant temperature thanks to the 100% insulated steel casting, includes 4 removable chrome coated racks, a smart wood chip loading system, LED display, auto shut off and a huge cooking space.

All of this coming in at around $200 is a very hard electric smoker to beat in my eyes.

Bradley Digital 6 Rack Electric Smoker

The Bradley Digital 6 Rack Electric Smoker is the perfect option for those of you who love cooking in with convenience. It has 6 removable racks , so if you decide you want to cook a big hunk of pork butt that is no issue at all. If you are the set & forget smoker, you will love this smoker. It will burn for 9 hours on one load of briquettes. Hassle free smoking at its best! 

The 6 removable cooking racks offer ample space for different cuts of meat, or gives you the option to remove some and cook a big cut like a pork butt.

For those of you who don't like to stand around making sure the smoker is doing its job, you will love this unit. You can load up 9 hours worth of briquettes at a time and the smoker will automatically feed them as nessescary. This is perfect for entertaining, overnight cooks or just when you want to sit back and watch the game - not the smoker.

It is a little bit pricier than most of the other smokers on this list, however, the Bradley 6 Rack Digital Electric smoker was built to last. It has a stainless steel interior that holds the heat and smoke in perfectly, producing a great constant cooking environment.

Even though it does have a higher price I would still highly recommend this smoker because of its user friendly construction, convenience factors and great tasting results. 

The Masterbuilt 20075315

Cooking for a crowd is one of the joys of cooking, and the Masterbuilt 20075315 understands that. This fully insulated smoker includes a built in meat probe, remote control and removable racks which helps cooking for a crowd that much easier and hassle free. The huge cooking space of 975 sq inches is enough room to feed a huge crowd.

Cooking for a large group of people should not be a struggle, and the Masterbuilt 20075315 wants to make your life tha tlittle bit easier when entertainng. 

It has a huge cooking space of 975 sq inches and 4 chrome coated removable racks. It is fully insulated and has lots of handy features built to make your entertaining life that little bit easier. 

The remote control allows you to make adjustments to your cook, and even check on the internal temperature of your meat thanks to the internal meat probe. Instead of concentrating on your cook all afternoon you can concentrate on your guests. 

It is fully insulated so no smoke or heat will get out, this gives you a nice even cook and a consistent cooking environment. The unit even has wheels so you can easily roll it out of storage. 

Masterbuilt have included lots of other little features that make your life easy, such as the grease tray, water pan and glass font door.

The Char Broil Digital Electric Smoker

You don't have to go over budget to buy an electric smoker that is stacked with great features and produces great flavours. The Char Broil Digital Electric smoker is a great little refrigerator unit and produces a consistently great tasting cook. This is because of the double walled construction and very well sealed door. The wood chip container holds up to 8 hours of chips, making ti perfect for overnight cooks or for those who would rather be entertaining. You won't find a better electric smoker at this price!

The Char Broil Digital Electric Smoker - Deluxe 

The Deluxe model is basically the same as the standard, however, has two very noticeable additional features. The first is the glass front door, this is a welcome feature and one that I really love. The second feature is teh remote control. You get the same functionality as the digital control unit, however, you can use it up to 100 feet away. It is perfect for the entertainer and the lazy man. 

The hardest part about buying the Char Broil Deluxe electric smoker is what model to choose. both models are exceptionally great value for money, the only question is do you really need the glass door or the remote?

In my eyes its definitely worth it. I am a big time entertainer and I would rather be talking than checking up on my cook. The option to have the remote is a no brainer for me. 

Other than that, the Char Broil Digital Electric Smoker is a solid unit. It includes 4 removable racks to suit your cut of meat, double walled construction to keep the cooking environment even, an easily loaded large wood tray and a grease catch system to make cleaning up even easier. 

This is my favourite value for money smoker, you are not going to find a unit this solid for this price.  

Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker

Cheap doesn't always have to mean low quality. The Smoke Hollow 30162E is a basic smoker that still performs with the best of them. It comes with all the basic features you need to produce quality food. Don't let the price tag scare you off, this is a smoker perfect for those who don't have a big budget. You won't be disappointed. 

Its not often that one of the cheapest is one of the best. The Smoke Hollow 30162E is a smoker that comes with all the basic features that you need to create great tasting food. 

You get 3 cooking racks with enough pace to feed a large family, a basic temperature gauge with 3 different temperature settings, a fairly large wood chip tray and a drip pan. This smoker won't win any awards for being the most innovative, or the most impressive, however, if you don't have the budget for anything else you will not be dissapointed with the results you can get out of thsi thing. 

This smoker is perfect for someone who is new to smoking and isn't quite sure if its something they want to pursue long term. Coming at just over $100 you really can't go wrong with this smoker.  

My Top Picks For The Top Electric Smoker of 2018 - Comparison Table

The Best Electric Smoker

The Best Value Electric Smoker

The Convenient Electric Smoker

The Big Electric Smoker

The Cheapest  Electric Smoker


Char Broil

Electric Smoker

Bradley Digital

Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt 20075315 Electric Smoker

Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker


21 x 21 x 31.1 in

19.5 x 27.5 x 47 in

19.5 x 21 x 41 in

19.5 x 25 x 40 in

14 x 16 x 30 in

Cooking Area


750 sq. in

781 sq. in

975 sq. in

504 sq .in


1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

10 years warranty on the main body and two years on everything else

10-year limited manufacturer's warranty

90 day limited manufacturer's warranty

10-year limited manufacturer's warranty

What is Electric Smoking?

Smoking your meat is an old-age tradition that is very popular today. However like everything in this world times have changed and technology is taking over. With new technology comes new techniques. New techniques often means, quicker, easier and more convenient. That is exactly the case when using an electric smoker.   

Using electric smokers has decreased the time and effort required to achieve exquisite tenderness, flavour, and texture of a wide range of meat. 

''You don’t have to worry about charcoal or wood. With an electric meat smoker, you plug the device in, set a temperature and let it quietly smoke your meat to perfection. Electric smokers are a perfect solution for people who like to forget about their food until it’s done.''

When you use electric smokers you have control over the temperature in your cooking chamber at all times, you also have the ability to increase or decrease the amount of smoke it produces with the turn of a knob. Having this much control over your cook allows you to ensure your meat or vegetables will come out of the smoker full of flavour, juicy, tender and as scheduled.

Who Are Electric Smokers For?

You know that moment, you order brisket at a smokehouse, it comes to the table and it seems to just melt in your mouth? If your anything like me you would think to yourself "could I cook meat like this?”

Well, I have good news, it turns out the average Joe can cook a brisket like this. And you can even cook it over a 6 - 10 hour period without even manning the grill full time! The electric smoker is all about coking great tasting food without the hassle. 

If you only have a small budget I have also put together my recommendations for the best smokers under $200. These are still all high quality, but just not as good as my top picks here!

Does this sound like you? Well I have got news for you my friend, the electric smoker is for you!

My Top Picks For The Top Electric Smoker of 2018
- Individual Reviews

Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker

Overall Best Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt has one of the most well known and respected names in the grilling world, and for good reason. A prime example of this is with the Masterbuilt 20070910. In the electric smokers category, you can find smokers that cost upwards of $800, to be honest, I think you will be hard pressed to find a smoker that can outperform the 20070910. Even though it comes in around the $200 price point.

Masterbuilt have made this smoker simple to set up and even easier to use. Right out of the box you have minimal set up, which is easy to do and follow on the included instructions.

The unit is a cabinet-style smoker, which has been given words of praise by many because of its space-efficient design. You can fit in in almost any outdoor setting. One downside is that the power cord is quite short, so if you do not have an outdoor extension cord and you are planning to have the smoker far away from an outlet you are best to get yourself an extension when purchasing. Not a big problem but something to be aware of before purchasing.

The 30-inch is only your size option for this unit (there is a 40-inch unit, although it is basically impossible to track down), however, I found you get 730 square inches of cooking surface was more than enough to feed 12+ people! The 4 racks are all removable which is really great if you are planning to cook turkeys, shoulders or other large cuts.

With a push button, the smoker comes to life. It seems to be a great ignition system and it started the first time, every time. Temperature setting varies from 100 - 275 °F and it maintains its heat throughout the cooking process because of its insulated walls. The exterior is made from powder-coated steel casing, which is one of the reasons why it is long-lasting. Ours has lasted years outside in the elements.

No matter what the temperature is outside I found it provides a consistent internal temperature, which is hard to find these days. When cooking all you need to worry about is keeping the temperature knob where you want it and the smoker truly does take care of the rest. 

Enough about what I thought, lets dive into the key features of this electric smoker. 

  Key Features

  • Height: 19.9 inches
  • Width: 20.4 inches 
  • Depth:  33.3 inches 
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Cooking Area: 730 sq in

Patented Side Wood Chip Loading System: The wood chip loading system has a design that allows you to top up your wood chips easily without having to open the main doors. This helps to keep an even cooking temperature in the main cooking chamber and takes the guesswork out of your cooking time. The design of the loading system allows you to replenish your wood chips without burning or harming yourself.

Internal Thermostat: The internal thermostat keeps the temperature of the cooking chamber under control. This thermostat seems to be very accurate when tested against my ambient temperature thermometer. Unfortunately, the internal thermostat is only to control and maintain the internal temperature of the smoker, not the food you are cooking. To keep an eye on the temperature of the food I would suggest using a Bluetooth thermometer.

100% Insulated: The insulation in the 20070910 is like no other. The 100% insulated steel casting is air tight, this means that no heat or precious smoke can escape. This gives your food the ultimate cooking environment with the most smoke possible. There is no guesswork when it comes to cooking times or how your food is going to taste. Even when it is 10 degrees out.

Top Air Damper: Lets you have total control over moisture and smoke levels. This feature made it so much easier to control how much smoke was being produced. This feature really shines when you are cooking different types of meat. You can't smoke chicken and fish in the same environments, however, this feature gives you the option.

Drip Pan: A drip pan is a must-have for any bbq, grill or smoker. The standard drip pan in the 20070910 is built perfectly for this smoker. It also includes a little hole for the grease to drip out into the grease tray. This makes cleaning both the drip pan and grease tray extremely easy. Just be careful to wait until the smoker has cooled down before you get in there with your hands. I recommend a decent set of insulated gloves for this job.

Water Pan: The water pan allows you to add a special flavour to your cook. You can add in juice, stock, vingar or even your favourite beer. It is fully removable and holds enough liquid for a long smoke. 

Chrome Coated Removable Racks: You get 4 fully removable chrome coated racks standard, this is enough to old around 30 lbs of meat all up, or if you would rather smoke a bigger cut of meat such as a turkey or a pork butt, you can remove 3 of the trays to make more room. This is a feature that I really love, you can even buy more racks and customize your interior to hold more racks if you are into smoking sausage, bacon or fish.

What I Liked

  • check
    Easy to set up and simple to use
  • check
    Four removable, fully-supported racks
  • check
    Genius drip pan / grease tray combination
  • check
    Accurate internal thermostat
  • check
    The best value for money out of any electric smoker 
  • check
    Price is very affordable

What I Didn't Like

  • Short electric lead
  • When completely full the smoker doesn't hold a constant high temperature


As mentioned above it is very hard to go pass this electric smoker. Coming in at around $200 you can not ask for better value for money.

This smoker comes loaded up with all the features you would expect from a more expensive smoker but is also backed up by the genuine quality that Masterbuilt as renowned for.

The design allows you to conveniently add wood chips from a side tray, eliminating the need to open the unit thus keeping your cooking environment consistent. I loved that you could spice up your food by adding your favorite brew to the removable water pan, this will not only add moisture to your food but also add an extra layer of flavor to it.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons for this model, all of the cons that I found can be easily fixed or really are not that much of a big deal. For a smoker that is at this price point, I can happily oversee these cons without any problem.

Overall this is a fantastic smoker and one that I would recommend for anyone who is new to smoking and needs a reliable, well built electric smoker.

4.8 / 5 Stars

Bradley Digital 6 Rack Smoker

The Best Convenience Electric Smoker

Bradley Smokers are mainly known for their quality. The Bradley Original series of smokers where most popular for their build quality and user friendlly designs. The newer digital smokers are no exception to this.  

I found the Bradley Digital 6 Rack Electric smoker makes home smoking very easy and convenient. Even if you don't have the time to stand around watching your smoker all day. If you want to eat world class meat with minimal effort, than this is the smoker for you.

This unit has a huge 3432 cubic inches of cooking space. This is more than enough space to cook for friends, family and even your neighbor down the road who conveniently pops by everytime he smells something good cooking. The 6 removable racks also give you endless options for what cut of meat you want to smoke.

I also liked the an automatic smoke generator,  which automatically adds bisuettes to the burner after every 20 minutes. This helps minimising the effort that is required on your end and makes it possible for the smoker to produce a clean and continuous smoke for up to eight hours without refuelling. A true 'set and forget' unit.

I found the stainless steel exterior of Bradley digital 6 rack smoker not only aesthetically pleasing but also very durable. The Bradley Digital Smoker also has stainless steel external surfaces, which have been highly commended by many because of their ability to hold heat, resulting in a more energy efficiency smoker for you to run.

Overall this is a great unit, it is easy to use durable and most of all fits a lot of food inside. Lets have a closer ook at its key features. 

  Key Features

  • Height: 33.5 inches
  • Width: 15 inches 
  • Depth: 11.5 inches 
  • Weight:  57.5 lbs
  • Cooking Area: 3432 cubic inches  

Adjustable Racks: The 6 racks within the Bradley Digital 6 Rack smoker are all removable. This is perfect for cooking all different types of cuts and sizes of meat. You can have all 6 racks into cook steaks, fish, and smaller vegetables. Then if you want to cook something like a pork but of even a full turkey, just remove enough racks until you can fit your selected cut of meat in. Each rack slides out quick and easy.

Digital Time And Temperature Controller: The digital control system is one of the simplest out of all electric smokers. You can easily adjust the cooking time, cooking temperature or feed the smoker with more briquettes at the push of a button. The display is large, bright and super easy to read. Even in the middle of the night when you need to check how your brisket is coming along you will not have any issues reading the temperature, or making adjustments to your cooing environment.

Smoke Time: This is the perfect smoker for those of you out there looking for a true 'low and slow' cooker. The Bradley Digital 6 Rack smoker holds an impressive 9 hours worth of briquettes. These are fed into the smoker on an automated wood loader system. At any stage if you require any additional briquettes you can also add them in manually with the push of a button from the control panel. This works well for overnight smoking, or smoking while you are entertaining guests.

Hot & Cold Smoke: Unlike a lot of other smokers out there the Bradley Digital 6 Rack smoker allows you to both hot and cold smoke. This is one of my favourite features of this smoker. 

Cold smoking is using lower temperatures and a longer smoke time to cook your food. You are looking for a constant temperature of 60 - 80 degrees F. Cold smoking is most often used for but not limited to salmon, tuna, trout, shellfish, and even bacon. 

Hot smoking is using a higher temperature and a shorter cooking time to cook your food. For hot smoking you are looking for a temperature of 150 degrees F or higher for a shorter period of time. This is the most common way of smoking and is used for everything from turkey breast to bacon. 

Smoke Adjustment: You can adjust the amount of smoke without adjusting the temperature. This is done by adjusting how much smoke you want to come out of the top of the smoker. This allows you to change how much flavour you choose to give your cook.

Durable: The interior is durable stainless steel with a powder coated exterior and stainless door.

Ash Clean Out System: The ash catch tray inside the smoker makes cleaning a breeze. All the ash from the briquettes is left in the bottom of the smoker, so once the smoker has cooled down after the cook all you need to do is take out the tray and dispose of the left overs. 

What I Liked

  • check
    Easy to set up and safe to use
  • check
    Four removable, fully-supported racks
  • check
    Automated wood bisquette feeder system can hold smoke of up to eight hours
  • check
    An accurate temperature control system
  • check
    Produces quality, smoked food with a great taste
  • check
    Price is very affordable

What I Didn't Like

  • The digital regulator appears to read high. This is because of its placement to the warming component


All in all the Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker is a aesthetically pleasing smoker that is super easy to use and built to last.

It has a huge cooking space that you can easily customize to suit your own specific cooking needs. It is a perfect smoking for low and slow cooks overnight or throughout the day thanks to the self feeding briquette system. The long burn time of 9 hours is plenty of time.

The digital controller is very well designed and extremely easy to use. The panel is light up with bright blue LED lights that make it easy to see your cooking temperature and time in the dark. 

Although it is one of the more pricey electric smokers in this list, it is a fantastic smoker that will last you a very long time. I would recommend this smoker for anyone likes convenience and to set and forget. It is also the perfvect smoker for those who loves to smoke both hot and cold, and have the option to cook for a big group of people of need me. 

4.5 / 5 Stars

Masterbuilt 20075315

The Biggest Electric Smoker

You already know that I am a massive fan of Masterbuilt and nearly everything that they construct, and this unit is no exception. The Masterbuilt 20075315 is a 40-inch electric smoker, and it is built to feed a crowd. It has 975 square inches of cooking space, which is bigger than most other Masterbuilt Smokers on the market right now.

Not only is it large but It’s got some unique, new and useful features never seen before on Masterbuilt electric smokers. The blue LED display for easy viewing (even in direct sunlight), an internal light with viewing door for monitoring what’s going on inside and an incredibly smooth automatic wood chip tray. 

It’s fully insulated, comes with 4 removable chrome-coated racks, built-in radio frequency(RF) remote control, built-in meat probe that works very accurately, smooth operating wood chip loading system, back wheels for moving. Its large and it has many features that you would expect from a more expensive smoker. 

This smoker exceeds all expectations. And then some. Whether it’s ribs, pork, seafood or poultry, I can tell you, you won’t be disappointed with the Masterbuilt.

The Masterbuilt 20075315 40-Inch Electric Smoker is literally loaded with unique features.

  Key Features

  • Height: 40 inches
  • Width: 20 inches 
  • Depth: 25 inches 
  • Weight: 73 lbs
  • Cooking area: 975 sq inches 

Push Start: ​You can't beat a push to start button. Often you will find that these are not as 'one time push to start' as one may think. However, the guys at Masterbuilt really have mastered this feature. As far as I have tested this bad boy starts up first time, everytime. 

Build Quality: In classic Masterbuilt style this unit is made with quality materials and genuine craftsmanship. It is a very sturdy unit. It is fully insulated and leak free. This means that you won't get any smoke or heat escaping. This helps create a consistent and near perfect smoking environment. Another bonus is that since it is a consistent temperature you can really get your cooking times down to the second everytime. No more guests will be waiting around hungry again.  

Fully insulated: Being fully insulated the Masterbuilt 20075315 is perfct for all outdoor conditions. It doesn't matter if you are smoking when it is snowing or if it is 100 degrees out, you will get the same results every time. 

Grease Tray: At the back of the unit you will find a grease tray. This catches all the access drippings from your cook. This makes cleaning the unit incredibly easy as most of the grease has already been removed. Simply wipe out any access and dispose of the grease from inside the grease tray.  

Meat Probe: This is my favourite part of this smoker. It comes standard with a meat probe. This allows you to keep a constant check on the internal temperature of your meat without having to open the smoker door. This helps keep a constant temperature and cooking environment inside the smoker. 

Latch: On the front of the smoker you will find a latch that allows the smoker to be very securely shut. This is great peace of mind to ahve knowing that no heat or smoke has any chance to escape out the froont. Especially if you have lots of people or animals in the vacinity of the smoker while its cooking. 

Wheels: At the rear of the unit you will find two wheels, this makes it incredibly easy to move the large unit around. However, do not the wheels are quite small so they don't quite work the best on soft or rough surfaces. 

Air Vent: At the top of the unit there is an adjustable vent. This allows you to easily contriol how much smoke is inside of the unit at any one time. 

Digital Control Panel: The digital control panel is well lit and very easy to use. Each button is clearly labled and very user friendly. 

Remote Control: The remote control is pure genius. It has a range of up to 100 feet and allwos you to control everything from the temperature, cooking time, checking the internal temperature and even making adjustments to your cook. This is great for when you are entertaining or watching the game, you can very easily make any changes you need to from right there in your hand. 

User Friendly: This smoker comes pretty much ready to go out of the box. Within a half hour you will be ready to cook! Thanks to the assembly and included instructions. 

Drip Pan & Water Bowl: One of the things I love most about this smoker is the water and drip pan systems. Masterbuilt has designed this unit with convenience in mind. The drip pan is easily accessed from the front door of the smoker, this is incredibly easy to take out to clean after you have finished your cook. 

What I Liked

  • check
    The built-in meat temperature probe ensures you get accurate information regarding the temperature inside the meat, it eliminates you ever getting undercooked or overcooked meat
  • check
    A large amount of cooking space of 975 sq. inches, well decorated with 4 adjustable racks
  • check
    Fully insulated, minimal or no smoke loss to ensure perfect smoking
  • check
    The unit comes with wheels so it's easy to move around

What I Didn't Like

  • Towards the end of the cook, the moisture from the the meat makes the door hard to see through
  • The controller is not waterproof


This Masterbuilt smoker is a great smoker for those who are looking for a smoker thats not going to break the bank and will perform just as well if not better that some of the more pricey models.

It is loaded up with lots of features that make life really easy while cooking. The unit is one of the bigger electric smokers out there, so is very well suited to those of you who love cooking for a crowd. The remote control helps keeping an eye on your cook while entertaining very easy and is without a doubt my favourite feature of this smoker. 

I would recommend this smoker for anyone who loves cooking for lots of people and doesn't want to spend all day around the smoker checking and tending to the cook. 

4.5 / 5 Stars

Char Broil Digital Electric Smoker

The Best Value For Money Electric Smoker

The Char Broil Digital Electric Smoker 725 has a modest 750 sq inches of cooking space that hold four 15" x 12.5" cooking racks. This is a simple refrigeration style smoker that has a main focus of cooking great flavoured food. This unit is my pick for best value for money electric smoker. 

The temperature in the Char Broil electric smoker can be adjusted between 100°F for cold smoking things like pork bellies for bacon, the upper range goes up to 275°F. The temperature can easily be adjusted from the digital control on the unit, or from

This smoker uses an electric heat element to smoulder the wood chips so there is no mastery of fire management. This smoker is perfect for anyone who wants to smoke food at home but doesn't want to dedicate the whole weekend to the process. In all this is one of the best electric smokers we tested and definitely the best value for money. 

There are two different models of this smoker, the standard and the deluxe. On the whole they are the same, however, the deluxe model has two really great additional features:

A glass window for viewing your cook.

A remote control. The remote control works the same as teh digital control, however, you can use this up to 100 feet away from teh smoker. This is a very welcome addition and something that makes entertaining a whole lot easier. 

  Key Features

  • Height: 18 inches
  • Width: 32 inches 
  • Depth:  32 inches 
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Cooking Area: 750 sq inch 

Adjustable Racks: Four adjustable racks give you lots of options for different foods. This is particularly good when you have lots of guests that want different food. You can adjust the racks to suit what kind/ size of meat you are cooking. 

Double Walled Steel Interior: The oduble walled steel interior make sure that no heat or smoke escapes throughout the cook. This helps maintain an even cooking environment giving you the best results. Another perk of this feature is that you can cook in all different types of conditions and not worry about your smoker acting differently. You can be sure your cook will behave the same every time. 

Built In Meat Probe: The built in meat probe can be inserted into your met to ensure thatr you cook your meat to perfection every time. The probe is also washable and can be used in multiple food types. 

Digital Controller: The simple, well laid out controller is a breeze to use and allows you to control the temperature of your smoker, cook time and can even tell you when your food is ready to eat!

Wood Chip Tray: ​​​​The large wood chip tray can have up to 8 hours worth of chips in it at one time. This is great for overnight cooks or throughout the day while you are entertaining or watching the game. 

Keep Warm Feature: The Keep warm feature allows you to keep your cook warm once it is ready. It will not keep on cooking or flavouring your cook, only keep it to perfect eating temperature. 

Side Access Grease Tray: Cleaning the grease out of the smoker is a breeze with the side access grease tray, simply slide it out and discard all the grease. 

Glass Window: The Deluxe model includes a front glass window. This is not a necessity, however, is a welcome addition. Personally I like to see how my meat is going and with no glass fronts your really can't get in and have a good look at how your meat is cooking. Everytime you open your door you are letting out precious heat and smoke, they key to a good cook is having a even cooking environment.

Remote Control: The remote control is my favourite thing about this smoker. It works just like the digital control on the unit itself, but you get all the same functionality from up to 100 foot away from the smoker. This feature is perfect for those of you out there who are entertainers and don't like to get distracted from your entertaining. 

What I Liked

  • check
    The double-walled steel interior and exterior layers that make a noticeable difference. The exterior layers ensure that the smoker is not hot to the touch, while the interior layers ensure that heat and moisture do no escape, creating juicier BBQ
  • check
    Solid construction using the top quality 304 stainless
  • check
    Has the optional cold smoke giving you the ability to smoke fish, cheese or soft meats
  • check
    Efficient grease management system
  • check
    This smoker features full electronic control with meat probe so you can monitor your barbecue without opening the door

What I Didn't Like

  • The cooking space isn’t as large as similar products on the markets


If you are looking for value for money you have come to the right place. The Char Broil Digital Electric Smoker is all about giving you exactly what you need, in a tough refrigerator style outer body.

It provides you with a meat thermometer, removable racks, a large wood chip tray and automatic shut off and keep warm settings. It truley does provide you with a hassle free smoking experience. 

In my opinion it is worth going for the deluxe model, I liek to be able to keep a physical eye on how my cook is going and the glass window provides just that. The remote control feature is something that has changed my life and im sure will change yours too.

I would recommend this smoker (especially the deluxe model) for anyone out there who likes hassle free cooking and doesn't want to break the bank buying a smoker. This smoker is definately not the largest, however, if you don't often cook for lots of people it will be no problem at all! 

Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker

The Cheapest Electric Smoker

Not everyone has the disposable income to splash out on a smoker. I know we all dream of buying the latest and greatest unit with all the bells & whistles.. but unfortunately our bank accounts (or the wife) doesn't quite understand. 

Never fear! The Smoke Hollow 30162E is a smoker that understand your struggles. This smoker is a basic electric smoker that fits into nearly everyone's budget. Its not the most high tech smoker on the planet, but it does produce quality tasting food at n affordable price. 

You get enough space to cook for a family, 3 temperature setting which lets you get away with smoking fast, or even low and slow. It comes with all the basic features you need, A temperature gauge, 3 cooking racks, a drip pan, wood chip tray and even double steel insulated walls. 

  Key Features

  • Height: 30 inches
  • Width: 14 inches 
  • Depth: 16 inches
  • Weight: 48 lbs 

Door Latch: The door of this smoker model has been built with the magnetic latching system with which automatically secures your door, similar to the door of your fridge. This ensures that you get a tight seal keeping in as much heat and smoke as possible. This helps to ensure you have a consistent cooking environment.

Handles: Two conveniently places handles on either side of the smoker allow you to easily transport it around our backyard or anywhere else you may need it. The unit doesn't have wheels but its easily maneuverable for one or two people.

Insulated Double Steel Walls: The 30162E maintains temperatures really well, it doesn't matter if it is freezing outside or the middle of summer. This is thanks to the double steel walls and the insulation. Providing you do not open the door throughout the cook a consistent temperate will be maintained throughout the whole cook. I was also really surprised at how quickly the unit came to temperature.

Multiple Temperature Levels: You can choose between three different temperature levels. This allows you to quickly smoke on a high heat or low and slow for days depending on your meat selection.

Heating Element: Easily replace the heating element when they eventually wear out. this feature is a really handy feature to have for troubleshooting issues and makes for a quick fix as you do not need to take the unit apart.

What I Liked

  • check
    The size of the Smoke Hollow allows it to be transportable at 16 by 14 by 30 inches. We found that the cooking space was still big enough to cook for 10 -15 people
  • check
    It was quick and extremely easy to assemble everything. We managed to have it ready to go in about 15 minutes
  • check
    The Smoke Hollow heats up quickly, when we put the wood chip tray on the same side as the electric element we managed to get the chips smoking very quick

What I Didn't Like

  • The size of the water pan was a bit small. We found that the water from the water pan was evaporating quickly, so we replaced this with a bigger one, which worked perfectly afterwards
  • Window Close
    No digital control panel


The bottom line is this smoker is a very basic unit with enough space to cook for a family. It will not cost you an arm or a leg and provides a decent cooking experience and produces a lovely smoky flavour. It is an extremely basic unit to set up right out of the box, so it is perfect for first timers.

I would recommend this smokers for anyone who doesn't quite have the money to go all out on a smoker but wants to see what all the fuss is about with smoking meat. It is a great unit to get acquainted with smoking and will actually last a long time if cared for correctly. 

4 / 5 Stars

Meco Southern Country Smokers 2 in 1 Water Smoker

We found that the Meco Southern County Smoker to be a highly efficient smoker. Its chimney-like design allows the smoke to flow within the unit in an even matter.

This smoker was almost on our best electric smokers for 2018 list however it was just edged out due to power use. Still, this smoker offers some great features with awesome performance.

  Key Features

  • Height: 37 inches
  • Width: 21 inches 
  • Depth: 25 inches
  • Weight: 23 lbs

Oversized Vents: Two oversized hood vents allow for easy temperature control.​ 

Chrome Plated Grills: The chrome plated grills are very sturdy and easily cleaned.

Heat Resistant Handles: Heat resistant handles are safe to touch throughout the cook. Perfect for moving throughout the cook. 

Temperature Gauge: The temperature gauge is very easily read and well placed. 

Large Access: The large front door access makes it easy to add in wood chips, water or more food! 

Legs: The reinforced steel legs are extremely sturdy and provide a solid platform no matter what surface you have it on. Great for camping and taking on day trips.

What I Liked

  • check
    The entire bottom section is removable so you can use it as a grill
  • check
    The external thermostats and settings are perfectly calibrated, the first thing we did was fire it up and throw in a thermometer and it was exactly right
  • check
    We found this smoker to be very portable. It weighs only 23 pounds, and it has two handles on the sides to allow easy transportation
  • check
    The Southern County Smoker has 351 square inches of cooking space which is more than enough space to cook for 10-15 people

What I Didn't Like

  • The only concern we had with this smoker is that it uses more power than other electric smokers however based on performance this smoker provides a very high-quality BBQ and cooking experience


Whether you’re a professional or beginner, this unit will be suited to you. If you haven't used a smoker before this one is a good starting point. We noted that is it simple to use, and you can turn into a portable grill really quickly. Considering the quality and top of the line capabilities, the price is quite affordable.

4 / 5 Stars

Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette Electric Smoker

The Cookshack Amerique allows you to have an easy authentic cookout without the hassle. If you prefer the smokers which are less complex to operate then this is perfect for you.

Essentially, this a smaller version of what commercial kitchen use. So what they are using at your favourite smokehouse will be very similar to this. Giving you control over the temperature, smoke quantity, and timing.

  Key Features

  • Height: 32 inches
  • Width: 20.5 inches 
  • Depth: 18 inches
  • Weight: 93 lbs

  • Digital Controller: Easy to use and control digital controller. No matter what the temperature is outside it will maintain a constant temperature.  

    LED Display: The bright LED display is super easy to read and understand. 

    Probe Included: The commercial quality meat probe is very reliable and when it reaches your preset temperature automatically switches to its 140 degree hold cycle.

    Insulation: The Spin-glass insulation gives an amazing 850 degrees of heat retention.

    What I Liked

    • check
      Has the ability to both hot and cold smoke. Perfect for smoking salmon
    • check
      The door creates a very tight seal. This is important because it allows the smoker to keep a constant cooking temperature and environment
    • check
      Compact enough to take away into the woods for the weekend in the back of the pickup or camper

    What I Didn't Like

    • No timer setting. This is not such a big deal if you use a digital thermometer though


    The Cookshack is a solid unit which will last you years. It is a simple design which allows you best of both worlds, the ability to watch over the cook as well as the set and forget controls.

    4.5 / 5 Stars

    Old Smokey Electric Smoker

    The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is essentially perfectly designed round can with a heating element a drip pan and of racks for the food to sit on.

    The ease of the design is what makes this a perfect smoker. The heating element in this unit can produce enough heat to do some low-temperature roasting and grilling however it mainly designed to smoke low and slow.

      Key Features

  • Height: 29 inches
  • Width: 17.5 inches 
  • Depth: 17.5 inches
  • Weight: 23 lbs

  • No Water Required: The tightly sealing lid keeps in all the juices so you don't need any additional water.

    The Handles: The padded, fireproof and heat resistant handles keep cool no matter how long you are cooking for.

    Large Cooking Space: Although the 15" diameter seems small the Old Smokey has a lot of cooking space and even boasts several additional racks to keep all foods separate. 

    Wood Chip Tray: The wood chip tray seals very tightly so you don't loose any smoke or meat flavour.  

    What I Liked

    • check
      Durable to be left outside in all the elements, we had one that left outside on the porch during freezing winters and scorching summers and lasted over 10 years
    • check
      The unit seals very tightly to ensure the unit performs optimally
    • check
      Fantastically priced for the quality of materials

    What I Didn't Like

    • The only problems we encountered with the Old Smokey was that it is difficult to see the heating element “on” indicator in the sunlight


    The brand Old Smokey has been manufacturing smokers since the early 1930's and has been one of the most popular brands on the market. This electric version has been rigorously tested and has proven to be highly durable and easy to use.

    The simple design makes it easy to use and lets you produce great barbecue without much fuel, space or effort with a price point that is just over $100 USD this is one of the least expensive smokers on the market.

    4.5 / 5 Stars

    How To Use An Electric Smoker

    Below we have outlined the basic premise of using an electric smoker. Keep in mind each electric smoker is different and you need to have a thorough read of your manufacturer's instruction before using it.

    Getting Your Electric Smoker Smoking: Electric smokers are pretty simple by design. Whether it's a vertical or cabinet electric smokers, the process involves heat produced by a convection heating element and smoke produced from wood chips.

    Adding Smoke to Your Electric Smoker Using Wood Chips: Most electric smokers will have an easy access port or tray in you can add your wood chips even when the smoker is hot. You have the option to add your favourite wood chips you to get the flavour you are after.

    Keeping Your Meat Moist While In The Electric Smoker: Most smokers come with a water pan or water tray so you can maintain moisture in your electric smokers. As your smoker begins to heat up, the water will turn to steam, which will keep your meat from drying out.

    Factors to Consider When Buying An Electric Smoker

    Like we said, the relatively low price of electric smokers does not mean that you will be taking a hit in quality . But, like anything in life, you have to be conscious of what you are buying, and when it comes to buying grills and smokes, I will admit, it sometimes gets hard to tell the difference between competing products.

    That is why you have to know beforehand what you are looking for knowledge is power, so the next time you are looking to buy a smoker, look for these five features:

    Temperature Control: Ensure that the smokers have temperature control that you feel comfortable with. You find that the top electric smokers on the market should come with the temperature control features rheostat. If you are seriously looking to buy an electric smoker then this feature is a must! A rheostat usually comes in the form of a digital display or a knob, it lets you control the internal temperature of the smoker.

    When also recommend picking one on wheels if it heavy. This will ensure you get maximum value out of it, as it will always be convenient to pull out rather than a pain.

    Ventilation System: High-quality caveats are an important part of your electric smoker. This is the ventilation system which allows the inner chamber to release smoke and heat. It is vital to maintaining a stable internal temperature. Subsequently, you will be left with a tender and more succulent products.

    Can You Add Wood Chips or Charcoal? When you're buying your electric smoker you want to ensure that it has a tray or compartment that allows you to burn coal or wood chips as well. It might seem unusual but having the option to use wood chips or charcoal can help you get a more traditional and smokier BBQ flavour.

    Heat Structure: Before you purchase a new electric smoker you need to understand its heat structure. The heating structure is built upon how heat is distributed in the chamber of the smoker. Most professionals will use a heat flow comes down and sidewards, this allows food to cook at a much faster rate.

    A majority of the best electric smokers work on convection heating, which comes from the bottom of the smokers and it is electrically controlled which is great for anyone who is new to smokers to help them to become skilled before moving more complex heating structures.

    Layer Structure and Size: You will hear the word layer structure got tossed around when browsing. This refers to the shape of the smoker and setup of the grill racks. The two most common types are vertical and horizontal. You will also find some smokers have chrome-plated racks while other have stainless stain racks while

    The shape of your smoker can have little affect however what is important is to think about the shape of the meat you plan to cook. If you plan on smoking long racks of ribs or huge slabs of pork ribs you might want to look at a horizontal smoker. There is not yet an offset electric smoker however, you can find electric smokers with large interiors to allow for this.

    You also want to ensure that the racks are straight as well as hollow. It has been found that heat is retained better in hollow racks as well as giving the traditional grill marks.

    Ease of Cleaning: An important factor in picking the right smoker is seeing how easy it is too clean and maintains. If cleaning your smoker is effortless it will more than likely get more usage and last longer.

    Ease of Use: Ensure that the smokers have temperature control that you feel comfortable with. The controls placement is important so that you can reach it without difficulty. It a great idea to choose one with wheels, it will ensure you get maximum value, as it will always be convenient to use not a hard task.

    Why Should You Buy An Electric Smoker?

    The more well-known methods for smoking such as charcoal and pellet methods have harmful emissions like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. However, electric smokers can produce the same delicious food and without the CO & CO2 emissions.

    The remote control and Bluetooth technology found standard in most electric smokers will allow you to control the smoker from your anywhere in your house. It also gives you the opportunity smoke food without hovering outside all day. 

    Finally, it will also alert you when your food has reached your desired temperature.

    All the electric smoker requires you to do is put in the meat, add the wood chips (if you please), set the temperature and cook time and you’re ready to go.

    Whether you are looking to smoke ribs, fish, chicken, vegetables, turkey, salmon, steak or even dessert, electric smokers can do it all.

    Know Your Smoker

    The more experience you have with your smoker, the more you understand what it can competently and cannot do.

    You might find that the smoker can cook at high temperature, this could damage the interior of the smoker over a period of time.

    Persistence Always Pays Off

    You will find that persistence will pay off. This goes for everything form cooking on your electric smoker to cleaning your electric smoker. 

    Most of us are not pros straight away, however, stick with it and you will be cleaning, cooking and eating from your electric smoke like a boss in no time! 

    Need Help Picking An Electric Smoker?

    It took me a good part of the last two decades but I think I have some fantastic knowledge to share. I want to help you pick the best electric smoker for your needs, without all the trial and error we went through.

    From my experience around the many types of smokers, I believe I can cook up some of the most tender, succulent, and mouth-watering BBQ around with my electric smoker. 

    Always wanting to experience with new products and different technology has led us to find some of the best products on the market from beginner to advanced smokers. So let us help you.

    Pros & Cons of an Electric Smoker

    Electric Smoker Pros

    Electric Smoker Cons

    Easy to Use: Electric smokers are incredibly easy to master, you just fire it up, load in your woodchips, set your temperature and you’re good to go. You can leave the smoker unattended produce delicious high quality smoked meat.

    Safety: Electric smokers are recognised as being safer than your regular smokers. You aren't creating a fire to smoke your meat. If you have pets or children electric smokers may be a great choice for you.

    Low Cost: Using an electric smoker eliminate the need to purchase wood or charcoal, the cost of buying this fuel can add up. Electric smokers don’t use a lot of power, therefore, reducing your cost to operate.

    Easy to Maintain: Electric smokers are a breeze to clean, as long as you keep your electric smoker out of the element. Simply wipe down the exterior and interior after each use

    Convenience: Indoor electric smokers are becoming more common in this category. Therefore you can rest ensure that in the darkness and freezing temperature of winter you have the ability to smoke meat.

    Traditional: Some people believe that building the fire and tending to it, is all part of the process. However, an electric smoker provides an alternative if you don’t want to spend all day outside.

    Lower Temperature: Electric smokers don't quite reach the very high temperatures of other smokers. Its might mean waiting a little bit longer for your meal to finish.

    Why You Might Consider an Electric Smoker

    Your Thinking About Upgrading: If you find that more often than not your meat and vegetables end up looking charred and black it time for an upgrade. It will be a relief when you can plug your electric smoker in toss in the meat, set your temperature and let it go. You can head off and play with the kids or get a start on mowing the lawn without fear of another ruined dinner.

    You Haven’t Got Much Space: Electric smokers are perfect for those who haven't got much storage space. Most smokers come with the need for extras such as bags of wood pellets or charcoal. All you need for fuel is the power cord and you are good to go. It could be tough storing gas, charcoal or pellets in an apartment. In this case, an electric smoker can be the best choice for you.

    You Can’t Afford To Spend Up Big: We have found that the cheaper prices for electric smoker don’t sacrifice quality. We have also seen that electric smokers are comparatively cheap to higher-end grills and smokers on the market.

    You might find that smoke rings aren’t as obvious and but the convenience of an electric smoker might be worth the giving up it up for. We did find that the best electric smokers excel if not beat their companions when smoking bacon, fish or cheese.

    You Are An Ordinary User: The large interior allows you to get stuck into cooking any type of meat, whole turkeys, racks of ribs or beef briskets.
    As we mentioned before the only downside is the lack of the traditional smoke ring. It is very hard to achieve even when you have a charcoal smoker.

    So if you're looking for a looking for an easy to handle smoker, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the electric smoker.

    Looking After Your Electric Smoker

    After the time and effort dedicated to researching and picking a smoker, you want to ensure you take care it of it. Below are our top tips to caring for your smoker.

    Preheat Your Smoker Before Use: To increase the lifespan of your smoker you should be preheating it. If you place your food in the smoker without warming it up, you find that the thermostat will recognise that the internal temperate has not met what has been set and then it will take much longer for the smoker to reach the desired temperature, which in turn makes the smoker work that much harder.

    Clean Your Smoker Regularly: Keeping your electric smoker thoroughly clean has many benefits. Cleaning and drying the components of the smoker after each use will ensure that the smoker is functioning efficiently and will help reduce rust. It will also guarantee that your BBQ come be free of old, leftover or carbonised food. We have dropped our pro cleaning tips below.

    • If the unit has any windows, we suggest cleaning the glass after each and every use.
    • Scrub and wipe the interior of the smoker cabinet with heavy duty cleaner or bleach. Note ensure you check with your manufacturer instructions before using any chemicals.
    • If your electric smoker comes with a meat probe, this will need to be digitally cleaned after each use. This is especially important as it will be in contact with raw meat.
    • Ensure they are no leftover woodchips in the tray from previous smoking sessions.
    • Using detergent and a cloth to wipe out the drip tray after each use, this can eliminate the risk of flare-ups.
    • Remove and scrub the grill racks. Most of the best electric smokers have dish-washable grill racks. If you cant put these in the dishwasher, scrub them to ensure you remove any remnants.

    What Is A Indoor Meat Smoker?

    Now when I say 'indoor meat smoking', I don't mean bringing your electric smoker inside on a cold winter's day. Not only will you quickly turn everything in your home into a smelling shrine to your food (may not be such a bad thing), but it's actually very dangerous. 

    When I am talking about an indoor meat smoker I am talking about smoking on the stove top or in an indoor electric smoker. 

    Using an indoor electric smoker is a great option for those who are only cooking for one or two, and really don't have the space for a normal smoker. You will find that they look very similar to a slow cooker and actually work very similarly to.  When using n indoor electric smoker it is very important to run our extractor fan to limit the smoke that is left in the house. 

    Final thoughts

    Hopefully, you have enjoyed this guide and ready to get started on your smoking journey. 

    Overall our Number 1 choice would be the Masterbuilt 20075315 due it’s large front window, immense rack space, built in meat probes as well as a host of other great features it has. I would also recommend the Masterbuilt along with Char Broil.

    So, go forth and enjoy the delicious food you will soon be creating. I just hope this helps you on your journey to creating outstanding, mouth-water BBQ an electric smoker!

    What is your favorite smoker? Let us know below! 

    Happy Smoking,


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