Best Electric Smokers (Jan. 2018) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

What is that delicious smell? You know how it goes, you smell a BBQ cooking away and your grumbling stomach lets you know its time it gets your fired up again.

However last time, I was using my charcoal smoker, the phone rang spoke to my family for 15 minutes and came back out to a smouldering slab of blackened meat. Dinner was ruined.

After that incident and having the little ones running around we decided to get some that we could set and forget but still would set provide that juicy succulent smoky meat our family loves, so I was on the lookout for the best electric smoker

Well, how did I to find the best of the best electric smoker? I asked everyone what they used and why. Including neighbours friends and family, and did some research online. It took a while, but I was hell-bent on getting the right smoker and in the end, I did that. This guide is everything I wish I knew before buying my electric smoker, so you don’t have the hassle I had

The Best 4 Electric Smokers for 2018

  1. Masterbuilt 20070910
  2. Char Broil Electric Smoker
  3. Bradley Digital Smoker 
  4. Masterbuilt 20075315

4 Best Electric Smokers Comparision 

Electric Smoker Model

Our Review





Masterbuilt 20070910


20.6 x 19.8 x 33.2


45.1 lbs


Char-Broil Digital Electrical Vertical Smoker 


17.5 x 20 x 37.8

High Temperature Steel

Email Previews


Masterbuilt 20075315


24.9 x 19.5 x 40


72.9 lbs

Black/ Grey

Bradley 4 Rack Smoker

32.5 x 18.1 x 16.5

Powder Epoxy Steel

43.6 lbs

Black/ Grey

Well, What is Electric Smoking You Ask

Smoking your meat is an old-age tradition that is still popular today, with the only difference being the fact that the techniques have changed. Using an electric meat smokers has decreased the time and effort required to achieve the exquisite tenderness, flavour, and texture.

You don’t have to worry about charcoal or wood. With an electric meat smoker, you plug the device in, set a temperature and let it quietly smoke your meat to perfection. Electric smokers are a perfect solution for people who like to forget about their food until it’s done.

When you use electric smokers you have control over the temperature in your cooking chamber at all times, you also have the ability to increase or decrease the amount of smoke. Having this much control allows you to ensure your meat or vegetables will come out of the smokers fully of flavour, juicy and tender.


Need Help Picking An Electric Smoker?

It took me a good part of the last two decades but I think I have some fantastic knowledge to share. I want to help you pick the best electric smoker for your needs, without all the trial and error we went through.

From my experience around the many types of smokers, I believe I can cook up some of the most tender, succulent, and mouth-watering BBQ around.
Always wanting to experience with new products and different technology has led us to find some of the best products on the market from beginner to advanced smokers. So let us help you.


Masterbuilt Smoker 20070910

Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Digital Smoker is simple to use, easy to set and provides a consistent temperature for a steady smoke to cook food as per your taste. This unit is a cabinet-style smoker, which has been given words of praises by many because of its space-efficient design and one of the best electric smokers on the market right now.

The  30-inch is only your size option for this unit, with that, however, we found you get 730 square inches of cooking surface ample! With a push button, you can start it easily. Temperature setting varies from 100-275 °F and it maintains its heat throughout the cooking process because of its insulated walls. The exterior is made from powder-coated steel casing, which is one of the reasons why it is long-lasting. Ours has lasted years outside in the elements

We like the design that allowed you to conveniently add woodchips from a side tray, eliminating the need to open the unit. We loved that you could  spice up your food by adding your favourite brew to the removable water Masterbuilt-20070910pan, this will not only add moisture to your food but also add extra layer of flavour to it

MasterBuilt 20070910 Pros:

    • Digital thermometer for controlling the perfect temperature
    • Large capacity with a space saving design
    • Well insulated
    • Four smoking racks
    • Air damper and side load wood tray
    • 24-hour shutoff switch

Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker

The Bradley Smokers Original Smoker (33.5 x 17.5 x 20.25-Inch) is a world-class electric smoker that’s primarily designed to make home smoking a lot easier and convenient. This is one of the best electric smokers for beginners who want to create the world-class meat.

We found this unit had a  huge 572-square inches of cooking space. We also liked the an automatic smoke generator, which automatically adds bisquette to the burner after every 20 minutes, minimising the effort that is required on your end and makes it possible for the smoker to produce a clean and continuous smoke for up to eight hours without refuelling.

We found the stainless steel exterior of Bradley digital 4-rack smoker not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. The Bradley Digital Smoker also has stainless steel external surfaces, which have been highly commended by many because of their ability to hold heat, resulting in a more energy efficiency smoker for you to run.bradley digital smoker

Bradley Smokers Original Smoker Pros

  • Easy to set up and safe to use
  • Four removable, fully-supported racks
  • Automated wood bisquette feeder system can hold smoke of up to eight hours
  • An accurate temperature control system
  • Produces quality, smoked food with a great taste
  • Price is very affordable


Masterbuilt 20075315

The Masterbuilt 20075315 is a 40-inch electric smoker, it has 975 square inches of cooking space, which is bigger than most other Masterbuilt Smokers. It’s got some unique, new and useful features over the other products of Masterbuilt. The blue LED display for easy viewing in direct sunlight, an internal light with viewing door for monitoring what’s going on inside. The Masterbuilt 20075315 40-Inch Electric Smoker is literally loaded with unique features.

It’s fully insulated, comes with 4 chrome-coated racks, built-in radio frequency(RF) remote control, built-in meat probe that works very accurately, smooth operating wood chip loading system, back wheels for moving and some other features that make this smoker one of the best electric smoker in the market.

This smoker exceeds all expectations. And then some. Whether it’s ribs, pork, seafood or poultry, I can tell you, you won’t be disappointed with the Masterbuilt 20075315Masterbuilt 20075315

Masterbuilt 20075315 Pros

  • The built-in meat temperature probe ensures you get accurate information regarding the temperature inside the meat, it eliminates you ever getting undercooked or overcooked meat.
  • A large amount of cooking space of 975 sq. inches, well decorated with 4 adjustable racks.
  • Fully insulated, minimal or no smoke loss to ensure perfect smoking
  • The unit comes with wheels so it’s easy to move around.



Char Broil Digital Electric Smoker

The Char Broil Digital Electric Smoker 725 has 750 sq inches of cooking space that hold four 15″ x 12.5″ racks. The temperature in the Char Broil electric smoker can be adjusted between 100°F for cold smoking things like pork bellies for bacon, the upper range goes up to 275°F The Char-Broil electric smoker came with a probe which we connected to my smartphone, we used this to remote control the temperature.

We liked that the Char Broil Electric Smoker Deluxe model also has a  window to monitor your food while it cooks. The smokers also come with a remote with LED display that lets you control the smoker from up to 100 feet away.

This smoker uses an electric heat element to smoulder the wood chips so there is no mastery of fire management. This smoker is perfect for anyone who wants to smoke food at homechar broil but doesn’t want to dedicate the whole weekend to the process. In all this is one of the best electric smokers we tested. 

Char Broil Electric Smoker Pros

  • Reliably even heat distribution
  • Gentle, extended smoking of 8 hours or more
  • Has a sleek and modern design.  The pieces fit well together with no air leaks.
  • The seamless touchpad is splash resistant.
  • The app that ensures you cook your meat perfectly every time
  • Portable, which allows for more use


Why Should You Use an Electric Smoker?

The more well-known methods for smoking such as charcoal and pellet methods do have harmful emissions like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. However, electric smokers can produce the same delicious food and eliminate the CO & CO2 emissions.

The remote control and Bluetooth technology found in standard in most electric smoker will allow you to control the smoker from your anywhere in your house and give you the opportunity to not have to spend hours of smoking in front of a grill. Finally, it will also alert you when your food has reached your desired temperature.

All the electric smoker requires you to do is put in the meat, add the wood chips if you please, set the temperature and cooks time and you’re ready to go.

May it be Ribs, Fish, Chicken, vegetables, turkey, salmon, steak or even dessert, Electric Smokers can smoke it all.

Who Are Electric Smokers For?

You know that moment, you order brisket at a smokehouse, it comes to the table and it seems to just melt in your mouth. You wonder “could I cook meat like this”?

You want to recreate this at home, you want to ensure the meat doesn’t get dried out but remains succulent and tender. If this is what you are after without the hassle of tending to the smoker for a 6 -8 hour period.

You might consider an electric smoker if;


Your Thinking About Upgrading

If you find that more often than not your meat and vegetables end up looking charred and black it time for an upgrade. It will be a relief when you can plug your electric smoker in toss in the meat, set your temperature and let it go. You can head off and play with the kids or get a start on mowing the lawn without fear of another ruined dinner.

You Haven’t Got Much Space

Electric smokers are perfect for those who haven’t got much storage space. Most smokers come with the need for extras such as bags of wood pellets or charcoal. All you need for fuel is the power cord and you are good to go. It could be tough storing gas, charcoal or pellets in an apartment. In this case, an electric smoker can be the best choice for you.

You Can’t Afford To Spend Up Big

We have found that the cheaper prices for electric smoker don’t sacrifice quality. We have also seen that electric smokers are comparatively cheap to higher-end grills and smokers on the market.
You might find that smoke rings aren’t as obvious and but the convenience of an electric smoker might be worth the giving up it up for. We did find that the best electric smokers excel if not beat their companions when smoking bacon, fish or cheese.

You Are An Ordinary User

The large interior allows you to get stuck into cooking any type of meat, whole turkeys, racks of ribs or beef briskets.
As we mentioned before the only downside is the lack of the traditional smoke ring. It is very hard to achieve even when you have a charcoal smoker.
So if you’re looking for a looking for an easy to handle smoker, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the electric smoker.


Which Factors Make the Best Electric Smoker?

Like we said, the relatively low price of electric smokers does not mean that you will be taking a hit in quality as well. But, like anything in life, you have to be conscious of what you are buying, and when it comes to buying grills and smokes, I will admit, it sometimes gets hard to tell the difference between competing products.
That is why you have to know beforehand what you are looking for. Purchasing power means knowledge, so the next time you are looking to buy a smoker, look for these five features:

Temperature Control

Ensure that the smokers have temperature control that you feel comfortable with. You find that the top electric smokers on the market should come with the temperature control features rheostat. If you are seriously looking to buy an electric smoker then this feature is a must! A rheostat usually comes in the form of a digital display or a knob, it lets you control the internal temperature of the smoker
When also recommend picking one on wheels if it heavy. This will ensure you get maximum value out of it, as it will always be convenient to pull out rather than a pain.


Ventilation System

High-quality caveats are an important part of your electric smoker. This is the ventilation system which allows the inner chamber to release smoke and heat. It is vital to maintaining a stable internal temperature. Subsequently, you will be left with a tender and more succulent products.


Can You Add Woodchips or Charcoal?

When you’re buying your electric smoker you want to ensure that it has a tray or compartment that allows you to burn coal or wood chips as well. It might seem unusual but having the option to use wood chips or charcoal can help you get a more traditional and smokier BBQ flavour.


Heat Structure

Before you purchase a new electric smoker you need to understand its heat structure. The heating structure is built upon how heat is distributed in the chamber of the smoker. Most professionals will use a heat flow comes down and sidewards, this allows food to cook at a much faster rate.
A majority of the best electric smokers work on convection heating, which comes from the bottom of the smokers and it is electrically controlled which is great for anyone who is new to smokers to help them to become skilled before moving more complex heating structures.


Layer Structure and Size

You will hear the word layer structure got tossed around when browsing. This refers to the shape of the smoker and setup of the grill racks. The two most common types are vertical and horizontal. You will also find some smokers have chrome-plated racks while other have stainless stain racks while

The shape of your smoker can have little affect however what is important is to think about the shape of the meat you plan to cook. If you plan on smoking long racks of ribs or huge slabs of pork ribs you might want to look at a horizontal smoker. There is not yet an offset electric smoker however, you can find electric smokers with large interiors to allow for this.
You also want to ensure that the racks are straight as well as hollow. It has been found that heat is retained better in hollow racks as well as giving the traditional grill marks.


Ease of Cleaning

An important factor in picking the right smoker is seeing how easy it is too clean and maintains. If cleaning your smoker is effortless it will more than likely get more usage and last longer.


Ease of Use

Ensure that the smokers have temperature control that you feel comfortable with. The controls placement is important so that you can reach it without difficulty. It a great idea to choose one with wheels, it will ensure you get maximum value, as it will always be convenient to use not a hard task.




How to Use An Electric Smoker

Below we have outlined the basic premise of using an electric smoker. Keep in mind each electric smoker is different and you need to have a thorough read of your manufacturer’s instruction before using it.

Getting Your Electric Smoker Smoking

Electric smokers are pretty simple by design. Whether it’s a vertical or cabinet electric smokers, the process involves heat produced by a convection heating element and smoke produced from wood chips.

Adding Smoke to Your Electric Smoker Using Wood Chips

Most electric smokers will have an easy access port or tray in you can add your wood chips even when the smoker is hot. You have the option to add your favourite wood chips you to get the flavour you are after.

Keeping Your Meat Moist While In The Electric Smoker

Most smokers come with a water pan or water tray so you can maintain moisture in your electric smokers. As your smoker begins to heat up, the water will turn to steam, which will keep your meat from drying out.



Advantages of Electric Smokers

Easy to Use

Electric smokers are incredibly easy to master, you just fire it up, load in your woodchip, set your temperature and you’re good to go. You can leave the smoker unattended produce delicious high quality smoked meat


Electric smokers are recognised as being safer than your regular smokers. You aren’t creating a fire to smoke your meat. If you have pets or children electric smokers may be a great choice for you.

Low Cost

Using an electric smoker eliminate the need to purchase wood or charcoal, the cost of buying this fuel can add up. Electric smokers don’t use a lot of power, therefore, reducing your cost to operate.

Easy to maintain

Electric smokers are a breeze to clean, as long as you keep your electric smoker out of the element. Simply wipe down the exterior and interior after each use


Indoor electric smokers are becoming more common in this category. Therefore you can rest ensure that in the darkness and freezing temperature of winter you have the ability to smoke meat.

Disadvantages Of Electric Smokers


Some people believe that building the fire and tending to it, is all part of the process. However, an electric smoker provides an alternative if you don’t want to spend all day outside.

Lower Temperature

Electric smokers don’t quite reach the very high temperatures of other smokers. Its might mean waiting a little bit longer for your meal to finish.~


Looking After Your Smoker

After the time and effort dedicated to researching and picking a smoker, you want to ensure you take care it of it. Below are our top tips to caring for your smoker.

Preheat Your Smoker Before Use

To increase the lifespan of your smoker you should be preheating it. If you place your food in the smoker without warming it up, you find that the thermostat will recognise that the internal temperate has not met what has been set and then it will take much longer for the smoker to reach the desired temperature, which in turn makes the smoker work that much harder.

Clean Your Smoker Regularly

Keeping your electric smoker thoroughly clean has many benefits. Cleaning and drying the components of the smoker after each use will ensure that the smoker is functioning efficiently and will help reduce rust. It will also guarantee that your BBQ come be free of old, leftover or carbonised food. We have dropped our pro cleaning tips below

• If the unit has any windows, we suggest cleaning the glass after each and every use. • Scrub and wipe the interior of the smoker cabinet with heavy duty cleaner or bleach. Note ensure you check with your manufacturer instructions before using any chemicals
• If your electric smoker comes with a meat probe, this will need to be digitally cleaned after each use. This is especially important as it will be in contact with raw meat.
• Ensure they are no leftover woodchips in the tray from previous smoking sessions.
• Using detergent and a cloth to wipe out the drip tray after each use, this can eliminate the risk of flare-ups.
• Remove and scrub the grill racks. Most of the best electric smokers have dish-washable grill racks. If you cant put these in the dishwasher, scrub them to ensure you remove any remnants.

Know Your Smoker

The more experience you have with your smoker, the more you understand what it can competently and cannot do. You might find that the smoker can cook at high temperature, this could damage the interior of the smoker over a period of time.

Persistent Pays Off

You will find that persistence will pay off, ensuring you are persistence with your cleaning and maintenance will result from a long lasting product as well as some high-quality BBQ food.


Our Other Favourite Electric Smokers

Above was the best electric smokers for 2018 however, there are a few other smokers that we felt were worth mentioning. They are ranked below according to their performance.


Meco Southern Country Smokers 2 in 1 Electric Water SmokerMeco

We found that the Meco Southern County Smoker to be a highly efficient smoker. Its chimney-like design allows the smoke to flow within the unit in an even matter.

This smoker was almost on our best electric smokers for 2018 list however it was just edged out due to power use. Still, this smoker offers some great features with awesome performance.

Southern County Smoker Pros

  • The entire bottom section is removable so you can use it as a grill
  • The external thermostats and settings are perfectly calibrated, the first thing we did was fire it up and throw in a thermometer and it was exactly right
  • We found this smoker to be very portable. It weighs only 23 pounds, and it has two handles on the sides to allow easy transportation.
  • The Southern County Smoker has 351 square inches of cooking space which is more than enough space to cook for 10-15 people.

Southern County Smoker Cons

  • The only concern we had with this smoker is that it uses more power than other electric smokers however based on performance this smoker provides a very high-quality BBQ and cooking experience.


Whether you’re a professional or beginner, this unit will be suited to you. If you haven’t used a smoker before this one is a good starting point. We noted that is it simple to use, and you can turn into a portable grill really quickly. Considering the quality and top of the line capabilities, the price is quite affordable


Smoke Hollow 30162Esmoke hollow


Smoke Hollow 30162E is a high quality, low-cost alternative, however, it was pushed down the list as we believe the Old Smokey was a higher quality product for a similar price. We still believe this product is absolutely worth considering and has some great features that the Old Smokey doesn’t have.

Smoke Hollow 30162E Pros

  • The Smoke Hollow heats up quickly, when we put the wood chip tray on the same side as the electric element we managed to get the chips smoking very quick.
  • It was quick and extremely easy to assemble everything. We managed to have it ready to go in about 15 minutes
  • The size of the Smoke Hollow allows it to be transportable at 16 by 14 by 30 inches. We found that the cooking space was still big enough to cook for 10-15 people.

Smoke Hollow 30162E Cons

  • The size of the water pan was a bit small. We found that the water from the water pan was evaporating quickly, so we replaced this with a bigger one, which worked perfectly afterwards.



The Smoke Hollow is a solid unit which will last you years. It is a simple design which allows you best of both worlds, the ability to watch over the cook as well as the set and forget controls.


Old Smokey Electric Smokerold smokey electric smoker

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is essentially perfectly designed round can with a heating element a drip pan and of racks for the food to sit on.

The ease of the design is what makes this a perfect smoker. The heating element in this unit can produce enough heat to do some low-temperature roasting and grilling however it mainly designed to smoke low and slow.

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker Pros

  • Fantastically priced for the quality of materials
  • The unit seals very tightly to ensure the unit performs optimally
  • Durable to be left outside in all the elements, we had one that left outside on the porch during
    freezing winters and scorching summers and lasted over 10 years.


The Old Smokey Electric Smoker Cons

  • The only problems we encountered with the Old Smokey was that it is difficult to see the heating element “on” indicator in the sunlight.



The brand Old Smokey has been manufacturing smokers since the early 1930’s and has been one of the most popular brands on the market. This electric version has been rigorously tested and has proven to be highly durable and easy to use.

The simple design makes it easy to use and lets you produce great barbecue without much fuel, space or effort with a price point that is just over $100 USD this is one of the least expensive smokers on the market.


Cookshack Amerique SM009-2 Smokettecookshack

The Cookshack Amerique allows you to have an easy authentic cookout without the hassle. If you prefer the smokers which are less complex to operate then this is perfect for you. Essentially, this a smaller version of what commercial kitchen use. So what they are using at your favourite smokehouse will be very similar to this. Giving you control over the temperature, smoke quantity, and timing.

Cookshack Amerique Pros

  • The double-walled steel interior and exterior layers that make a noticeable difference. The exterior layers ensure that the smoker is not hot to the touch, while the interior layers ensure that heat and moisture do no escape, creating juicier BBQ.
  • Solid construction using the top quality 304 stainless
  • Has the optional cold smoke giving you the ability to smoke fish, cheese or
  • Efficient grease management system
  • This smoker features full electronic control with meat probe so you can monitor your barbecue without opening the door.


Cookshack Amerique Cons

  • The cooking space isn’t as large as similar products on the markets



This will be our next smoker for sure, it a matter of getting the funds together, we dream of using this smoker. For right now it is out of our price range, therefore, didn’t the list but by gosh, it will soon.This a reputable brand that has been around since the 1930s.

You always get superior quality with Cook Shack. One of our favourites things about this brand is that they give so much support in terms of classes and a really active community of users on their forum which we love.




Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this guide and ready to get started on your smoking journey. Overall, I would recommend that Masterbuilt produce some of the best electric smokers along with Char Broil. However, your Number 1 choice would be the Masterbuilt 20075315 due it’s large front window, immense rack space, built in meat probes as well as a host of other great features it has.

Go forth and enjoy the delicious food you will soon be creating. I just hope this helps you on your expedition to outstanding, mouth-water BBQ with the best electric smoker out there!



Electric Smoker Video Demo

Find out how easy it will be for you to make delicious meal with this how to use an electric smoker demo