Can You Freeze Cooked Rotisserie Chicken (3 Simple Steps)

Cooked chicken is such a versatile food to have on hand. 

Quick weekday meals for busy nights or sandwiches.  

But how do we do that when it will only stay fresh in the refrigerator for a couple of days?

The perfect solution is to freeze and store it! 

Then you’ll always have some portion sizes ready to go when you need it, and guaranteed fresh every time. 

Learn how to freeze and store cooked leftover chicken with these simple easy steps.


Can You Freeze Cooked Rotisserie Chicken

You can freeze rotisserie chicken. It just takes three simple steps. Doing this will mean you have easy meals on hand.

Why Should I Freeze Cooked Chicken?

Having chicken already cooked will save you so much time in the long run.

If a recipe calls for chicken, just grab a bag from the freeze and go!

It’s much more convenient than working with raw chicken.

The chicken will last up the 3 months when frozen and it will be as tasty as fresh chicken once it’s thawed.

You’ll never know the difference!

If just keep the rotisserie chicken in the fridge it would only last 3 days

Steps to Freezing Rotisserie Chicken

Having cooked chicken ready to go in individual servings is so convenient.

And it saves a lot of food waste.

Follow these simple steps to get the best results when freezing your chicken.

Cool the Cooked Chicken

The cooking process makes no difference, so both store-bought or homemade rotisserie chickens can be frozen.

You can freeze the entire chicken or as shredded rotisserie chicken. 

But it’s essential to let it cool down completely before storing.

You don’t want moisture to build up. It will create freezer burn or potential bacteria growth.

Make sure the internal temperature is room temp or below.

Packaging the Cooked Chicken

Whether you are freezing the entire rotisserie chicken or chicken pieces, the process is the same.

You can opt for an air-tight container or ziplock bags, it depends on the space you have and what you prefer. 

You can also wrap it in aluminum foil and freezer bag it.

A whole chicken is better suited to a large separate airtight container. 

Shredded chicken is perfect for ziplock bags.  

You can even split the rotisserie chicken pieces.

Chicken wings and legs in a separate container or bag, chicken meat and chicken skin in another.

Mark the date on the packaging with a permanent marker so you know when to rotate your frozen chicken.

Placing It in the Freezer

How you store the cooked chicken will go a long way in keeping the texture and delicious flavor.

The ideal temperature to store in the deep freezer at -10°F once it is at room temperature.  

Once it’s been through the freezing process, try not to defrost and refreeze. This will affect the quality and encourage bacterial growth.

Thawing Out the Frozen Rotisserie Chicken

There are a couple of ways you can defrost the chicken safely.

You can place the individual portions in the refrigerator and allow it to defrost. 

This is the best way to keep the quality. 

It will take some time though, so pop it in the refrigerator the night before you want to use it.

Or place the bag in cool water for 2-3 hours.

Use the microwave as a last resort.  It tends to defrost unevenly and cook in spots.  

What Can You Do With the Cooked Chicken?

What can’t you cook with frozen chicken?

Once defrosted, you can add it to anything to make a delicious meal.  Add a bit of chicken broth for the liquid. 

Add to your favorite pasta dish, chicken pie, or a classic chicken salad.

Soups, wraps, casseroles, and sandwiches are all perfect for cooked chicken.

Even a chicken stir-fry works well!


Next time you see chicken on special, buy it in bulk and freeze it!

Whenever you need a cup or two, just grab a bag and add it in. You’ll whip up a delicious dinner in no time!

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