Pit Boss Smoked Cauliflower

Have you been looking for a fun and delicious recipe to get your veggies in but don’t know where to start? Look no further than Pit Boss smoked cauliflower.   This simple veggie can be transformed into something delicious that even the most novice grillers will be able to make with great success! The rub used […]

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Traeger Smoked Onion Bombs

Smoked onion bombs are the unexpected appetizer that will amaze your guests with an explosion of flavor! These onion bombs are classic crowd-pleasers that can be made in advance and are easy to smoked to perfection on your grill. You would be able resist slow-cooked onion shells stuffed with a delicious meat and cheese mixture!

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How To Arrange Meat In a Smoker

Wondering how to correctly arrange the meat in your smoker? This needs to be done correctly for safety reasons but you can also enhance the flavor of your food by doing this correctly . For example, some people like to smoke pork butt without a tray over chili. You get the delicious drippings into your

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Pit Boss Carne Asada

This Pit Boss Carne Asada  is a delicious beef recipe that originated from Mexico! There’s also the South American version known as “Asada,” which has its unique style, delicious flavor, and preparation.  Carne Asada uses flank or skirt steak. Both types of steak can be tricky to work with if you are not careful if

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Should You Put Dry Rub Go On Wings Before Or After Cooking?

Does Dry Rub Go On Wings Before Or After Cooking

Juicy and flavorful chicken wings are the best finger foods! However, you want to ensure you serve them right! So the question is, should you apply your dry rub before, or after, cooking your chicken wings?  You don’t want to ruin your favorite appetizer! So keep reading to ensure you cook your chicken wings to

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