Traeger Turkey


Have you been looking for the perfect Traeger turkey recipe that guarantees you a juicy, deliciously smoky turkey with crispy golden skin for your holidays meal?  I brined the turkey 24 hours before I planned to smoke it, doing this produced the most succulent turkey I have ever served up for our family Thanksgiving. Traeger […]

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Traeger Egg Salad Sandwich

You will love this Traeger egg salad sandwich. It is the perfect way to use the leftover smoked eggs you have or maybe you should throw a few in the smoker next time your cooking something. We all know that one of the best parts about cooking is the leftovers, I had lots of my

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Traeger Smoked Corish Hen 

This Traeger smoked cornish hen is the perfect recipe for a dinner party, cookout or weeknight dinner. This recipe ensures you end with juicy and tender cornish hen, this is a great recipe if you want to really impress at a dinner party or want to whip up a quick dinner, all you need is

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Traeger Smoked Onion Bombs

Smoked onion bombs are the unexpected appetizer that will amaze your guests with an explosion of flavor! These onion bombs are classic crowd-pleasers that can be made in advance and are easy to smoked to perfection on your grill. You would be able resist slow-cooked onion shells stuffed with a delicious meat and cheese mixture!

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Traeger Cornbread


This Traeger cornbread recipe will be your favorite new simple side dish! It has a delicious smoky flavor from the Traeger, and its moist texture pairs perfectly with brisket, ribs or chicken. Why You’ll Love This Traeger Cornbread Recipe While this recipe calls for a lot of ingredients, you probably already have them in your

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Traeger Smoked Duck Breast

my duck breasts resting after being smoked on my traeger

Want to make tasty smoked duck breast using a simple smoke-and-sear method? It’s a great way to elevate your duck dish for family and friends. Whether it’s a special occasion or a weeknight dinner, this recipe is super easy yet extra tasty. Just remember the essential steps: dry brine for crispy skin, smoking, and the

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Teriyaki Chicken Traeger

Traeger chicken teriyaki is one my favorite recipes to whip out! It way better than the original and always impresses at my cookouts and its one of my family favorite weeknight Traeger recipes, its like we are having takeout or a cookout. Plus there is always leftovers for lunches, which is a win win. Make

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Traeger Duck Poppers


I’ve always make this Traeger duck popper recipe for parties and cookouts! They’re one of those appetizers that have always impressed my jalapeno-loving friends because this recipe has a twist, I’ve added duck and bacon. Who would love peppers, stuffed with duck and cheese and wrapped with crispy bacon! Then you add the delicious smoke!

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Smoked Mashed Potato On A Traeger

Oh, have we got a treat for you today… A personal favorite of mine, this combine cheesy mashed potatoes and with that delicious smoky flavor! This Traeger mashed potato recipe is a sure winner. Make sure you follow my steps below so end up with those perfect fluffy mashed potatoes. What You Need For Smoked

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